Give Snipers their own server

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  1. Stigma

    The starting assumption is that he used the same forum name as primary game name. Of course, this is not always the case - but there just happens to be a player by that name who also happens to be an NC who overuses MAXes (see OPs avatar) and has pretty much the exact sort of record I'd expect to see based on the post he made. It's usually not a coincidence when it fits this well.

    If I'm wrong I'm sure OP can link us his profile and correct the misunderstanding.
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    This... this thread is hilarious.

    The OP's idea is baffling.
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  3. MarkAntony

    my fault for only checking DA. he didn't exist there when I looked. he does now.

    good god i hope that's not him...
  4. Silkensmooth

    The problem is that there are so many snipers and the reload time is so fast. All you have to do is fire fire fire, if you get body shots thats 2 to kill and a lucky head shot is insta death.

    I have 700-800 kills with a sniper rifle before they changed the reload time, and it was terribly easy then.

    Boring, but easy.

    Before they buffed cloak and sniper rifle reload times it wasnt a big deal.

    Since the sniper rifle buff, and even more since the cloak buff the number of snipers at every fight is very high.

    It's just not fun for me constantly getting sniped. Don't care how you want to explain the counters as if i dont know them. Same way it wasnt fun getting farmed by rocket pods or shotguns or zoe maxes or libs or HE tanks back in the day.

    Just a few of the things that got adjusted because they were not fun for the majority of people.
  5. Silkensmooth

    Yes there are a lot of people who don't like getting killed by certain things. So... they come here and look for like minded people and make posts that hopefully someone sees, and things get adjusted.

    Thats what forums are for.

    They arent here to troll other people.

    They are the only way to be heard that i know of, and to try to get things changed.

    What has ever been nerfed without threads by players who don't like the mechanic.

    And usually with good reason. Libs HE tanks shotguns etc etc all got adjusted.

    Sniper rifles need adjusted imo. I'm not really interested in why you think otherwise, so probably better to direct your comments to the devs, and count yourself amoung the pro-sniper group.
  6. MarkAntony

    Dude. You got 0.1 to 0.25 kill per minute with your sniper rifles...Of course killing one guy every four to ten minutes is easy.

    if you get hit by snipers constantly you really need to learn the basics of taking cover, movement and anticipating where enemy snipers are likely to be. the issue here is definitely you. and not snipers.
  7. Bl4ckVoid

    GREATEST IDEA EVER. Snipers ruin this game and probably the biggest reason why new players give-up.
  8. Bl4ckVoid

    The idea that snipers should only OHK stationary targets is also great.

    Constant strafing is the advertised solution to snipers, but it fails when the next hilltop has 10 enemy snipers (almost always).
  9. LordMcZee

    That's your fault. Just learn to not get killed by everything and you will be fine.
  10. BlacknBlue

    These two points are unlikely to be both true.

    Firstly; dying to snipers that much is just ridiculous, absolutely you would have to be the person standing still 100% of the time AND not get shot by any none sniper person nearly alllll the time.

    Secondly; if you tried being a sniper you would see how people react when a sniper is around. You'd see how to make it difficult for snipers to kill you.

    So those points you've made don't make sense together.
  11. BlacknBlue

    You can spawn vehicles to travel between bases you know.

    I don't find the next hilltop almost always has 10 enemy snipers
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  12. Ballto21

    how do you have a 0.66 total kuh durr when you have 260+ hours in a max
  13. pnkdth

    Try this with another class, let's say the Heavy Assault.

    "I was rushing into the A point and 10 HAs keep insta-killing me." Yeah, that happends when you run into 10 people all aiming at you. You can either try a different way to try and tackle them, or realise that you're hopelessly outgunned and accept the fact you will not cap that point on your own.

    Same is true if you decide to run head-first into 10 snipers without any cover. Good luck with that.
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  14. Stigma

    There are things man was not meant to know Balto - for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.

  15. Devilllike

    He thinks if he leaves with such a comment he will be the best but the truth is he avoids every question you make to him,he is nothing but a coward
  16. Devilllike

    As soon as i added the recusition stat tracker within 20 to 60 minutes 2 people rage quited xD
  17. Devilllike

    the op wont show his face he wouldnt dare
  18. Pointyguide2

    these forumsiders are getting stupider and stupider.
    lets go back to the high quality discussions again.
    stop this nonsense
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  19. Silkensmooth

    Yeah cause i have no experience playing infantry in this game.

    If you read my post you would see that i said i played a sniper when the game was new, and that i also said that snipers were fine then due to the long reload time.

    Also my low kills per minute are due to many factors. When the game was new you could hack generators at any empty base. I was new to fps and terrible and so i hacked a lot of generators, and spent a lot of time just trying to figure out how the game worked. I didnt even know i could hold my breath to shoot my sniper rifle for the first week lol.

    OHK from virtually invisible and untouchable opponents was, is, and will always be a bad game mechanic. I don't even see what the argument is here.

    I don't really mind snipers the way they were, it is the reload speed that almost makes the sniper rifle semi automatic that is the problem. You can just sit back and spray away with a sniper rifle and even if 1 bullet out of a mag lands its a ohk.

    The old way was better. You held your shot because if you missed you probly wouldnt get a second chance. Thats how snipers should work.
  20. CorporationUSA

    Snipers are barely even a threat in this game. It seems like most of the people who snipe are awful, and anyone who is not awful realized they can get way more kills as a heavy or light assault. The exceptions are the ones who usually get me, and that is pretty rare. Once you learn to never stop moving, you won't be sniped very often.