[Suggestion] Glaive IPC, within no-depoy zones?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ObsoleteVoid, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. ObsoleteVoid

    Bit of background: I bought the Glaive IPC without the Ai module so I can't use it all that often T_T.

    Would It be OP? I mean the OS, is already allowed within the no deploy zone (Then again it has a charge up time). And the IPC dart can be easily be destoryed by throwing a EMP granade in the blast area and doesn't do direct damage.
  2. LordKrelas

    It's not as limited as the OS, has no such charge-time, and unless changed, will blow out every infantry unit's shields.
    As well, you'd have to find the dart, that can be launched at a distance, with no way to find the actual cannon reliably, which can have dozens in a nearby area...
    And if people used EMP Grenades to kill the nanite-less spotter... they'd run out of nanites first.

    Why in blazes do you want to add another long-range indirect-fire weapon into the Lattice Bases, which have no actual means to defend themselves from anything like it?
  3. ObsoleteVoid

    Alright question, what do they mean with "no-deploy" zones, is it a area where you can't build, where you can't deploy sunderer or something else entirely?

    IPCs only use currently is taking out other contructed bases' defences.
  4. LordKrelas

    They were designed to take out the Sky-Shields, not as artillery to launch into unshielded Lattices Bases, to rip their infantry shields to ribbons, while no means to even use, or return-fire nor have the same shields...
    They can run out of any possible cover, to cross the terrain, to try to find the Source, or constantly be bombarded by indirect Artillery, frying their shields constantly.

    They are literally designed to kill the Skyshields of PMB's.
    It has a quick recharge, no indicators, a decent range, no real Cort drain, ease of use, small blocking radius, and has a short delay before impact.

    An OS was originally designed to kill the PMBs; and has numerous things to its' firing.
    it has a noted Icon, a Charge period, a Constant cost, a recharge cost, a delay to firing, and had to finally be given a block so they didn't fry everything in spawn rooms & everything else regardless of cover (IE made hard-cover matter a bit), and of course, the OS's range is also on the map, in addition to the set-up.

    The No-deploy zone is the anti-sunderer-zone, the and it's also essentially the internal zone of every Lattice Base.
    if you could fire this infinitely cheaper weapon into the lattice, where there is No sky shields even, or means to stop it, no delay, and it's constant...
    You'd essentially have no shields ever in a lattice base, if it was near a window, walkway, outside, or spawn-room.
    As it would be a rain of automated fire.

    You can't reliably kill the spotter, or the darts; Let alone with EMP grenades.. which are limited in count, and Nanite costing, in addition to one-class only.
    While the Dart Gun is any class, longer-ranged, and doesn't cost nanites per shot either.