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  1. biterwylie

    But it does have very good velocity. It will make an excellent counter sniper rifle. It's a good rifle.
  2. Tycoh

    Give it a secondary firing mode that shoots low velocity Armor Piercing rounds for medium ranged MAX encounters and harrassers but not tanks? Maybe have it restricted to only 5 AT rounds and 24 normal rounds? Plus giving it a loud bang when using the AP rounds would balance it a bit by alerting nearby infantry of an railgun infil.

    I'd bash my money into the screen if it had Light Armor/MAX killing capabilities and it'd fit NC's hitting hard style in my perspective.
  3. Xhaleon


    Even if the shotgun mode had the same firepower as a UBSG or pump-action shotgun, it still wouldn't have been game-breaking or unfair because
    1. Slow fire rate
    2. Light assaults are infinitely more efficient than infiltrators at using shotguns
    3. Infiltrators still need to hope the enemy is blind and deaf, then decloak before firing
    3. The disparity in effective ranges between the two modes means that it still isn't going to be the best gun ever for everything

  4. Juno

    NC is getting the short straw on this one. It really isn't unique, or has some kind of special feature to it.
    We are suppose to emphasize power, but this thing really doesn't at all. Isn't bullet velocity and accuracy suppose to the VS's gimmick? It really feels like an "Oh crap, we goofed, change it fast!" kind of move.

    Make it a high powered anti-material rifle. Have the thing make small explosions (real tiny radius, like the Lasher) on impact and screen shake. So even if you don't kill the guy it is going to mess his day up, that is NC power. Think explosive tipped rounds, Warhammer 40K Bolter shells anyone?

    Anything to make it unique, because it is not right now.
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  5. D-Spirith

    I dunno. The only thing i hated about it was a shotgun mode.
  6. ISKNausicaa

    I was hoping for the rifle to be reminiscent of the NC BFR gunner particle cannon in PS1, decent projectile speed, slow rechamber/reload weapon that when it hits it leaves behind a small health eating radiation field behind for a short amount of time.

    This could have all kinds of applications; forcing targets out from behind thin cover, doing health damage to people in vehicles that sit there, giving the sniper a potential kill from a bodyshot if the target sits in the rad field too long etc.
  7. gnometheft

    Absolutely no one hit kill bodyshots. That's far too overpowered.
  8. Tenebrae Aeterna

    This entire update seems rushed, and I'm extremely disappointed.
  9. Rahk

    Funny how upset the NC are about their ESSR compared to all three and in my opinion, the NC rifle is the only one I would buy. /shrug ah well, I hope they don't buy it so I don't have to worry about running into that monster of a rifle much.
  10. TorigomaSET

  11. TorigomaSET

    THIS, THIS RIGHT HERE is what makes me so Mad. The Bolt Pro is a decent weapon, true, but This, A THOUSAND TIMES THIS!
    This Summarizes my entire frustration that I was trying to state in this tread perfectly.
  12. Jogido

    It potentially is very awesome as a sniper rifle. I think some people are just hoping for some nifty mechanic.
  13. gnometheft

    it seems you and others like you assumed the devs were set on making versatile snipers which they never were. This one is distinct and has it's own niche, I dont care that it's not versatile or trying to use a gimmicky alternate mode. This feels like a NC weapon, and weapons like it are why I chose NC.

    i can't wait to buy it.
  14. TheKhopesh

    Trouble is that the loss of chamber time and a bullet are far too severe a limitation for a weapon that just goes a bit faster.

    It's like if the TR got only 1 extra bullet for their weapons rather than the 10 extra they do get.
    It's a shoddy and boring EM4 Longshot ATM.
  15. TheKhopesh

    Perhaps if it could shoot through multiple targets, that would be worth it.

    The only sniper that could get more than a one to one shot/kill ratio.
  16. TheKhopesh

    I'm telling you, NC is all about damage per shot.

    An OHK chestshot on infiltrators (900 damage) sniper isn't OP if it takes significantly longer to chamber each shot.

    Like someone using a rocketlauncher in CQC, it's tough to dodge, but he only has one shot, then he's gotta wait for that really long reload time.

    Same for snipers.
    Hit your target, because you're gonna take 2-3x as long to re-chamber than even the slowest bolt action.
  17. Master

    I love when ppl say

    "hey give me something different"

    w/o actually coming up with their own idea or they should at least present someone else's idea. Threads like this just make the OP look like a crying baby.

    How about doing something constructive and give feedback, with constructive criticism w/ some ideas, instead of "QQ u change this, change it to something else".
  18. Puredeathnight

    .462s 650m/s time to travel 300m
    .353s 850m/s time to travel 300m
    Eq: Time s=((Velocity [m/s])/(Distance [m]))^(-1)
    So a .109s (or 109ms i belive) diffrence in time to travel 300m or 13.6 frames diffrence (round witch ever you want baised on your prefrences) @120fps. Your ping to the server is probably around 100ms maybe more maybe less, your reaction time probably around 3-500ms (depending on how well rested and focused ect.) Total reaction time: 4-600ms (this maybe high) so for a player getting shot by either gun will not be able to react to either gun even if they do see it (yea no idea where i was going with reaction time but i did the math dlnt wanna erase it so: sniperrifles op they can hit before the player even has the abilty to see it) additonly that diffrence in time becuase of velocity give the potential to kill an enemy infiltrator before there bullet reaches your distance.
    Additonly the time to blink an eye is 300-400ms or .300s to .400s (ref: )so the faster rifle will hit before you can blink where as the slower will hit shortly after. Small times but still noticable If you are playing at @120fps then the bullet will be drawn 42times for the faster gun and About 56 times for the slower one. The diffrence is marginal untill i get what the velocity of a player sprinting is.[/s]
  19. JesNC

    What's its niche though? Easymode headshots at render range? It doesn't do anything the other BASRs can't do with a bit of effort.
  20. Xhaleon

    If you can reduce the effort required to hit something to zero, why not? It's not like the doubled time to cycle the bolt will be an issue; that bit of effort spent aiming with any of the other rifles makes up for it. The less time spent aiming or waiting for a target to stop moving, the more time spent doing something else. If you can practically guarantee every half-decent shot to be a good hit, then the efficiency of the NC sniper will climb over time.

    I don't want that niche anyway, I want my sniper shotgun. :(