[Suggestion] Give us access to Assault Rifles

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kuriby, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Kon

    i dont see any issue with LA getting assault rifles they dont actually do more damage , they have a different play-style, less damage up close but less damage dropoff @ range and they are more accurate so they would be for mid to long range play-style
  2. Skadi

    Ok, give my medic LMG's and my HA MAX weps and its a deal. Oh and maybe zephers for my max suit.
  3. Brofanity

    Oh **** off with your sarcasm. There's nothing wrong with giving the Light Assault more utility at range.
  4. Skadi

    and i could say the same for max suits.
  5. Brofanity

    The Max suits use max weapons, if you want effectiveness at range, use mercies. As of right now, the LA has no designated long range weapons.
  6. Wolfwood82

    This is all incredibly irrelevant and all, so would either of you like to explain how your lack of social lives gives you some kind of insight on what's better for the class?

    Also TO your favored class is Engineer, not LA. Which kinda suggests vehicle ***** to me... Just saying!
  7. Zulgate

    I think the LA needs some kind of alternate weapon. Most of the carbines are awfully similar - they have similar pros & cons, and when compared to other classes weapons, (Assault rifles, battle rifles, LMG's, Scout rifles) they are kinda poor. I mean play with a carbine for a week, then switch to a medic. It feels like easy-mode. Granted the CQC may not be as good but... isnt that a natural drawback? Why are we FORCED to play with only one kind of weapon if we want jet packs? Let us trade some close combat effectiveness for medium-long range effectiveness.

    I like to switch up my playstyle from time to time, so switching to an assault or battle rifle and sitting on some rocks from medium-long range would be fun. I can't see how that would be overpowered? We can't heal, we can't repair, we can't have unlimited ammo, and we cant turn invisible. But I feel very pigeon-holed with the carbines. It's either CQC, or just-a-little-farther-than-CQC-but-not-long-enough-to-snipe ranges. While we're on the subject, Infils should get Carbines IMHO. It would really help make them not just snipers but actually, you know, Infiltrators. (They are still squishy and easily killed so I'm not sure why SOE doesnt allow more flexibility in playstyle for them either.)

    I couldn't give two logs about k/d ratio. If I want to grab a carbine, go (almost) invisible and rush through the meat grinder doorway of a biolab, most likely die, but have a blast doing it, why shouldnt I be able to? I love the feeling of infiltrating and getting a backstab or two before being spotted and taken out in half a second. I'll gladly do it over and over. Seems SOE is trying to pigeon-hole everybody into playing one of 5 playstyles, no exception. Well they should know that will not keep people around for a long time. Being restricted to a finite list of playstyles will get old, and people will leave. It's really in SOE's best interest to open up the classes a little bit.

    The weapons already exist - they will be no more over/under powered than they currently are. My suggestion is to make them available to more classes to let people really find the playstyle that works for them.
  8. DataLight

    Why should they get long range weapons? LA is by far the most effective class at killing. You can get a 20/0 KD even if you are not that good. No other class can do it that easy, not even the max suit.
  9. Iridar51

    We're not *forced*. We can have shotguns, which are very different from carbines. Also, try shotgun with slugs (bullet instead of pellets), it's supposed to be good at medium ranges, but poor at CQC. There you have it.

    We never should have actual sniping capabilities, or there won't be any merit in actually playing infiltrator. Why bother, when you can get on 1km height rocks with jetpacks and camp the **** out of enemies.

    Infils getting carbines is an interesting idea, though, but I think they shouldn't have carbines for the same reason.
  10. wabbitseason

    Hmm, flying class with long-range weaponry.

    ******** idea. There's a reason LAs don't have access to ARs.
  11. aRtFuL


    Not to mention that high K/D (if you are NOT mainly an armor or air guy) usually means 2 things:

    1. That player is irrelevant to the overall scheme of the fight for the faction, because to get that high K/D he is ignoring point capture and defense (only way one can remain unseen and out of danger) to snipe people from somewhere.

    2. He is lone-gunning, thus he can remain undetected by air/armor for prolong period of time to just rack up his K/D, which means again he is useless to the faction and possibly not even in an outfit that wins things for the faction.

    3. He is defending and attacking a mostly unmanned or isolated small base (ie. not where the main fight is) so that he can get easy kills on the unsuspected, and when the main force comes he will probably chicken out when the main enemy force arrives (otherwise he won't be able to maintain the K/D). Again, he is basically useless to the faction and the outfit.

    So K/D counters only means they are playing the wrong game. Planetside 2 is probably not for them.

    Back to the topic at hand, I think actually LA should got assault rifle and medic should get carbine - cuz as mostly a combat medic myself (and sometimes LA, depending on situation) I find that combat medic actually endeed up CQCing a lot more than LA without wanting to be in CQC (because to heal someone often times requires us to be in the very front line). Whereas as LA often times I can choose which range to fight in, and I only fight CQC because of the gun, and due to no other pre-conditions.
  12. Zeekez

    I tried to tell them in the beta assault classes should get assault rifles and the support classes should share the carbines but SOE just ignored it
  13. Wolfwood82

    I don't think the LA needs assault rifles. I thought it would be nice if they had access to ARs and even scout or sniper rifles. However LA's are a CQC oriented class and having a heavier weapon on a light and highly mobile soldier sounds wrong.

    I think ARs need to have their accuracy cut down over carbines though, particularly in CQC combat (hip fire). It should be a lot easier to hip fire a carbine then an AR.

    Someone else said it best, the qualities that make carbines a favored CQC weapon aren't really represented in the game. In order to represent those qualities you would need a vastly larger CoF with ARs while moving. As well as a CoF that acts more like a sniper rifle CoF where it blooms whenever you turn as well as move, or even strafe. ARs should really be best used in a crouch or standing position while ADSing. But that would cause so many screams that it wouldn't be a fix worth implementing.
  14. aRtFuL

    I think there is a problem with assuming that LA SHOULD be pure CQC class, because from the initial impressions LA and HA should've been general troops (it non-support and non-specialist) that their role should've that LA are for short/med and for taking down personnel whereas HA are for med/long and for taking down armors.

    I think LA should therefore have assault rifle instead of carbine to reflect this.

    Specialists like medics and engineers should have carbine because their main role is support not fighting, and they need to carry gears for point defense and suprises (which carbine is perfect for).

    Also rifles for LAs would ensure greater LA population than it is now per infantry squad - because an infantry squad that has mostly engineers and medics kinda distract their respective main job, which is supporting. LA and HA only got one job, which fighting, and they should be given the best tools to so.
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  15. Wolfwood82

    ARs are better suited for long range then carbines are, so to say that LAs are "short-medium" range combatants and then say they need a long range rifle is basically your own counter argument.

    LA needs something to boost their role and make it a class worth playing. I just don't think expanding their range is the solution. And personally I'm happy with where they are right now.
  16. aRtFuL

    Actually AR is not that terribly good at long range. Now I'm not too certain what your definition of log range is but long range I think is when you shoot down from the Crown and be able to hit some guy at the bottom of the Crown from up top effectively. AR from my experience mostly can't do that (no talking about accuracy but effective damage).

    A majorit of LMG (except for MSW) however do pretty good. And MSW is only not good because of accuracy at long range.

    So AR is really only decent at short to medium range, being exceptional at medium, where as carbine being good at cqc range, being acceptable at medium (you can't really beat AR at medium reliably shot to shot with carbine). If you play combat medic a lot you will know what I mean.

    So no I didn't counter my own arguement.
  17. Iridar51

    That's assuming there supposed to be general troops in this game. This is not WoW ffs, you don't necessarily have *warrior* class.
  18. Zeekez

    But you do have support classes, such as Medics and Engineers to heal and repair and "Assault" classes, such as Light Assault and Heavy Assault. Shouldn't the Assault classes use the assault weapons?
  19. Iridar51

    Emphisize *Light*, light weapons. *assault* comes from offensive jeptack usage.
  20. aRtFuL

    No actually assault seems to indicate that their primarily focus is on fighting with secondary focus is also combat oriented.

    Medic and eng however r not (whether healing or repair be your primarily role or secondary, it is still part of your role IF u r to be useful for your team).

    Plus besides semantics, medics actually ended up in cqc a lot more than even LA, because medic cant choose ground sometimes if they want to save others. LA on the other hand can, and it is actually better than most class at choosing ground.

    Hence, there r practical reasons as well why i agree with LA and medic swapping weaps.

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