[Suggestion] Give the Light Assault more Firepower

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  1. Iridar51

    HS/NV scope.

    It's not as convenient because can't hip fire with it, and hip fire is the strong part of LA kit. I like more the Corezor's suggestion to make smoke grenades themselves light up enemies. This would make smoke beneficial to LA's team as well.
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  2. TechPriestess

    Just for informative purposes, skip to 2:00 to see it in use.

    But imo, that would help it to be balanced more than laser pinpoint accuracy and for veterans it would work as such, since you'll know the layout of the world well enough to figure out their exact locations.

    It'd also help you judge range as well, giving a quick range readout allowing you to get an idea of effective ranges and such as well.
  3. placeholder22

    We're going Off-Topic, but pet peeve. You obviously have never driven a Sunderer in your life. Sunderers and MBTs both have 4k Health. Sunderers have 2/3rds of the unupgraded side armor of a Vanguard. Meanwhile, they have slightly better resistances to a variety of weapons, C4 most prominently, and most notably against things like Aircraft weapons. Blockade was nerfed and is now so bad only scrubs would use it.

    At the same time, they have more than twice the silhouette of a Vanguard.

    Their speed and agility is also comparable to a Vanguard (Rival Sunderer and Racer Vanguard are very similar)

    So we have something that has same health, less armor, is twice as easy to hit, same agility as Vanguard, no Shield of course, and has no long range AV capability whatsoever.

    As a Sunderer, you are a cert piñata. Battlebus with capable gunners? Cert piñata to any 1/2 MBT. You're the most easily hit ground target, you're for the most part as agile as the supposedly least agile tank, MUCH less armor even with blockade, all while having twice the silhouette, no capability of firing back effectively, no wondershield, all while requiring 1 more person to operate effectively as an MBT.

    The only "powerful" way to use Sunderers as offensive vehicles is as part of a repair bubble. If you think a Battlebus is somehow a threat to anyone except a handful of disorganised noob infantry, or completely noob Tankers who are affected by some sort of neurological shock freeze when confronted with a Sunderer that is not only moving, but also shooting at them, then I need to tell you a very resounding L2P and Gitgud. "Battle sunderers" are a complete joke, and any real tank that knows what its doing treats it like the cert piñata that it is.

    The Sunderer needs a 50% increase in HP to make up for its ridiculoussilhouette, and an increase in armor (45% -> 50%, 55%) to make up for its lack of agility. Blockade armor needs to do something again (+15% or +20%) Max level mineguard should turn the Sunderer into a mine clearing device that simply no longer takes damage, but gets XP for mines removed. Finally, "long range infantry AV" needs a massive nerf in sustainable DPS, from AV turrets to MAX AV, but this is something that affects all tanks, even when it affects Sunderers the most (since they are strictly the easiest to hit at long range, with their huge silhouette and lack of agility) HA-Rocket launchers need an increase in damage output on the other hand.

    I'm assuming you'd argue "Shotguns don't need skill", correct? That again devalues anything you say. You're equating "Skill" with "ability to point & click a mouse", when in reality, skill in a shooter it is a complex interaction between movement and prediction of enemy movement, and the "clicking" part is the smallest part of it.

    I'm pretty sure the reason LAs do not already have higher speeds is not because of a game design decision, but because of technical constraints of the engine & server. Erratic, fast movements and change of vector result in warping, consider ADAD as a combat maneuver. Everybody would like to see higher speeds on LAs, but we won't, because the Engine just can't handle it.
  4. Iridar51

    Aaaaand this is where I'm gonna stop reading your post. I've done nothing to offend you, and if you can't communicate in a respectful manner then we have nothing to talk about.
  5. placeholder22

    I'm opening with an irreverent joke about your lack of knowledge of Sunderers, and you immediately concede defeat. Very well.
  6. Iridar51

    You obviously don't have a sense of humor if you call that a joke. And I wasn't having a war that I could lose in. I have intelligent discussions on a quest for truth. Look for somebody else to "win" against if you don't want that.
  7. Corezer

  8. Iridar51

    I wonder if somebody recognized the place / traced where the picture was taken and actually went there just to prove a point.
  9. placeholder22

    Telling someone who isn't a BR1/Nonplayer that they obviously have never been in a Sunderer... Are you daft? Were you dropped on the head as a kid a lot?

    You said "Sunderers already have more health than MBT" etc which, apart from being factually incorrect, is some Pre-Beta/PS1 assessment of the vehicle, when the design philosophy of the Sunderer was "Toughest Vehicle". Sunderers are cert piñatas. Blockade Sunderers are dumb cert piñatas. They are certainly not "Frighteningly survivable".

    You are not "a seeker of truth". A "seeker of truth" does not care about imagined or real slights or insults or being made fun of, he cares about THE TRUTH. When the truth is offensive, he does not care about the level of offense that is being incurred, he SOLELY cares about the level of truth within. You are a petty seeker of self-validation who was dropped on his head as a kid a few times too often.
  10. Corezer

  11. TomDRV

    You mean something like this? https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/la-tool-utility-shotgun-refined.231931/
  12. TheMercator

    Sunderers are the toughest vehicle.
  13. placeholder22

    1. No, they are not.
    2. Lets assume you can construe some circumstances where Sunderers are the toughest vehicle (getting shot at from behind by a Viper Lightning maybe) how come they are still cert piñatas? To answer: Bigger profile, slower, less agile, and often deployed.
  14. Keldred

    A light assault Plasma cannon...I could get behind such a device...
  15. Alexkruchev

    The LA class has access to the 2nd most powerful and lethal weapon in Planteside by killcount, and the most lethal infantry weapon against vehicles as of 2013. C4. THe class has killed more sunderers than any other infantry class. So, no, it doesn't need more firepower. It needs more versatility, and it needs to either lose C4 or C4 needs to be revamped considerably. Again, it's rediculous that C4 is the #2 weapon for kills in planetside 2. Utterly rediculous, and the class is nothing more than a C4-delivery vehicle for 95% of all LA players. I routinely see them drop their C4, then press the U key, even when they've still got people they can shoot at, because a LA without C4 is not worth playing, in their minds.
  16. TheMercator

    Wait C4, a waeapon usable by nearly every class in all three empires has a lot of kills? What a surprise. It may have been the most lethal weapon against vehicles in the times before their armor was buffed.
  17. Movoza

    I've suggested goggles in the past, which also included the heat vision and the IR vision of tanks (although HV has smaller range). The thing is, smoke has little synergy with the light assault. The class is meant for quick movement, and not sidling with ADS through the smoke. The option of these goggles would allow a much faster assault around corners and such, without the need of ADS to see all the targets.

    That aside, both smoke and flash grenades are heavily outclassed. EMP kills the HUD, creates visual distortion and disrupts shields on impact. Concussion grenades distorts vision and reduces both turn and movement speed. Smoke can be done for free by UBGL too, so it isn't even class specific. The smoke blocks vision after a few meters, unless tryhards put their graphics down to simply see through smoke, it doesn't block spotting neither removes a spot. It is a real shot in the dark how much you help your team with smoke too. Flash grenades block all vision but HUD completely (why the HUD is still visible to a blinded guy is unknown to me. Visual flooding would even drown out chips directly in the visual cortex), giving them a good opportunity to still spot a target to get a dorito on screen and kill him. The effects also last very short in comparison to other grenades.

    I would suggest the smoke can't be spotted through, and people who touch smoke are cleared from any spot, except for people who have an active HS/NV scope at that very moment. Back to the goggles, these would allow you not only to use during entry or exit of a building, but also keep the doritos above spotted enemies that enter smoke as long as the goggles are active.
    The trade off is that you can't see tracers and mines and other equipment won't stand out unless spotted. That is why switching between normal and special vision is important. The IR is infinite in range, the HV would be smaller than the vehicle versions to make the class best for close quarters.

    Another would be the the augmented goggles. It is a bit like your wallhack, but you need to spot the guy first. Spotting someone will give a dorito and shade if he disappears behind objects.
    If you want a wallhack, I would go for a "sonic" detector. The light assault would see all enemies within a certain range the moment he activated the ability (even cloaked infiltrators). Shades would be put in place over at the point these people where scanned, meaning you can guess where, how many and if they haven't moved you have their exact location. The shades would disappear in 5 to 10 seconds. The sonic detector would release a loud noise that anyone in range would hear, that would undeniably tell them such a device was used. Possibly it could have several uses before recharging, giving you an option to renew the shades.

    The dual pistols are interesting and should be implemented. It is kind of a niche weapon, but could be applied in several niches.
  18. Alexkruchev

    C4 is overwhelmingly used by LA class. I don't know that I've ever been C4'd by anything other than one, in fact.
  19. Xybranus

    Light Assault is in a semi-decent spot. The manuverability the Jetpacks give coupled with good situational awareness can lead to some good pushes and decimated flanks.

    It needs team support though. Something that would make it stand out more than just 'guy with gun and jetpack'. Thinking of something that doesn't encroach on what other classes already have, or something that ruins the Light Assault's key trait itself is difficult.