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  1. Camycamera

    yeah it was OP.... but i am trying to think of an alternative to it.....

    maybe higher bullet velocity, AND it does (a little) damage to all vehicles?
    an anti-vehicle railgun?
  2. ZeroErrorz

    hmm how about a HE ammo maybe a bulldog-A round, drop like hell but 2 hit splash and one hit direct shot, it will be balanced by the fact that the rechamber time is high and 2 shot needed to take out a group.
  3. Reavx

    Sure why not give a stealth class a one shot nuke for CQC and ranged and an AOE that also damages Vehicles alot!
    WOW it sounds so awesome man!

    Shame its like beyond ridiculous.
    Think about it.
    They removed the SHOT GUN aspect because it would either be too powerful or just useless yet people like you suggest this.
    Then people wonder why they don't listen to the community, sure there are some good suggestions but its in a minefield of this stuff, i'd get tired sifting though it all.
  4. Edelhonk

    lol...poor smurfs cant get enough. Heh...why dont let put a tactical nuke launcher under the barrel.

    The current NC10 is OP as ****...even without the bult-in shotgun. And i will also explain why.

    The NC-10 gives up 0.6 chamber time and 1 round (cause mag-size is the main-thing on sniper rifles...thats why you see so many belt feeded Sniperrifles with 200 round belts in real life) for:

    - the fastest bullet speed of any weapon in the game (hitting runing targets never was that easy). Thats 200m/s (nearly 30% faster) more then the old leaders (the "long-ranged" snipers aka Longshot, RAMS and Parallax)

    - it has no Bullet drop. Do you remember when all the VS cryed because their Snipers have a bullet drop and their normal weapons have not and that this would be versus their faction theme. SOE Devs answered that this would be unfair and gamebreaking vs the other empire snipers when VS had only to point and click with their OHK-sniperrifles and NC and TR snipers had to watch for their bullet drop...and NOW its OK when one empire gets right this point and click ability with a OHK sniper rifle that can fire 4 rounds in 5 sec, with a a bigger one headshot=kill range than any other sniper in the game and 850m/s bulletspeed ...seems OK, huh?

    Maybe our little smurfs will come out of their holes now and cry "But..but...but the other ESSR also got no drop and the VS one can OHK too" ...well, yes they can. But the VS one needs 2sec charge time AND has 5sec cool down after the shot and the TR one...well...lets not talk about this lousy version of a gun that can do nothing a SOAS fitted with Comp and foregrip couldnt do 100times better.

    Atm the VS ESSR seems the only real balanced one to me. its a combination of an HSR without the HipAccuracy and a highdamage SR without the abbility to engage multiply targets in a short period of time (10sec).
    The NC10 is blatantly overpowered (reduce it to a one-shot then you have to reload-weapon and reduce the bullet-speed to 700m/s) and the TR one...well. This piece of **** needs so much love that its not even funny (imo it needs a 3 round burst with a very high RoF (H-K G11 style) and no recoil between the shots until the all 3 shots left the gun (but then a big punch hits you that dont let you fire the gun again for 2 or 3 sec), a damage per shot of 250 (this way 3 bodyhits wouldnt kill you but 2 headshots and 1 body would do) and a bulletspeed of 600m/s. This way it would be a also a "Sniper-rifle" that can 3HK (TR theme...more bullets). With a 12 or 15 round mag it could give 4-5 of such bursts. On the otherside stay with the automatic mode, but reduce the the RoF to match the new bullet damage. This way it would be a gun between the the old OHK snipers and the automatic-scoutrifle but wouldnt be better then them in their specific roles.
  5. ZeroErrorz

    welp just making my suggestion thought sorry if it sound a bit ridicilus, but still if there is any chance to implement small amount of AV in this weapon do you think its viable ?
  6. Reavx

    Nah i don't think it would be sadly because each faction wouldent get it.
    Ive been ONLY NC since beta and i'm saying this.
    Like old striker, TR was the only one with such a godlike lockon that used to be the best anti air deterrent in the game which in turn gave them an easier time on ground and gave their air room to pound ground with impunity.

    Imagine if a sniper rifle did 1/20th of a tanks hp.
    You would need only 5 infiltrators to sit at range and co-ordinate synced attacks on a tank and destroy it with one clip of the current rail gun. Less than 10 sec TTK.
    It would also work against air targets.
    So no..
    The crossbow bolt is another story as EVERYONE can use it.
  7. Puredeathnight

    Explosive bolts on new crossbow dl damage to vehicals, it dose like nothkng but still. Why nit dosomething lkke that. Or give it as an ammo option less velocity, less ammo (per mag and over all) abilty to damage vehicals and have small splash on infantry
  8. Jogido

    I'm a big fan of the the best single hit for a bolt action. I think it compares well to the Longshot and LA80. 850 m/s is crazy fast
  9. Wobberjockey

    actually, i don't remember that at all...

    i remember beating down all the morons who insisted VS BAR's had no drop and pointing out endlessly that all the BAR's were carbon copies of each other… but i digress

    compensating for bullet drop is trivial.

    the fact that the BPP is so fast that you hardly need to lead a runner?
    THAT's a huge deal.
  10. Tenebrae Aeterna

    I actually had a dream about giving the NC sniper rifle a tactical nuke...

    I really theory craft this game too much.