[Suggestion] Give us access to Assault Rifles

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kuriby, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Iridar51

    My main concern is SOE will actually buff LA cuz of listening to whiners asking for buffs, then everyone will play LA and even more whiners will appear asking for nerfs and my favourite perfectly balanced (bugs notwithstanding) class will end up overnerfed.
    How I hate that everyone and their dog has opinion and feels obligated to demand devs to listen to it on forum instead of actually playing the game. l2p ffs.
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  2. Nambu

    No, learn to play your class. Notice that you are not so good at range and realize thats probably intentional. Now go flank your opponent and get some kills. LA is not a sniping class, LA is not a CQC class, LA is a "Surprise!" class. You should be popping up where the enemy does not expect, picking off disorientied enemies, and then, if you survive, getting out to do it again. You do not need an assualt rifle for that.
  3. Captain Demacia

    Kills: 5789
    Assists: 8106
    K/D: 5.9

    Pro Liberator Pilot Certed to 87% with all vehicle weapons
    I fly Galaxies and Mossies also.

    Learn to be a team player

    Im tired of people using "L2P" as an argument, please be considerate of other members viewpoints even if you think they are wrong.
    And if any class is to get an AR it should be the Engineer, or atleast give them a BR that has a bullet speed faster than a carbine. (AMR-66 = exact same bullet speed and drop as Trac 5 and 2x less if you get high velocity for carbine.)
  4. Captain Demacia

    Frontal Grip + Compensator = Perfect Recoil, damage output, and range.
  5. Insolence

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  6. Aggh

  7. aRtFuL

    I think more people should play LA, but not for the reason of buff -> becomes overpower -> FOTM class.

    I think more people should play LA and HA because I don't think it is good for the game where pretty much everyone is either Medic or Engineer and they do it just because of cert farming - they wait for other player or vehicles to get hurt/damage/killed just so they can rez or repair them and get more certs.

    Sole combat focus infantry classes should get more incentive (whether cert wise of giving LA ARs or etc.) so people are more encouraged to fight instead of to farm heals/repair.
  8. Wolfwood82

    Field a Sunderer and deploy it like I do. Disrupt generators and take out CCs. Just because other players like to leach exp doesn't mean we have any real need for the same mechanics does it?

    Besides the work they do (unless they are ******** medics who like to revive random dead bodies without first looking around for what caused the dead body to be dead in the first place) is important enough that they deserve the exp they get.
  9. Scrimps

    Not only did he fail, but he abused tanks and ESF to get his KD ratio that high. If he didn't, and exclusively played LA. He has the highest K/D of anyone who only plays LA and does not use vehicals in the entire game. In fact, it's not even close.

    I challenge him to link his profile via planet-side universe. He won't.
  10. Wolfwood82

    You can look up TotalOverkill. But this doesn't tell you more then his favored class. Unless I'm missing something horribly obvious here.

    Point is KDR or kills or stats in general should have zero baring on a debate. No one here has provided solid evidence or facts that support the idea that LA absolutely needs ARs. I'm sure a lot of us want them, but I'm also sure we just want a little more variety in our choice of weapons in general. Being stuck with CQC and medium range weapons is extremely restrictive on the class and while I understand the fears people have of rooftop snipers, I honestly don't think it would be a horrible problem since we already HAVE rooftop shooters, and they quite often get taken out by other LA or grunts on the ground who are smart enough to look up from time to time.
  11. Esxraptor

  12. aRtFuL

    True but on the same token I do believe that LA is probably too situational to be useful in most cirumstances at the moment.

    Which is a problem imo, considering they ARE "assault" centric class.

    Neither Engineers, medics nor HA have as a situational limitation (medic can fight mid range just fine with AS, HA can fight both man and armor with their LMG + RL combo, Engineers can fight both short and long range with their carbine + turret combo, even infiltrators are needed in short range scenarios because they are terminal hackers).

    LA is probably the only class that is so lacking in playability this way. If not an AR LA I think should at least have a telescope or laser tagger or something for artillery strikes (which of course doesn't exist in this game right now).
  13. Chrysalis

    Be warned, the stat search on that site searches by character name, which means if your character is named something different from your display name on the forums...

    For example my character has a different name because this display name was already taken.
  14. James Seth Lynch

    The main issue with this is that it power creep nerfs Combat Medics.

    You see Light Assault are just that...light hence the carbines, hence the jetpack, hence the overall streamlined look. Light Assault are not what you would consider your average infantry in any sense of the word.

    Heavy Assaults are heavy. They have big guns, big armor, and big shields and also clunky but bring a big boom again not what youd consider your standard trooper.

    Combat Medics have a assault rifles for the same reason they are not called "Medics". They are soldiers just like anyone else on the battlefield except they feel up a more medium role along with Infiltrators to some extent. Combat Medics involve COMBAT they fight. A well certed Combat Medic is capable of retreating durability above even a Heavy Assault with the trade off being drastically less firepower. Both keep up important squad utility with the heavy's being far more obvious: Anti-Vehicle. Try being swarmed by tanks and sunderers without a Heavy Assault, you will be hard pressed. Just like if you try entering a fire fight without a medic again: Hard pressed.

    Light Assaults dont fill any kind of role like this and no matter what you say shooting tanks AND aircraft with rockets is more effective then suicide bombing vehicles only. In order to balance the Light Assault they must be given what they are missing: squad utility not more killing power.

    And yes Ive run with Light Assaults and ive seen just how useful they can be and Ive also been on the receiving end of what an LA can do to an unsuspecting squad.
  15. James Seth Lynch

  16. Ronin Oni

    Combat Medics should keep the AR.

    #1: They shouldn't be frontline soldiers. The best place for Medics is behind the rest of the infantry. For this reason alone it makes sense to give them the best mid-range weapon.

    #2: LA's are devastating with just the carbine. If you let me use my Cycler TRV on my LA.... oh god... every other class on the ground would be HATING life.

    LA's have carbines for balance purposes.
  17. aRtFuL

    If you play combat medics for an outfit for ANY amount of time usefully you will know that medics "behind the rest of infantry" is still very close to the action, as "behind the frontline" is still very far forward. They are still way forward compare to infiltrators or engineers (or even in some cases, HAs).

    You can't heal people if you are 50 meters away from them mate.

    This ain't an episode of M*A*S*H buddy, people don't get ferry back to the base camp for heals.
  18. Ronin Oni

    Why is your engie behind your medic? He should be in front of the medic, behind the HA's and, preferably, MAX.

    LA's are off on the flanks and get no heals unless they come back.

    Gives combat incentive to play medic. HA's have their shield (and many LMG's ain't to shabby, and each faction has a good one) LA's have mobility, Medics can regen and have an AR.

    I play all the classes. They all feel just fine to me.

    Though I sure would like for Maggie to finish dem SMG's for my Infil. Sniping is great but I'd like a CQC for attacking bases and hacking terms/turrets
  19. aRtFuL

    Engs are usually not on foot so this is quite irrelevant. And when they do they are behind or at least same place as medic because they need to heal MAXs; or they are point defensing with their turrets or repairing sunderer so they will never be really up front.

    Well it sounds like you are not playing with an outfit then. If that's the case, none of these really does matter since cert farming Crown don't require strategy.

    Well I play medic most often and I myself feel that with medic I get more incentive if I can roll in carbine. We are forced into CQC a lot more than other classes (especially on defense because there is no clear line half the time and your perimeter might be overcame while you are healing/rezzing), so much so that a silenced CQC weap seems to help more. I have often found an AR with sliencer, softpoint and laser to be most effective as there are so many point defense fights as medic. That's pretty much a CQC setup. I rarely found I will be shooting people at range, that is other classes job.

    Infil with carbine will be waaay worse and waaay more overpowered than LA with AR - they can stealth and get close. CQC carbine takes no special skill to use, sniping or AR at least requires you to be reasonably accurate shooter.
  20. Voidreaperx

    Almst said something about VS and recoil but held my tongue, anyway I agree, but shoudln't the choice of which one the LA user wants be given to them if you feel thats the trade off?

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