Give Valkyrie the Vektor

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SerasVic, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. SerasVic

    my bro !
  2. Cyrek

    Give the valkyrie the Spur so the gunner can freelook and fire at the same time, oh wait.
  3. Jad

    Are you crazy? You can already get 4 beamers in the rumble seats and now you want to add a 5th for the nose gun?

    What next? Let the pilot open their window and knife people as they fly past?

    Wait a moment... o_O

    Darn, now I want to try for a knife kill from the rumble seat...
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  4. patrykK1028

    4 PPAs on Valkyrie.. hell yeah!!!
  5. PWGuy93

    The Valk needs one thing to make it more engaging - willingness of players to use it to it's potential.

    Players can sit in the seats and drop ammo, drop tank mines on vehicles, drop proximity mines on a capture points, throw EMP or Frag grenades heck shoot point blank with decimators or drop C4 over and over again.

    Would love to join an outfit and squad willing to push the Valk this way... there's so much potential not being tapped.

    I don't see the Valk as an offensive weapons platform, I see it as transport of infantry who are the weapons.
  6. Nehlis

    Id be fine for adding the vektor as an additional nosegun along with a drake tailgun.
  7. Areski

    So you're saying it's okay for one transport to be an offensive weapon because it can equip formidable weapons, but in no way is it okay for another transport to do that?

    And what niche does the Valkyrie fill that other aircraft cannot do better? Dropship ESF is faster and has better weapons; you can drop a beacon and get your squad in. Dropship Lib is more heavily armored and has better weapons; isn't it also as fast or faster than Valkyries? Galaxy is much more heavily armored, has squad spawn for free, is almost as fast, has better weapons, and can transport MAXs.

    What does the Valkyrie do better than all of these? There is no niche that that was unfilled before the Valkyrie. The only reason to pull a Valkyrie is because it is cheaper, and with resources as plentiful as they are, that reason is worthless.
  8. Champagon

    Yes, short answer: Because this is what the devs said they wanted the valk to do. Watch the Higby pls streams, and twitter postings, and development comments for the valk

    Maybe other transports could do it "better" it's all about preferences. Some people prefer the valk over the GAL or lib. Just giving people more options.

    PS1 had like 4 extra vehicles that did most of nothing. and other vehicles were better but people used them anyway. The devs just wanted you to have this thing called "fun" while playing their game. So they added an extra vehicle, is it redundant? Probably. Do other things do it better? More than likely, should that stop you from using it. Not at all.
  9. Lolroflcake

    I don't know about extra guns but the thing definitely needs to be made tougher. Also to say, no you aren't allowed to have fun with it that way is incredibly silly considering the Valkyrie's original role would be virtually unaffected. The fact is it is a unique aircraft that is a tonne of fun to fly, to pigeon hole it into a specific role is nothing but wasted potential.

    Besides it wouldn't necessarily be super redundant, its slower than the Lib but more nimble and the gunner controls the forward oriented cannon on the nose. The Lib is really effective when you can get over a target an loiter long enough to blast something, The Valkyrie strikes me as having the potential to make a very good ambush oriented gunship due to the orientation of its primary weapon and its increased mobility.

    As long as they avoid making it crazy powerful like Rocket Pods or AA turrets way back in the day there is quite literally no reason to not give it a bit of extra killing potential if it lets people have fun.
  10. SerasVic

    We don't care what the dev thinks, are you human or a sheep?

    So tell us what you think, i don't need you to read what ******** devs can say.

    Devs made old harasser , PPA and many other ***** in this game, you should not blindly follow what they said.
  11. SerasVic

    CAS 30-30 TankBursterS V

  12. DocteurVK

    I'd add that it's meant to drop a small number of soldiers in a very small time and be able to hover over them to provide an immediate cover.

    I think it's not meant for a direct combat but, as description says, as a close range air support (A2G support to cover friendly infantry).

    Personally, I'm upgrading the stealth (the most logical IMO) and plan to acquire the AI grenade launcher on it...
  13. SerasVic

    just shows you know nothing about the Valk, as there is no grenade launcher...

    Try again !
  14. DocteurVK

  15. SerasVic

    Just a friendly tip, don't buy this one for now.

    The gun is not fixed, so every movement of the Valkyrie 'll break the aim of ur gunner.

    This and it's not low TTK and bad accuracy so it can take 5s or even more to kill one infantry guy even at 10-20m ...
  16. DocteurVK

    Never tried it, I wanted to get Stealth first (and grinding that much certs takes some time as a freebie).

    I'll give it a try in VR with outfit mates, even if it doesn't reflect fully its behaviour
  17. SerasVic

    As i said, the TTK alone is okay, but when you are in flight it's almost broke. Make sure to try as 2 guys and in flight

    PS: don't buy thermal xD
  18. Morti

    It's bad. You'd do better throwing jelly babies. Take it from the guy who blew certs on it :(
  19. DocteurVK

    So I may stick with the default wyvern until the guns are properly fixed. Thanks for the tips...
  20. Vixxing

    Yeh, Vector at front and 2 banshees on the sides to the cost of 1/3 of an ESF you get the firepower of one lib and 2 (OP)ESF...
    (take your pills kid!)