[Suggestion] Give us access to Assault Rifles

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kuriby, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Sabreur

    My gut feeling is that assault rifles were intended as a medium-range support weapon while carbines were intended as a close-range weapon. Assuming that was the intended design philosophy, it makes sense to give the assault rifles to the medics (who should be logically at the rear of any assault force) while giving the close-range weapon to the light assault troopers.

    Whether this philosophy is actually borne out is something I don't want to get into - my understanding of the weapon stats usually boils down to "This weapon looks neat! I'll trial it and buy it if I like the trial."
  2. Wolfwood82

    I disagree. Any situation in which you can obtain a height advantage and attack a position from an elevated position is not really "situational". Not in this game anyway.

    We have the advantage in rocky and mountainous terrain. So far every continent has plenty of rough terrain in which we thrive in. We also hold the advantage outdoors and are really only limited by indoor battles where there is a low ceiling and nothing to jump up on.
  3. vsae

    I say give medic, engi and LA a common pool of carbines and ARs. That'd be fair and more fun.
    And Yes. This is never old. Necrrrropost
  4. SinerAthin

    Well, you just stated some of the reasons why Tribes removed KDR from their game :p
  5. Mhak

    I want LAs to get access to both Scout Rifles and Battle Rifles.

    They would never use either of them, but I'd still like to see them at least have access to them.
  6. MikeyD

    Nah, the slug gun is good enough, not only that it is already nerfed a bit through bullet speed, dmg fall off and sound. It allows you to use terrain advantages without being able to abuse them. Assault rifles are too strong when combined with terrain bonusses. Imagin e if a slug gun was effective against moving targets at the ranges an assault rifle is. the QQ would be too much.
  7. Dkamanus

    Assault Rifles on Medics and Engineers actually should be the norm, since as non-combat classes (mainly) staying far away form battle would make em both focus more on their support role then on combat effectively. If you give engineer the AR, and do some changes (like a worse hip fire cone to the AR, Slower RoF, bigger bullet velocity and bigger drop-off damage distance), while giving the Carbine version for the Light Assault Class (better hip fire, Higher RoF, tighter ADS speed and spread @ 15 meter, while increasing the spread past @ 15m), plus extra magazines, since we are carrying a lighter, more compact weapon, giving more bullets for longer soloing.

    At least that's one option, make the carbine better @ CQC (while not making it a complete waste at range, but still worse then the AR), give the AR to the engineer and we have at least one problem solved, imo.

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