Good gaming fps mouse to recommend?

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  1. bot14379

    Since Christmas is around the corner, I have been planning to change my normal Microsoft mouse to a more gaming oriental one. Are there any recommendation for fps gaming mouse?
  2. CorporationUSA

    I have a Logitech G502, and I love it. I'd watch some reviews on it, but know that most people have the same complaints. It's heavy and the metal mouse wheel doesn't have enough grip. I like the weight, and even added a couple extra weights to it. And the metal mouse wheel was annoying at first, but it's an issue that has gone away in time. My only complaint is that i wish the cord was a bit lighter.

    You really should find a mouse that feels right to you. The way you hold the mouse affects you too. I recommend checking out the mouse review subreddit ( and making a post asking for advice on the right mouse for you. Then go to your local best buy and see what they have in stock so you can see how they feel. Best Buy price matches Amazon as well, so bring in a link to the mouse you want because they are usually priced higher at the store.
  3. Iridar51

  4. stalkish

    I bet the hardware manufacturers sticky their pants when they think about gamers:

    1. Build a normal mouse and put 'gaming' in the description.
    2. Charge 2-3 times as much.
    3. ...Laugh all the way to the bank?
    Just change 'mouse' for any other piece of hardware.
  5. Beerbeerbeer

    Logitech G502 is what I just upgraded to. Love it.

    However, my precision went up even more due to getting a good mouse pad. I got the corsair one. I posted the exact model number type in an earlier message. It was the medium-sized cloth one.

    That mousepad was a huge boost.
  6. Gundem

    Not really true. Just gotta have the right "gaming" mouse.

    Check out Logitech's line of gaming mice. In addition to massive quantities of convenient side and top buttons, you can swap your DPI(Sensitivity) with the push of a button, and they have really, really good polling rates, which means how accurately the pointer replicates your mouse's movement.

    As to OP, I swear by the G700s currently. It's pricey granted, but I love it more then any other mouse I've ever used.
  7. bot14379

    What about weights? I read about it online and I don't understand how it will help.
  8. bot14379

    Which mopusepad did you use?
  9. Bindlestiff

    One thing to note, many mice I've looked at don't seem to have a scroll wheel that allows the side toggling (left / right). I guess this could be compensated for more buttons elsewhere, but the convenience of having programmable buttons where my finger already is cannot be overlooked.
  10. Beerbeerbeer

    I think I got the Corsair MM400.

    Man what a difference that made. Super precise, glides great.

    I underestimated the differences a mouse pad would make.

    I bought it simply because it was just sitting there in a box next to the mouse. Had I known it would have such an impact, I would have gotten a dedicated gaming pad a long time ago.
  11. \m/SLAYER\m/

    What about quality of Corsair?
    i have Razer deathadder and scroll is dead after year. i loved my Logitech g500 but one day they did software update, and all my presets gone, and after few month it died too, it worked for about 2 years or so.
  12. Beerbeerbeer

    No idea about corsair mice as I've never owned one before. However, their mouse pads are awesome.

    I've never had any bad luck with Logitech mice. That's all I've ever owned and they never failed on me.

    I'm sure you can read some reviews online, or just google corsair vs Logitech mice or something to that effect.

    Good luck.
  13. T0x1s

    steelseries rival best mouse ever
  14. Liewec123

    agreed, i'm using one off amazon for £10,
    it doesn't have flashy lights,
    it doesn't make fancy sounds,
    it doesn't have 12,000 buttons.
    it works.
  15. RedArmy

    ive got the Diablo3 edition - steelseries sensei -works great
  16. Tiedemann

    I guess I'm a little weird, but I'm still using Logitech MX 1000 after I bought my first one around 2005. I even bought two refurbished ones from China as backups. I have bought some others (with and without cords) now and then but the height and weight on the MX 1000 is perfect for me so I haven't replaced it yet.
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  17. Taemien

    Logitech anything. Pick how many buttons you wish. But whatever you choose, go Logitech.

    Reason for this is dollar for dollar you get more functionality, better software, and my favorite, better durability. I used to use Razer products until I got tired of replacing them after only a few months of use. Since getting out of the Army 5 years ago, I've been using a Logitech G600 mouse with a G510 keyboard and they are still as good as the day I purchased them.

    As others said, the G502 mouse is pretty solid. I have the cheaper model, the 402 as a back up on my Laptop. Its a pretty decent mouse. The 502 has some neat features like custom weight (add or remove weights in the bottom to make it weigh more or less in your hand at your preference).

    Personally I recommend the G600 MMO mouse. Its a bit overkill for FPS's with the 17 buttons, but if you play other games, its a godsend. Does take getting use to, you're basically using your number row on your right thumb. But nothing a typical gamer can't handle. Once you get used to it, you can't go back to normal mice. I even use it on windows calculator.
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  18. CorporationUSA

    I recommend against getting laser mice. They have built-in acceleration for some reason, and it's supposedly unreliable acceleration, which makes building precise twitch aim impossible. Fine for an MMO, but not something I'd want to deal with in a shooter. At the very least get an optical mouse and a gaming mousepad.
  19. Azawarau


    I use this thing

    Call me oldschool but it works
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  20. Taemien

    I knew a guy that played Battlefield 2142 with a trackball.
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