Give Valkyrie the Vektor

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  1. braytz

    it would be nice to have Spur (and not vektor),so wen you don't have a gunner you(pilot) can control it and perform some offensive role.
  2. Champagon

    Yes, people want to farm with this thing. It's obviously not for farming so the new plan is

    "Complain on the forums until SOE cracks allowing the valk to be the new sky harasser"

    If the valk turns into this i am uninstalling PS2 for good this time. There will be NO escape from the CoD kids in this situation.
  3. Champagon

    The valk is not supposed to be an offensive vehicle, its supposed to get dudes into the battle quickly, and defend itself if needed. It is not meant to go out and farm people
  4. SerasVic

    you can leave now
  5. Champagon

    Thanks for the positive reinforcement and contribution to your thread.....

    The fact is, you guys don't want to hear the truth and just want farm tools. I am here to counter argue this way of thinking and try to get this game on the right track. I'm one of the few people left willing to put effort into making this game better.

    A sky harasser is NOT the right approach
  6. SerasVic

    Every transport in this game is heavily armed.

    Only exception is the Valkyrie, where everyone has agree that the guns can do nothing.
    I'm not asking for a Tankburster and be a new Lib, i'm asking that a 2 guy plane should have something strong enough to be a threat, not a cert pinata.

    It's like asking to have harasser with only basilik because it is a transport.
  7. Champagon

    Please read everything that I wrote, after that go to the dev threads and watch the videos on what there plan for the valk was/is.

    Some people are trying to force this aircraft into a role it simply doesn't belong in. A valk is not supposed to be a threat, it is supposed to be a transport vehicle to drop troops into battle quickly for that "shock" factor

    Everyday I see people flying valks straight into battle without even a hint of evading shots or sneaking up on people trying to attack an armor column. Then complain in yell chat when they get completely owned.

    You guys are using the thing wrong.
  8. Swooped

    You know what else gets dudes into battle quickly? Redeploy. That doesn't even cost nanites.
  9. SerasVic

    Their design is just flawed, game is not working like that.

    So what? We take 4 guys, go in the battle with squish aircraft and IF we manage to get close enough we drop 4 guys in the battle?

    4 guys? WOW SUCK SHOCK ASSAULT. Those guys are not Neavy seals you know, they'll get blown up 3s after landing ONLY IF the Valkyrie didn't blew up before.

  10. Champagon

    With the current system this is an option, however you can't redeploy behind enemy lines. Or drop off a crew of HA's behind a tank column.

    Maybe drop off a group of engies behind an armor column and drop mines

    Or drop off a crew of squad leaders to place spawn beacons throughout a facility, a few moments later you have an entire platoon on the attack.

    There are a TON of possibilities but some people insist on the valk just being another farm tool. While we have the potential there, just people are too lazy to take advantage of it. Use your head
  11. Champagon

    Please read some of the things i have done in the above post. It is in fact REALLY effective

    And ANOTHER idea for you:

    Multiple Valks with stealth, 4 man squads of healers/HA's/Infis, sneak behind enemy lines, place mines, hack out a sundy, hack out all terminals, sabotage the enemies forward base, place spawn beacons, attack the enemy from the rear.

    It's almost like you guys don't like certs?
  12. Jaedrik

    Valkyrie should be one bad mother.
    The reason I say this is because it takes significant capital (both in the form of players and a number of cert and SC investments), and I do not believe that such capital is duly rewarded at this time.
    Give it more dakka.
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  13. SerasVic

    For that task a Galaxy 'ld work WAY better
  14. Champagon

    The devs did state that the valk was a more affordable version of the Galaxy
  15. Swooped

    The problem is we don't need a "more affordable version of the galaxy". Every other vehicle works well either solo or with random people which is how it should be in an mmo game like planetside. The fact that the valk currently fits a small niche role that it is even out preformed on by the galaxy kind of makes it a pointless addition to the game.
  16. Champagon


    I didn't decide that it should be added, nor did i create it. As far as attack power goes, we have ESF's and we should simply use those. if you want to "kill everything"

    In terms of attack power it is out shined by the galaxy, which is ok in my book. Simply because it is a transport aircraft. But the Gal is also transport you say? Yes but you can also equip bulldogs and other equipment on there to make it formidable.

    The valk simply should not be an offensive weapon, it does fill a niche role as you said and it should stay that way
  17. Pikachu

    The best thing would obviously be this as someone else posted. :) A sky harasser that carries a harasser that can shoot out through the sides.
  18. SerasVic

    As it is it is pointless

    you'ld like an harasser with no guns just for "cheaper and fast squad operations" compared to a sundy? I guess no or you are crazy.

    Valkyrie should have the option to transport and do shock attacks like you said AND then SUPPORT his squad with some firepower.
    It'ld not outperform Libs and ESF in their "farming" roles, because it is too fragile and 'ld not have enough firepower.

    Then it'ld have a role, as it is it doesn't do nothing a galaxy can do better. And "nanites cost" is a joke of an argument , if u have no ressources redeploy
  19. Ogopogo

    Do you know what good tank columns have? Skyguards and another ground based AA. Do you know what Valkyries have trouble with? AA. Besides which, you could just as easily complete the task you have given with far more effect with either a galaxy or a battle sundy. Or, if you are looking to just drop a few heavy assaults in, get an ESF with an ejection seat, and jump out and drop a spawn beacon.

    See above.

    You can also do this with a galaxy and have extra forces with you when doing so, far better. Or any other way to get from point A to B that is fast and/or stealthy.

    People don't want another farm vehicle. What they want is something that can actually fulfill a meaningful role in combat. Some of the weapon selection for the Valkyrie... You'd be better off just having the gunner fire from the door for how ineffective they are. Last time I checked, the valkyrie wasn't meant to be an airborne flash.

    But at least those have some neat features.

    And it's almost like you don't realize there are already vehicles which can do that better than the Valkyrie. The minute niche which the Valkyrie fulfills does not nearly warrant it's weaknesses over a more general vehicle. Nine times out of ten when I pull a Valkyrie, even after I have spent some time learned where to and not to use it, another vehicle would have been a better choice or worked better. The one time where the valkyrie is the correct choice, it is an ineffective one at best.

    TL ; DR

    The Valkyrie should be made slightly more effective in general use, and more effective in it's specific use.
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  20. SerasVic

    U want to see what a gunship is?

    Here we go


    This is a gunship, this is not what i suggested