give this post a like if you think SOE priorities wrong.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Madiadk, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Madiadk

    An give your explanation to as why they priorities wrong.
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  2. DeathTollDavid

    You are complaining about the priorities of a company that made a free game that you are in way obligated to play?

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  3. KenDelta

    SOE's dev team : The community is on an uproar!
    Community : Fix the striker!!Harasser!!Fractures!!Vulcan!!VannyShield!!Bugs!!AVTurrets!!
    Higby : Just gibe them some camos and helmets that would shut them up , Isaac get to work!

    Game priorities : fixing bugs and optimization.
    SOE's priorities : MLG , camos and helmets.

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  4. WookLordz

    Some of us actually contribute money to this game.
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  5. ashen

    Well, they're a company, so if they don't want to get fired by line management their #1 priority is making money. Of course, having a good product is a part of this, but the reason the forums always seem out of whack is that they tend to prioritize attracting new players rather than retaining old ones - so they can't just listen to the forums and react. I've said this was a mistake back when I was playing EQ2 but now I get to make games for a living too I can see the financial argument that a new player will probably spend $50+ in the first month, whilst the long term players probably buy with certs or pay a fraction of that.

    I think the trick to getting the priority to change to whatever you want it to change to is to frame your argument with this in mind. Which is really hard to do. )
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  6. gigastar

    **** like that doesnt happen overnight. And it certainly doesnt take priority over things like balancing new weapons and buffing severely underpowered equipment.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise have thier heads stuck where the sun shineth not.
  7. DeathTollDavid

    You honestly believe that they are in way working on what the community things should be changed? The past year should be proof of that. In the meantime they take the opportunity to release minor updates. It is the incorrect expectations of the community that believe every update should address what the community perceives as a major issue.

    It's a free game. If you chose to spend money that is your choice. That does not change anything. It's still their free game. I've spent plenty of money myself.
  8. Reaper

    I believe they have their priorities totally wrong. In fact they keep targeting audiences that dont care to play the game anyways, instancing play like MLG and the such need to not have any focus. The game plays like **** on top of the line computers, I have a Ivy i5 16 gigs of ram and 7870 and the game plays at 40 fps in small fights and 20 in large scale fights. 1st complaint

    2nd complaint, SOE you are adding user created content when many key features are missing
    A) warpgates still dont work ?????? Higby didnt you say they would be working at launch... aka game is still in beta
    B) You have created cyssorside with the lack of sanctuaries, endless 3 ways makes most people quit the game
    C) you act like your working fevorishly on hossin and said it would release by GU 13 or 14, here we are and you fail yet again!!!

    3rd complaint None of the devs seem to care to post in the forums, Seriously get the h3ll off of reddit and twitter and respond to your own F*U**C***K***I**N*G forums

    4th complaint Ive spent $300+ on this game already and i can already tell that EQN is getting all of the support that this game needs and its not even out
    ADD: Did anyone notice that the things they said would be features in this game (sandbox, destructible environments) and features that are lacking like the ability to mix classes (like in the original planetside) THE HOLY Fin GRAILS of MMO's are the main focus of EQN when Planetside 2 are lacking and will never make it to the game. The devs continue to make it clear that PS2 is just giving them a buffer of money to make the real game they want, once EQN comes out you can count that they focus even less on this game... very sad when they could have applied all of those things into this game and made it truely great instead of mediocre
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  9. KenDelta

    My bad , forgot to add /sarcasm
  10. LynxFury

  11. haldolium

    Everquest... SOE flagship and THE factor for them as MMO publisher.

    PS2 development priorities are definitively wrong.
  12. Flapatax

    This is a lesson you only learn inside the industry.

    SOE is doing as best as can be expected, IMHO.
  13. cd5696

    I think that SOE's priorities on PS2 are just fine. their current focus is porting the game to PS4, which will also give much needed multithread support to the PC version, increasing performance massively (especially to AMD users). Because of this, the dev team doesn't have much time to develop large changes, such as a resource revamp. They also look at balance, but these forms are not a very good representation of it, as 20% of the people post 80% of the threads. The only reliable data they have is statistics. As for all the cosmetics, its the only way they stay alive. this is a F2P game, the only income they get is microtransactions. If they don't make enough profit, Sony might decide that PS2 isn't worth having, and shut the game down. No one wants that (I hope :eek:). I expect balance and major revamps will come after the PS4 release.
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  14. Mr_Giggles

    What is this, Facebook? Where's my option to thumb down?
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  15. IonCannons

    lol i've seen too many of these popping up. Why isn't this in the suggestions area? At least post your opinion in the first post OP...
  16. vincent-

    I don't think you understand how all this works with a company? I've been with soe for a while and more so with swg I know how they do things and right now you're just crying that the game isn't doing what you personally want.
  17. LordMondando


    After arguing for this for months, to find that they actually put the effort into a novel system and aim to deploy it as soon as pratical. I think SoE are doing ok, actually.

    Oh yes and,

    The thing, every commentator who has a grasp on PS2 has *****ed about for months and months, 'metagame' is the priority right now.

    Two major new systems that are going to drastically change the game, one weeks away, the other coming as fast as they can make new maps.

    Frankly a lot of the people ********, are not paying enough attention to have an informed commentary.
  18. Flapatax

  19. vincent-

    lolwat is the complaining on these forums and thinking that the dev team doesn't understand what they're doing, were I'm stating that you forum rats are complaining for the sake of it and thinking that you know better than a team who actually are putting effort into a free game.
  20. Flapatax

    I was more looking at the "I've been with soe for a while and more so with swg I know how they do things..." part.