[Suggestion] Give us access to Assault Rifles

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kuriby, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Kuriby

    Title says all
  2. Total_Overkill

    No, learn to play the class properly without the need of crutches.
  3. Kuriby

    Kills: 1732
    Assists: 504
    K/D Ratio: 3.77

    Really now? ;)
  4. Krona

    Medics obviously need crutches, HEYOOOO!

    But no really, on one hand, I'd love to be able to use AR's, on the other hand, the idea of armies of flying TR guys with T1 cyclers and cycler TRV's gives me the shivers.

    The ideal solution is to make carbines not entirely inferior to AR's which they currently are. They generally have the same damage, lower RoF, lower accuracy, less controllable recoil. It's just scary how much better AR's are. Using them after you use carbines exclusively for a long time feels like cheating.
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  5. Total_Overkill

    Kills: 7294
    Assists: 2694
    K/D: 5.7

    Light Assault Primary class, 2 Carbine auraxium medals, 300 kills short on C4, and ranked 22nd on Waterson...

    Shall we compare sploosh-pipes next?
  6. Total_Overkill

    Exactly... ^_^
  7. Xae

    Assault Rifles no, Battle Rifles yes.
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  8. Brofanity

    Second. We get the same guns as Engineer except these? Come on.
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  9. General Dragosh

    LA = Pure combat class = carbines
    Engineer = Combat/support class = carbines
    Medic = Combat/support/class = Assault Rifles

    Where is this world going to, game equals logic divide by root

    Serriously, LA's need access to both class of weapons = Dictates logic
  10. Ruvan

    Why does it always come down to K/D with you guys when measuring how good someone is?

    Firstly: K/D proves jack all. You can sit camping spawns all day (or doing something similar) and get a great K/D. I could sit sniping people as an Infiltrator all day and get an amazing K/D, yet it would be meaningless.

    Secondly: Not every player cares about K/D. Personally, for me it is about those moments where I personally really make a difference in the tide of battle, therefore, I take risks.

    I'm not saying you can't go after a good K/D if you wish. It's your game and it's up to you on how to play it. However, good KD != good player necessarily.
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  11. RavenGenesis

    you fell for his trap card... see... he needs those to get on your level...

    way to fail there...
  12. Ruvan

    RE: The Battle Rifles

    I think this might be a purposeful design choice on the part of the developers. Sniping people at long range from the top of objects the vast majority of people (i.e. non-LA) cannot reach might be a little frustrating. People get mad enough at the Infiltrators and you only have to get in to medium range of them and they are generally ******.
  13. Erendil

    I'm sure you're right about the Dev's design decision. However, Battle Rifles really aren't that scary at a distance. I've had enemies eat as many as 7 shots without dying @100m+. Of course that's with an Eidolon, which may have worse damage degradation than the Warden or AMR66 (has anybody tested this?).

    Plus, Infils can still outsnipe them and enemy vehicles would wipe the floor with them, so they're easily countered.

    Besides, people already snipe at long range from the top of objects that most people can't reach. You should see how many sniper spots there are on the Tech Plant's main structure that Infil's can get to during a solid base defense... :D And Infil sniper/scout rifles are much scarier at range than a Battle Rifle.

    I personally would LOVE to have the Eidolon for my LA. Great for long range plinking, but weak at close range. I already use it a lot on my Engie and a bit on my HA. I've always thought they'd be a great match for LA. Better than for HA, IMO.
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  14. Chrysalis

    Suddenly no one ever uses Carbines again because Assault Rifles are better in every respect, there's even an SF variant assault rifle that carries underbarrel attachments.

    They really screwed the pooch here with these two weapon classes. They're far too similar as they are in real life, BUT THE ASSAULT RIFLE'S CQC WEAKNESS COMPARED TO CARBINES IS UNREALIZED. In real life, a carbine is a shorter version of a rifle. They are made this way so that they are easier to handle in urban combat, a smaller weapon is also a LIGHTER weapon, which makes it just that bit more responsive. It is also a less awkward weapon, a fully sized rifle is a very awkward weapon to handle in hallways and near doorways due to its sheer length. None of this applies to video games, so inevitably when some bright boy has the idea to include Carbines and Assault Rifles in the same title, the Assault Rifles win at everything when put up against the Carbines. Because what disadvantages they do have (which are very, so very slight in this game. The 'cqc weakness' amounts to .5 on their cone of fire mult'. Big effing deal) can easily be worked around in video-game land.

    In case you didn't notice, I really don't like it when developers make something incredibly similar just because "that's how it is IRL".
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  15. Niric

    I agree. Besides, a Shotgun with Slug ammo is basically a battle rifle that's got more reasonable drawbacks and advantages that fit the LA class better if you ask me. So if you want a battle rifle for your LA just roll with that instead - it should be close enough.

  16. Grotpar

    Assault rifles are overrated.

    Yes, greater effective range.
    But also greater recoil.

    It's especially noticeable in VS weapons, where the ARs have a lot of horizontal recoil, where carbines don't.
    I'd gladly use a carbine on my medic, I'm 100% sure nothing changes.

    You need one bullet more to kill a target at 115m range with a VS carbine.
    One lousy bullet, and it's easier to hit those bullets with a carbine.

    LAs don't usually operate at these distances.

    Take your assault rifle, and realize nothing changes.
  17. Sharmanti

    Lol the VS light assault has almost 6 KDR. Nerf the TR guns please, they're soooo op
  18. Takushi

    It's pretty much baffled me as to why the Combat Medic, the class that can revive people, heal them, heal a group of people and is exempt from having to equip a health kit gets such a weapon class.

    Honestly, on the Vanu side of things, I don't really care about it as much as I care about the uniform design of Carbines. I find it insanely hard to find a Carbine that doesn't look very similar to the others, even the "based off it's bigger assault rifle brother" Pulsar C looks pretty indifferent from the Solstice. There are subtle changes, but if you look at assault rifles...

    Just look at the store or trial any of the Medic weapons. View both locked and unlocked assault rifles for Medics only, and notice the vast differences. If you don't believe the icons, preview the weapon models or trial them yourself. Then switch back to the Carbine tab, and notice only the minor variance in models, and a few colour changes in weapon skins. I find it pretty boring.

    Even if I personally feel that ARs shouldn't be handed to a class that's supposed to be supportive (the "Combat" in "Combat Medic" can be accomplished with a Carbine well enough, IMO.), I mainly would like the models in themselves to be given to the LA. That, or please give us different-looking Carbines along with perhaps a few Common-pool Carbines so the visual selection doesn't feel so overly bland.

    Let me accentuate "Common-pool Carbines", too. I don't think I should have to switch off my current character progression if I suddenly get a bit tired of the Vanu weaponry (unless I'm a Combat Medic and get the NS-11A, hint hint) and go for another faction. I already do that every now and then, but I still don't feel that it should be the main solution. I guess time will tell.
  19. Raigir

    I don't see why you would want access to the assault rifles when the carbines and lmgs just function better. I WISH I could use carbines on my medic rather than these assault rifles. They have too much recoil for none of the trade off. And I would have to be dreaming if I was allowed to use lmgs (namely nc6 saw and gd-22s) on my medic.
  20. Kardes

    I would rather see light assault get the Scout rifles that the inf's get.

    A nyx or artemis would fit the Light Assault very well in my opinion... and not be too OP.... It would give the range you are looking for and have a good limit on ammo balancing it out.

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