God damn implants

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  1. Beerbeerbeer

    Thanks for negating all of my implants that I diligently worked to get across my three characters, one for each faction. It took a long time acquire the max-tiered implants that I wanted across my account.

    Thanks for having me waste 7000 certs trying to get one gd damn battle hardened implant without any luck.

    I spent upwards of 20k certs across my three characters (all the certs I saved) and didn't come close to getting anywhere near the type or level of implants I previously had.

    Not getting BH after that many certs is freaking ludicrous.

    And I really don't care there are tons of other implant threads. This forum deserves the implant flooding for the crap they pulled.
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  2. Shaggath

    Same here all implant in last rank and now 12 k iso.

    And for what cat like aka spider like how to **** fight like hell.

    For your knowledge a cat can't make lateral step there is only one method to achieve this kick the cat ....

    or minor cloack and in top that no more furtivity.
    This system was dumb people have massively alert you on test server.

    I have spend money lot of money on the game on camo skin i have a cosmetic for all classe and vehicule but for that i can't GO TO HELL.
  3. Beerbeerbeer

    Give ***** everyone battle hardened already. I ***** hate the screen shake more than ***** anything. Fk you.
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  4. MonnyMoony

    Whilst I like the idea of the new implant system in principle - the way it has been rolled out is pants.

    The ISO-4 rebate was nowhere near the value of the implants that I had collected - so I went from having several top tier implants and loads of lower ones that I could have converted into chargers - to having enough ISO-4 to spec out one implant to the highest level and a couple of other implants to level 2 and 3 and that's it.

    Also why were in-use implants converted into ISO-4 and not certs. You cannot purchase new implants using ISO-4, so anybody who had loads of impants and chargers but no certs would go from having implants - to having none (but having a shed load of ISO-4 to upgrade non-existent implants). The conversion from duplicate implants to ISO-4 also seems rather low - considering the cost of the implants in the first place.

    The 'random' implant purchase is also crap - and I suspect is far from random. Something tells me that the more desirable implants will be obtained rather less often.

    Some implants are also an indirect nerf to some weapons. One of the unique faction specific selling points of the Phaseshift was that it didn't need ammo. Now snipers from all factions with any sniper rifle can equip ammo printer implant - essentially giving them phaseshift-esque ability. Will the phaseshift receive a buff to compensate for the loss of this unique trait?
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  5. Ragnarox

    Same ****, had all implants, lots of energy chargers, and now have none and some ****** iso-4 that I dont give a **** about.
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  6. zu2

    In my own case, with 30,000 certs and 29000 iso-4 to start, I used up 24,000 certs and 25,000 iso-4 (not counting the recycle of extra implants) to get all the new implants and upgrade them to max level. Except for safeguard, which I just have at level 2. This gives people an idea of what it will take to get and then max out most implants.
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  7. saronyogg

    I joined this game because when i did, it was a fair F2P not pay to win
    But now....
    i hope that if this game die because of this and the last bad changes they made, the devs and producers become jobless and homeless
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  8. BrbImAFK

    That's a little harsh.....

    I'm the biggest critic of the new system there could possibly be. I saw this coming miles away, and was laughed at and told I was overreacting. Turns out, it was worse than even I'd predicted...... and I STILL wouldn't go ^^ that far.
  9. saronyogg

    If the devs/producers doesnt change their mind soon, or if the visa warriors still support this game, u will not see my statement as too harsh
  10. RobotNinja

    If you're mad about that and the fact that it will take you probably in the neighborhood of 100,000 certs to unlock all of the new implants...or hundreds of dollars...then here's something else that will make you even madder.

    Players discovered an exploit in VR that allowed them to unlock ALL of the new implants immediately, told all their buddies, their outfits, etc. swarmed in droves to exploit it before DBG discovered the exploit and closed VR training.

    And as of yet, there has been no word on whether or not DBG will even be able to punish all of the people who abused this and remove the wrongfully gained implants.

    So a WHOLE LOT of people got full implant sets now and everyone else...will still have to spend around 100,000 certs or hundreds of dollars roughly. o_O
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  11. Beerbeerbeer

    Yeah that's ***** fair. They better delete them all from those exploiting fkera or give it to everyone.

    Christ sake I just want battle hardened. That should be the lone gimme imo. Freaking screen shake is annnoying as hell and I won't even play one empire because I refuse to endure anymore screen shake. But to get it I have to live through ***** screen shake.


    And FU exploiters ***** hacking *******.
  12. GeeBee

    Previously had battle hardened 4, that i combined an unknown number of things to get to, just assume it was many combines to get battle hardened 4.......Battle hardened 4 gets melted down into ISO4.......now i don't even have battle hardened 1, and i have to play ultra-cancer RNGesus Lottery to have a small chance to a Level 1 implant just so i can upgrade it to where i was before. DBG If RNGesus is here to stay I wish you the best of luck, cause I will never give you another cent, for anything, Not even in any other game. You will go on my Boycott list with Electronic Arts(Cancer Developer), Blizzard(Removed lan play from SC2), and 95% of the free to play games that are overly pay to win cancer. You could have not implemented RNG or ISO4 and allowed us to buy implants with certs or DBG, the ISO4 is simply an intermediary to allow you to price gouge us more, your greedy ambitions will yield you less money than moderate ambitions, if you can't see that, and there isn't an adjustment to this ultra-cancer system soon then expect to see many long term players quit, go somewhere else, and take their friends with them.

    Taste the salt, feel the salt, become the salt.
  13. Draconas

    I seriously just want my health implant back, pissed about $10 and 300 certs to get some garbage that I would recycle on the old system, no health implant given.

    Also roll back the exploiters please or a very long customer who has put bread on the devs tables will pull out
  14. T.A.94

    I can understan the crying but on the other hand I hated the old system and never used it.
    So for me its a win win situation even if I don't have access to the few more useful implants.

    And by the way learn to deal with the screen shake 3xBeer many of the salty vets are able to own new players without it :p
  15. Klabauter8

    Soon they will revamp cosmetics and make you having to buy all the stuff you previously had again.
  16. Cancerion

    Lol, wasn't every one ******** about how long it took for the new system to come out?

    The effort is wasted on me; I have used implants a total of 1 life my entire time playing. Get off your crutches and you might find you can still walk.
  17. adamts01

    Some of the past implants in the past were insanely useful, like not showing up on a motion spotter in a small fight. I can thank implants for letting me be the one walking away from plenty of situations. Some of the new ones are insanely useful as well. I feel like I've financially contributed enough to pay for my palytime tenfold, yet right now I feel like it'll cost an arm and a leg to get back to where I was a week ago. The old charge system was the single argument where I felt this game was pay to win, this new implant price/grind structure takes that to a whole new level. They done ****** up.
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