Give us the ability to disable FXAA/TXAA

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. MisterBond

    Give us the ability to disable FXAA/TXAA!!!

    Nobody wants it, period

    You guys locked my -LAST- thread because "Its not a technical support issue, its a feature request, so locking this thread"

    So just where the frick are we supposed to post this huh? I don't -SEE- a "Features request" section of the forums, do you? I sure don't

    Oh yeah, and then a dev today was saying that "FXAA/TXAA does not blur the games graphics"

    You know what? You're full of it

    Here's a picture from AnandTech's website showing how bad TXAA mangles in game graphics

    You can't tell me with a straight face Dev's that the right side looks -BETTER- then the left side

    Look at the wall for christ sakes, its like somebody smeared vasoline all over the image

    I really don't give a heck about "Deal" you have made with Nvidia etc, we don't want this option, we have been very vocal about it all through beta about having the option to disable it, and now you lock the files. Even worse is you are now banning players that use injectors to disable/replace FXAA/TXAA cause "Its cheating"

    Even more upsetting is everyone has repeatedly reported during beta that disabling FXAA/TXAA actually improves their framerates by 10-20FPS, in a game where -MANY- players are upset that they are getting sub 30FPS while playing because the game is so resource intensive

    We've had enough, fix this, fix this now, we want a option to disable it. We can disable it in Secret World, we can disable it in Skyrim, we want the option to disable it in this
  2. MisterBond

    Bumping, this should be known and addressed by people, most important reason is disabling this FXAA/TXAA bulltripe that it increases your FPS by as much as 30FPS
  3. Zoner

    If I had to guess is they factored in the cost of some of the postprocessing as part of the core game. At a minimum the various night vision scopes and optics replace the FXAA with alternative edge detection shaders. They could fairly easily address peoples complaints about FXAA making everything blurier (it does), by modifying the FXAA to only work where there are big depth differences, so it only AA's where there are obvious edges instead of the whole screen. The downside is if they dont have easy access to the depth, it will make it even slower to make it 'smarter' :)
  4. MisterBond

    The nightvision scopes etc worked just fine without FXAA being turned on

    The other thing is they "Have to look into this cause its complicated to remove" when all it took to remove from the beta was editing a -SINGLE- line of text, at that, it was .ini text and not like actual game files, so the ability to turn off the FXAA/TXAA shaders is easy as hell to do
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