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  1. Zizoubaba

    I don't care how you do it, how it's balanced, whatever, but the way it is now, and has been for ages, like a year maybe, IS ******* ********
  2. adamts01

    Bait a Lib by plinking it with a walker from the middle of nowhere, and once he gets close for the easy kill, tell your squad of Burster maxes to hop out.
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  3. Zizoubaba

    what your saying, is the counter to ONE LIB

    is A SQUAD OF MAXES baited by walker gun?

    You see the fail logic there?

    2 suggestions :

    (trying to be constructive)

    a) get rid of delay when entering sundy and manning a gun, allowing the sundy to defend itself faster

    b) introduce a new gun, that is maybe (for balance) more efficient against LIBS but not so good against ESFs, maybe make it super expensive to buy in certs or something.
  4. adamts01

    I was kind of joking. But in all seriousness, how does 2 rangers fare against a Lib?

    For what it's worth, I think AA is one of the worst designed aspects of this game. So I do agree with you. I think all the top guns aside from the Ranger need to deal more damage to air. The Walker really only needs its max damage increased. Everything is a little too specialized so you end up being frustrated when fighting your target way too often. Because as soon as you bring two rangers, you'll need a Kobalt or a Bulldog.
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  5. Zizoubaba

    2 rangers works, if you see the lib coming.

    There's problems with that :

    1. it means you don't have any guns to fight infantry and land vehicles

    2. it means you have to see it coming ..
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  6. adamts01

    That's CAI in a nutshell. Rock, paper, scissors. You happen to have the right gun or you're dead.

    As far as having to see a Lib first, that goes for tank ss tank, infantry vs infantry, and often air vs air. That's kind of the way it should be. The guy who gets the jump on someone should have a serious advantage.

    What I can tell you is that it's just as fun getting shot by flak as shooting it. It sucks for everyone. So don't feel too bad.
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  7. Zizoubaba

    yeah except that in all those other situations, with a bit of skill, a bit of experience, and a bit of luck, you can fight.

    against a lib, there is NOTHING you can do

  8. Badman76

    Were you carrying friendlies to help protect the sunderer? also how many people where in the lib?
  9. Zizoubaba

    I'm not speaking of a one off occasion.

    I never go anywhere without my sundy, and its all the time, every day.

    Granted, most of the time the Lib isn't solo (he's using the tail gun once he gets close).

    Also granted, most of the time, everyone is busy fighting, then you hear the engine of the lib, someone spots it, and you're like "ohh ****", you sprint back to the sundy, or redeploy, but even if you're quick enough to get there before he does, there is literally nothing you can do, in a few seconds, boom, no more sundy.

    If he's low, sometimes heavies hit it with a rocket, then it's like "o ****", flies off, repairs, comes back, so basically, you're stuck in the sundy waiting even though he might not come back.

    But a lot of timesz, it's flying high, and even the ranger guns hardly touch him at that height.. I mean they do, but you miss like half the shots. Walker hardly tickles a lib and none of the heavy rockets can hit it at that height.

    I don't mind dying losing, whatever, honestly I really don't.

    What I find so frustrating is that, as opposed to ALL the other situations, I am practically powerless.

    Only counter, unless you have a dedicated Anti Air group, is to use a stealth sundy, but in most grouped fights, that isn't viable because they can find where the sundy simply by using darts or motion spotters and seeing where everyone is running from. Then some LA flies over, 2c4, one rocket and boom, no more sundy. edit (which is fine, I'm fine with that, I cna counter that easily by using darts myself and seeing him come, or other stuff, that isn't what I'm frustrated about, it's just that it's a lot more risky pulling a stealth, even if it protects from the libs.)
  10. Kristan

    As far as I know, Liberators were meant to be hard counter against tanks. Which means that Sundie should not be able to survive the encounter with a Liberator, unless it has full AA gunnery.

    So works as intended? Liberators as they are are already big, slow and sluggish bullet magnets, requiring good piloting skills and good gunners. To not be able to kill a Sundie would only salt the wound.
  11. TRspy007

    Why limit to libs and sunderers? The whole ground to air combat needs to be reworked. Even esfs can shred tanks with their missiles and stuff staying out of the turrets line of sight. I'd say increase angle of elevation on all tanks so they can fight back against air that stays above them and pummels them with rockets. They deal too much damage, you can't outrun them, and you can't hit them because of the angle of elevation on the turret.
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  12. PlanetBound

    What about another Liberator?
  13. Zizoubaba

    Right, that makes sense.

    So I drive to a enemy base in my sundy, I deploy it, cap the A point and people start spawning as the fight develops.

    I hear the engine sounds of a liberator in the distance, so redeploy to another base, pull a liberator of my own, and fly it over to where my sundy is deployed to protect it.

    See the problem? ;)
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  14. Badman76

    Your not a one man army, ask for support. Get a skyguard or esf to follow you. Get people to defend your sunderer. or defend your sunderer whilst your team is capturing the enemy base.
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  15. Badman76

    Why not give the sunderers the same cloaking device the ant has? so the lib can't see you when your going from A to B

    I've only just started seeing these on the ps4 and even traveling at high speeds you can barely see them. I wondered wtf it was when i first saw one
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  16. SteelMantis

    I think it's fine, Sunders are pretty expendable to me.

    If I roll to a base with 12 people why wouldn't I bring 10-12 Sundies?
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  17. Liewec123

    but there should be plenty of anti ground to deal with ground threats, every LA and HA can be effective AV,
    and all of your allied tanks, harassers etc.

    AA seems to be a lot rarer on the battlefield,
    imho i think you're right that double ranger (on a deploy shield sundy) is probably the best setup
    for when there is a lot of pesky air around, and hope allies do their job taking out ground targets :)
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  18. Fisheyed

    Try the g-30 walker and buddy up with another sundy.
    You'll find that it's the other way round, libs get destroyed by manned sundies.
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  19. Zizoubaba

    Funny you should say that actually haha :)
  20. Zizoubaba


    you bring 10-12 sundies to a base you want to take, when you have 10-12 people in your squad?

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