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  1. InexoraVC

    One more solution. Not so ultimate as previous :) (thanks for positive replies!)
    Have you ever played Call of Duty ?
    There is a SAM turret (link) . Why not to use this good concept in PS 2 ?

    You drive your sundie as an Engineer. Then you leave your vehicle and build a SAM turret. It automatically defends your sunderer/other vehicle/spot against slow flying air vehicles.

    1. let Engineer to build an automatic SAM turret. Place it in his ability slot. Make it costs 200...500 nanites with build time 3 sec
    2. Set the SAM turret lock-on timer for 2..3 sec, not less otherwise it would kill any fast flying ESF easily, making air2ground combat nearly impossible for ESFs
    3. And make SAM turret to shoot 3 automatically guided rockets 650 dmg each.
    4. Reload time should be not less than 6..7 sec, so Liberator will have a chance to leave or to destroy a sunderer but while highly possible being recieved a lot of dmg (combined SAM turret + sunderer or other guns)
    6. Range should be not less than 200m
    From my point of view this solution won't give any huge advantages to anyone but will not allow LIBs to feel themselves invincible (as they are now).

    To prevent SAM turret spamming make it costs, for example, 500 nanites.

    Thats it.

    P.S. Oh yes, and add anti-infiltrators automatic cannon. :)))
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  2. iller

    Ranger is OP a.f. lately and needs a nerf.

    ...this is not coming from a Lib Pilot btw or even a lib Gunner infact it's coming from someone who's spent like 35% of his PS2 time this year IN A RANGER top gun either as an ANT or as a Sundy Gunner for a Vehicle Convoy.

    Walker got completely Over-Nerfed and needs a buff BTW
  3. Peebuddy

    I've always thought sunderers should get the cloaking bubble baseline, that's how it was in the original. Sunderers are super easy to spot from a distance and can usually be sniped from a distance, if they all had invisibility then they would at the very least require a little bit of intel on its whereabouts.

    While I know some of you would say finding cloaked sundies isn't rocket science, you just head in the direction of the spawning infantry and you'll run into it. But if cloaking bubble was baseline we would see a lot less sundy kills and a lot more fights not ruined because some tank had eyes on it a mile away.
  4. User8888

    I find it stupid to not be able to have cover on 90% of the map against air with a vehicle and on any not building structure with infantry. Any player spending few hundred hours on an esf seems to have a legal cheat (like in a fps that can tp anywhere and having wallhack)

    Double Ranger bus banish every air cancer in the area.

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