[Suggestion] Godsaw, Butcher and Betelgeuse

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  1. Collin

    Its not secret that the Betelgeuse is not overperforming its the best perfoming infatrygun in game. I think its fair to say that the Butcher and Godsaw are lacking not only behind compaired to the Betelgeuse its like shooting with your secondary handgun.

    To be fair the exploidable mechanic of the Betel is not the only OP thing but one of those things that it makes the top farmers choice. The problem is that its originating form the best performing LMG as well the Orion.

    So would you rather buff the Butcher Godsawto the level of the Betel (Meaning you need the stats of the MSW-R with a cool feature like beltfeed and NC secondary shootgun) or nerf the betelgeuse meaning it needs to be worse than the Orion cause of the unlimited ammo

    Ohh while we are at it where did the LMG pass go?
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  2. Ronin Oni

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  3. Collin

    I think its the first post about the betel which is undoubtly Overperfoming.
  4. Campagne

    Stop, just stop with suggesting and encouraging shotguns for NC all the time! :eek:

    Other than that, I agree completely.
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  5. ATRA_Wampa-One


    The heat mechanic needs to be tuned down more than it has been.

    The Butcher needs something like a spinup mechanic, or just give it another 25 or so RPM or something.

    GODSAW is about where directive LMG's should be performing IMO.
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  6. Lord_Avatar

    How exactly?
    More like "something" (as long, as it's actually usable and not a quirk). I'm against buffing LMG lethality (at least directly). 143/750 is powerful enough considering the "platform".
    Can't relate.

    I think the Betelgeuse is more, or less fine; it's the Butcher and the GODSAW that need a little extra "oomph".
  7. Collin

    Sorry mate the Betegeuse is not fine. If you look at the stats @dasAnfall and compaire these guns you will see in what epic porporsions the Betelgeuse is out of line. Its top farmers weapon of choice. Heat mechanic exploidable cooling system while not equppid. so you are loading while fast swapping to the secondary shoot twice and back to the betel.

    Think about a MSW-R you never need to reload unlimited ammo and with a 0.75 multi. If that is not out of whack i really don´t know what is.

    The Butcher and the GodSaw have a birthmark which you can´t compensate. The Betel is coming from the Orion the best LMG in game for most people but at least the best starter LMG out there. It outperforms the Carv and the GodSaw and in the meta after BR100 the distance gets even bigger.

    TR´s best gun is the MSW-R (funny enough a worse version of the Orion with attachments) and should have been the father of the directive weapons.
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  8. travbrad

    Yep I think the main problem is that the base platform for the guns aren't really the same. Orion is a high ROF close-medium range gun, which neither the GAUSS SAW or T9 CARV are. If the NC LMG was based on the Anchor and the TR LMG was based on the MSW there would be a lot smaller difference between them, and you'd see more people using the NC/TR auraxium LMGs.

    The VS have other guns available with heat mechanics and you almost never see them in use because their base platforms aren't nearly as attractive as the Orion.
  9. Collin

    and you think its no problem? Have you used the Butcher and Betel? The Betel is an Orion on crack while the Butcher is well a tuned down carv with a 150 mag not fun to use and its stats worse then the Carv.

    Again i totaly think you can not compaire the Orion against the MSW-R you need to compaire it to the NC and VS starter weapon.

    In my personel opinion and most people i speak to the Orion is FAR better then the MSW-R and the Betel is better then EVERY other gun out there. Its not only the heat mechanic it has unlimited ammo!!!!

    Repair the Heat mechanic give it ammo which can run out remove the 0,75

    Butcher well what can i say. Make it beltfed maybe i don´t know but as it is its ****
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  10. OldMaster80

    Guess why on Miller there's a vs outfit called Road to Betlegeuse...
  11. CrushingThunder


    GODSAW and Butcher gets a umph, and next we know every infantry is playing HA because no other can stand against them?
    Dont get me wrong, love HA play it a lot with AV loadout but seriously, dont want everyone to be HA for a "little" weapondry balance issue.

    IMO DBG need to set a standard on the exact number of attibutes and penalties every type of weapon can have, otherwise gun balanced is going down the toilet.
  12. Collin

    So you think the Betel need to be nerved and how
  13. FieldMarshall

    What if they gave heat mechanics to GODSAW and Butcher.

    They could explain it with the Butcher having a small nanite bullet creating machine inside.
    And the GODSAW using pure magnetic gauss force to shoot instead of traditional bullets. /ripscience

    Sure its not perfect and breaks faction diversity, but alteast it would make everything even.
    Either that or come up with something equally great for TR and NC. Like beltfeeding the Butcher.
  14. Collin

    would like that problem is stat wise the Butcher is worse then the carv. They forgot to buff it with the last buff of the carv a year ago or so.
  15. Devildjinn

    Butchy has entire ammo pool in 1 mag
    Godsaw has underbarrel shotty.
    Remove the beetle juice cool down when not equipped.
    Alls fair.
  16. Collin

    There i have to say the Godsaws uderbattel shotty is ****. If you make it like a 3 or 4 shot jackhammer that would be a fun mechanic.

    Still does not fix the base problem the orion is far superior to the carv and saw, so with all these addons the Betel will beat the bbutcher and godsaw everytime.
  17. CrushingThunder

    Im not saying the Betel or any gun need nerfing or buffering, just sayin' there should be strict set of limits that defines weapondry capabilities.

    The fact that this is not been addressed is the main reason why we get "New" weapons with astounding performance just to be nerfed 2 months later.

    By example, AFAIK, NC and TR get weapondry that resembles their "Faction Traits" with some penalties.
    SAW does lots of damage, high range, but a high First shot multiplier following a kicking recoil. so it need to be fired in burst and only fits for medium to long range, supported by high reload time, medium sized mag size, fast bullet speed and slow ROF
    And the fact that no many engagements happen over the 80 mts for HA give this weapon a rather poor performance and a very situacional use.

    The bettle
    Fit for Close to Medium range, with a high ROF almost the same as the butcher, Almost same damage profile as the butcher, almost the same bullet speed than the butcher, only 30 ms slower, plus a .75 ADS, and almost no bullet drop whict allows for further range of the weapons intention, a big first shot multiplier, no reload, infinite ammo should i have to go on?

    The problem here is that the guy designing this weapon tried to create something similar to the butcher, but for the vanu, and at the same time it seems that he didn't realize that he was giving this weapon part of the TR traits plus the VS traits and almost no cons, except for the heat mechanic limit, no as punishing as the saw's reload time.
    And we fall back where i pointed first.
    Standarization of arsenal pros and cons, no more randomly designed weapons for the lulz.
  18. Scorpion97

    Betelgeuse displays all the VS traits,we can argue whether it is over-performing or not but we can't argue about removing its main features (heat mechanic and .75 ads)
  19. Collin

    why not? the funy part is what we can´t argue about is its not only overperforming it is totaly overperoforming and even if you take the godsaw and the butcher combined it still outclasses those to KPH, K/D and Total kills. It outclasses those two if not being a directive weapon it would have broken the game in a day
  20. Scorpion97

    Then ask for tweaking the godsaw and the butcher instead of nerfing betelgeuse,this will be a win/win situation