Give Valkyrie the Vektor

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SerasVic, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. SerasVic

    banshee - like, not banshee lol are you crazy? more like the CAS 14.

    Last time i checked Lib got Tankburster + Zepher + Bulldog

    So Vektor + 2 CAS is nothing close to this firepower

    and banshee is 4 times > to CAS
  2. Vixxing

    It got firepower enough for the cost of 150 resources... its a transport not a fighter...
  3. SerasVic

    Harasser aswell
  4. Vixxing

    No Harasser is not a transporter its a "Harasser"... Sundy is a transporter but it costs 450 for 2 guns...
  5. SerasVic

    maybe u didn't logged since 2 months but you should know by now sundy is 200

    Why i'm talking to guys that don't know **** about the game btw? facepalm

    edit: and Valkyrie is 250
  6. Vixxing

    W/e still alot cheaper than a ESF 350 or a Lib 450 so should not have more firepower than it allready have
  7. SerasVic


  8. Lolroflcake

    Still not enough firepower it must be capable of delivering enough fire to replace the body weight of three bull elephants every second with pure bullet.
  9. SerasVic

    i agree, i think 8 tankburster is not enough.

    But wait that SOE take is time to balance that , slowly buffing it and then we could get tankburster on seats asswell !