[Suggestion] Giving new players a choice.

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  1. oTec

    Regarding the new player update of 07/09/2016, wich was meant to draw in new players and due to the free unlocks they received, bringing them on par with the other more experienced players who have alot more unlocks.
    Would it not have been better, or atleast for the suit unlocks, to give them the choice of what they want to unlock instead of auto granting them a suit slot, through a sort of "one free full suit upgrade for class x" system?

    Not that i don't like the current system, but it has its flaws.
    Since the update i made a new character since i normally only play one faction and i find myself only playing heavy assault lately due to the relevancy of the suit upgrade. I'd prefer flak armor but since nanoweave is also a viable choice, i invested in the class and used the other certs to upgrade a vehicle.

    Now my main class used to be medic, but since medic gets nano regen capacitor wich increase the heal ability of the nano regen, i'd have to invest in flak armor to play it as i want it. I view the nano regen cap as a redundancy on my medic, the standard heal was fine imo. I don't need/want it.

    Same goes for the weapon attachments, although less insignificant, still makes a difference.
    By example, for the carbines, the Trac-5 gets a laser sight just like the other carbines.
    Now for myself, the trac5 hip acc was already good enough and i always use a grip to counter the horizontal recoil.
    But then i'd have to invest into the weapon, creating a redundant attachement.
    Same goes for the AF-19 Merc, a laser sight on a low rpm weapon is not my first choice.

    Also, trough this method of granting a sort of token for an unlock of your own choice, we can also grant these to evry player, either helping them build out a class they rarely play or letting them try out a new build on a class they play.

    Anyways, that's just my idea.
    I'd love to hear your opinions.

  2. DooDooBreff

    im all about giving them choices, but maybe choices over time.

    letting them choose right off the bat will just lead to disappointment later since they dont know what theyre choosing.

    i think the current method is fine
  3. Lord_Avatar

    I'm with DooDoo on this one - part of the problem is that new players are likely to make *bad* choices due to lack of experience and knowledge. They can't yet gauge the potential usefulness of one purchase over another.
  4. Themimicstaticguy

    Would love to see a second maxed suit slot 'granted' at reaching BR 15. Which they can choose. Refunding the certs if htey already invested in it.

    New players should be welcomed openly with a good lot of free stuff so that the veterans have more to shoot at ;P Everyone is happy
  5. oTec

    True, and the BR15 reset will be too early to let them realize any mistakes they made. Good point.
    Perhaps they should be granted a token wich temporarly grants a full suit slot and can be changed once evry set time.

    So if you start the game, it asks what you want with detailed information about the class, the purpose of the class and the suit slot. You make your choices and after a set time, it pops up again asking if you want to change.
    At a later time, maybe BR20-30, it asks for your final choice.
  6. breeje

    no don't give new players the choice, even i still make some wrong cert choices today
    if they really want to help new players then grant them a extra 100/200 health up to BR 15
    but only new players not players who make a new alt
  7. Lord_Avatar

    I'm against such solutions. New players build awareness as they play; that process includes getting used to the TTK. Additional health will only make them develop bad habits which they will be *forced* to drop upon reaching BR 16. Coincidentally that's when they get to leave Koltyr and experience the 'big boys' game' for the first time - losing their "beginner mode" advantage abruptly would only lead to more P2W nonsense being thrown around.
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  8. SpectralAndroid

    I agree with this
    Honestly i like how they gave us this free slots but then again i almost always wear either nano weave or flak armor simply because im either in a really huge vehicle or infantry battle, shield recharge takes FOREVER so i sometimes think of using the shield recharge thingy but then again i have to drop nano weave so i pass

    other things i'd like to see
    - Reduced cost on the 2x zoom (srsly 500 isnt funny)
    - Reduced cost on the last upgrade slot (only if it costs 1k certs, cause 1k for only a simple upgrade seems a bit extreme i'd be already happy with 700 instead)
    - Double Cert weekends, if DB did this then SO MANY would be so ******* happy, not only that but more players would return for sure and even if its just once per month
    - Try out should last longer than 30 mins, seriously half an hour doesnt tell me that much especialyl if its a situational weapon like the leshen

    and idk why but why do we get the standart helmet unlock after doing the tutorial achievements ?
    wheres the logic in that ? lol
  9. ReptilePete

    You will never get exactly what you want, because if you want exactly what you want, then they want you to pay for it. But what you will get is a glimpse of what you might get if you get your wallet out.
    Unfortunately its the game model. Its striking a balance between not being completely unbalanced enough to give a massive advantage to players who are putting their dollars on the bar counter (its really not pay to win.) but being annoying (thats the key) enough to make you want to (in that moment of weakness) splash some cash.
    The game has to be just that little bit in favour of annoying you enough to get you to spend some money, or they wont make any.
    So the point is, when they do these things to make the new player experience a bit better, remember it is only better enough to keep them in the game to spend some money.