[Suggestion] Giving more of a faction specific "umph" to NC and TR directive weapons

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  1. ALN_Isolator

    So as we all know the vanu has more than just integrated attachments on their betelgeuse eclipse and darkstar, they have an infinite ammo heat mechanic driving more people to upgrade from their orion to the betelgeuse and etc. here are some things that could make the TR and NC weapons more desirable.

    Give the TR carbine and assault rifle (trac shot and unity) 5 more rounds per magazine and let their firerates "spin up" from the current 750 to 800 with their recoil lessened some to make them similarly controllable as when they're at 750 RPM with an alternate fire mode that will keep the firerate at 750 without spinning up. Same for the butcher without the magazine increase.

    Give the NC carbine assault rifle and LMG (19A, prime and GODSAW) an alternate two round burst fire mode that bumps both their maximum and minimum damage up one damage tier with the short 225ms delay the railjack has before firing.
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  2. Sagabyte

    How about NC gets a perk which slows down scoped fire rate but increases damage by a lot?
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  3. Taleroth

    I like the Betelgeuse's example, something useful that doesn't effect the TTK.

    Give TR belt-fed, gigantic ammo pool, but long uninterruptable reload. Give NC quick mag swap.
  4. Leftconsin

    My suggestion has been:

    NC: Very high muzzle velocity 700-900 range. Increase damage tier by a half.
    TR: Belt fed weapons for no reloading. And/Or spin up to silly RoF.
    VS:Gets to keep heat mechanic. Go ahead and put it on Skorpios and Immortal.

    I am a firm believer that directive weapons should be a reward, not a sidegrade.
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  5. omegaskorpion

    In my oppinion every weapon should be sidegrade so that the balance would still be real.
    However this does not mean that the rewarded weapons should be boring and too similar.
    It means that these weapons should be even more faction spesific and rewarding while balanced.

    And i think these ideas are pretty cool.
  6. Demigan

    My suggestion: Make each directive weapon unique.

    The Betelguese has a good non-direct advantage: infinite ammo and a HEAT mechanic.
    Maybe even better is the Fortuna. It has an underbarrel shotgun giving it a unique feature (almost no weapon can equip it and the one's that can usually have a grenade launcher there), this allows it to function both as a Carbine and as a shotgun, but with big advantages and disadvantages when using this feature. It also doesn't give a straight-up advantage to the weapon.

    All directive weapons should have something similar. All directive weapons should also have more customizability. Curently you are stuck with one configuration, but directive weapons should be the most configurable of their class, allowing you to choose your abilities and make it function more like other weapons in the same class. So you can make it function like a CQC Carbine with it's advantages and disadvantages, or a long-range Carbine with the advantages and disadvantages of those etc.
  7. ALN_Isolator

    I do like the extended ammo version of TR directive weapons but how about we just give them a drum magazine that doubles magazine size without touching the ammo pool (80 per mag for the trac shot and unity) with the cost of 1.5x the reload time? I'm trying to save my trac shot underbarrel shotgun here :p
  8. Eternaloptimist

    The thing I don't understand is that I can really see the unique and useful features of the heat machanic but the other faction weapons just seem to be some ragbag collection of features that you can already get to one degree or another on various non-directive weapons.

    If NC trait is hitting power why not give them magnum rounds? and for TR maybe BRRT, or whatever that feature is on the mini chain gun, that fits their dakka reputation? I realise heat mechanic for VS isn't necessrily directly linked to their agility motif but it certainly fits with their high tech trait.

    Just slapping some casual examples into this post. If not those two things then at least something that is both unique and faction specific for the other two.
  9. nehylen

    I'm not convinced by what i read though mostly i'm wondering what could be proper myself.

    Heat mechanic itself is nothing special, it's just super good to use on a highly survivable class with a CQC-apt gun. See Darkstar/Eclipse. The only other gun which it could bring something for would be the Skorpios, because infiltrators can survive well too.
    A super large mag, on the other end is a huge advantage. And the BRRT they were thinking about for Butcher these last weeks was fairly limited (750->780rpm) compared to the kind of fantasies those who think of that probably have in mind.

    It's worth mentioning that the Betelgeuse, as imbalanced as it is, is a "nerfed" implementation, since it only gets 1 attachment (heat as ammo slot), compared to Butcher's 2 (ext.mag+SPA), and the usual 3~4 attachments other directive guns feature (except Unity with 2 also).
    In the end it just shows that what works is high damage per mag + infinite ammo + better than average survival/ability to regen (.75ads+ adren shield 5+ medkits).
    Unless the ideas you have in mind go wild, and thus OP, it's going to be tough reaching such synergy as that!

    Even just that special BRRT they were thinking of for the Butcher was already questionable: it gets pretty close to MCG territory.
  10. Crayv

    Make it so the guns are more fitting of the faction AND have the unique features added to them.

    As I said in another thread here is what they could do for the shotguns.

    VS: Semi-auto shotty with select fire mode between slugs and shot.

    TR: Drum mag auto shotty

    NC: Hard hitting pump action

    Then if that isn't enough toss in something like the heat mechanic, fixed CoF/no bloom, and smart choke.
  11. lothbrook

    Why would NC get faster reload, and why would that be good considering 200 damage weapons have slow rate of fire and take forever to run out of bullets and generally don't need a lot of rounds in the mag to kill?
  12. Shatteredstar

    I want a gun that gets to like 1500 rpm with maybe a 50 or 60 round magazine. I want that thing to be like a two second mag drum in some kind of glorious bullet frenzy!

    For reasonable things, what could be fun is maybe a modified chaingun for tr that the cof starts off wide but shrinks as it ramps up, give it like a 200 base magazine and make the ending cof slightly bigger than the aiming chaingun' but you can't reduce it or aim more, boost fire rate a bit higher so you're just HOSING DOWN ALL THE BULLETS

    Wait I said reasonable.

    Tweak butcher to maybe have a tighter natural hip cof that is still tight enough to use kinda ok even after some firing with passive soft point and extended mag. Would give more the run and dakka vibe to tr.

    Give the godsaw a higher velocity boost than HVA for free and a slightly stronger compensater that has the same downsides as a normal comp.

    Would emphasize the weapons and their roles more greatly maybe and still make them direct upgrades like the BG is to the Orion instead of more side grades?
  13. Sagabyte

    Directive weapons:

    1. Should be a direct sidegrade to the default weapons
    2. Should all follow a faction-specific perk (like the heat of the betelgeuse)
    3. Should not be weapons that aren't directly related to the default weapons

    Just keep that in mind.
  14. EViLMinD

    NC ARX's are definitely an extreme of the faction's traits: ads suggested, mid to long range strength, high-dmg shots and (sometimes, extra fast bullets as well).

    I can't complain about the arx guns I've unlocked. Challenging, but they work fine for me. If I can do something with them then they have to be alright.

    I'd have a harder time using arx's if I hadn't learned all the other weapons. So, i feel they've been a natural final tier. What I'd expect.

    None of the NC ARX's seem specifically op. So far, I think they're all good. Nothing begging for nerfs.

    The VS Betelgeuse must be quite good. I die to that gun more than any other, I'd wager. Up there anyway. I don't know if that means it needs a nerf. Frankly, I don't care. Makes it more dangerous, thrilling, challenging to counter. Every faction gets something really nasty for mass killing. I accept it.

    What I'd like to see is a new top directive that requires arx weapons to complete. Make the prize something crazy. Like, give NC a blue gold doublebarrel shotgun out of the deal. I'd punish myself some more to get that.
  15. RedArmy

    i love how the tracshot say - its multiple barrel attachments, but you can only use the shotgun... perhaps being able to say, use a grenade or smoke as MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS, would be nice
  16. Plastikfrosch

    and option for TR could be to get one big ammopool on the directive weapons so that they dont need to reload until they are dry.
    But to be honest. The heatmechanic was at the very beginning a Nanite Systems trade (all turrets - mounted on bases, engy turrets and the engy ammo pack, which has the NS logo on it), so i wouldnt mind if they would give all directive weapons the heat mechanic because thats the only reason why i wanted to go for the vanu weapons. When it comes to NC and TR there are so many weapons that simply outperform the directives weapon that i dont think they are worth grinding for.
  17. jp5a9852

    I really like these ideas, especially the TR and VS traits. I do think that the directives weapons should be better then the defaults. Why else would we care about them?

    VS already have an awesome trait, heat/infinite ammo. This would be invaluable to me if I played VS and I considered trying to main VS for this trait.

    To make TR interesting the slightly larger mag sizes and the spin up sound great! That is right up the TR's alley. As long as the spin up is pretty short so we can actually feel the effects and still stay accurate.

    As for NC? I don't care. Give them something cool that compliments their faction too. :p

    I also think that the special attachments should not have their negative effects.

    I'm dreaming of actually using my T1A Unity and it being good. Sure it's a good gun but I prefer the standard T1 as it has better horizontal recoil when the grip is used.

    Hope the devs make such changes that would be cool, although maybe put it on the back burner till they do their whole make capping territory and getting resources matter PS2 2.0 update.
  18. FieldMarshall

    Give TR the LMG TORQ they always wanted.
    They are limiting themselves in terms of balance when they clone the default weapons when they could be coming up with exciting new weapons.
  19. Taleroth

    Because everyone else would be getting something around their reload. So...

    The idea is to just make it something fun. Fast reload could reflect the professionalism of the NC.