Give us a WWII Shooter with PS Gameplay

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  1. Fraecker

    huge maps etc.
    Later PS3.
    BR is dead, dont waste your time.
  2. Kristan

    But PS2 is already WWII shooter with Sci-Fi look. Most of the weaponry and game mechanics are straight out WWII. Some "futuristic" weapons are even inferior to WWII weapons for the sake of balance and fun gameplay.
  3. ycluk

    "That game" the OP mentioned has already existed since 2001.

    It is Battleground Europe: WW2 Online. Its learning curve is even stepper than PS2.

    Its technology is so old. I somehow saw a friendly engineer placed a satchel charges on the ground, but enemy tank blown up afterward. It just gave me a feeling that what I see is not what I get, and it's very difficult to play shooter game if that happens.

    You can try it, but be prepare to find any veterans and learn from them. That game takes a long... time to learn.
  4. MonnyMoony

    Personally I think a Warhammer 40K themed planetside would work really well.

    VS would be a good analogue of the Eldar. TR or NC could become the Imperium of Man. Perhaps with a few other factions like Orks, Tau etc thrown in too.

    Max suits would become faction specific Dreadnoughts.

    Light assault would become Assault Marines or Eldar Swooping Hawks.

    Heavy assault would become Terminator marines or Eldar Dark Reapers
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  5. TR5L4Y3R

  6. Kristan

    Let's be honest. Eternal Crusade was planned to be as massive as Planetside. By fact it ended up as Space Marine 2.0

    They planned some revolutionary server technology. But I guess they had no actual money to make it.