go shotgun or go home

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by makrome, Mar 17, 2014.

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  1. makrome


    Shotgunz are da best love getting quick 6 kills with one mag using my Deimos on sniper nests.
  3. Pikachu

    Great in towers when attackers have got up to 2nd floor and they are always within 5m from your barrel. Little else.
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  4. St0mpy

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  5. makrome

  6. EmmettLBrown

  7. doombro

    There's nothing to discuss. The age of OP shotguns has long passed. Well, except for the jackhammer.
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  8. Badname707

    Ah yes, the Jackhammer. Better in every way, except statistically.
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  9. Elkybam

    Oddly enough, the newbies have been mass equipped with free shotguns that were once expensive and now scare the living hell out of me. And guess what? Several had the nerve to challenge me at 25+ meters in an open field with those.
  10. AzureKnight

    When I use the barrage, i like using a commisioner at those distances. About the same effectiveness but sometimes I forget that I have my CQC medic loadout equipped rather than my field medic... Still is fun to kill someone at that distance with a stray pellet from a shotgun
  11. Wobberjockey

    shotgun users are cute. i love it when they think they can kill me at 100m and i have a scout rifle...

    then i find out it's a jackhammer :(
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  12. deggy

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  13. Badname707

    Does not even have slugs.
  14. gigastar

    Shotguns are still an equaliser.

    You just need to be close enough.
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  15. miraculousmouse

    Subtle cry for a nerf tht is backed by hyperbole?
  16. Wobberjockey

    just humor gone wrong... :(
  17. Tonberry76

    i find my Lasher beter then any shotguns atm

    there orbs stil hit players even if am not hiting them good :p
    i was looking for that kind of gun

    becouse am very bad in aiming maby its because am stil very new to FPS games

    pll also call it a disco gun :p
    its a nice gun and i like it :)
  18. ZeroErrorz

    auto shoty+slug=steroid AR, my favorite heavy gun
  19. miraculousmouse

    Lol sry for coming off as an overbearing ******, serious forumside nerfvocates going after my HA :p
  20. Goretzu

    :D Even better was when they "buffed" it they actually nerfed it in almost every single way, but magazine size and fixing triple shot.

    It's certainly the most versatile shotgun though.
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