Give shotugs sabot shells

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by adamts01, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. adamts01

    Maxes are broken as ****, especially NC. We have the new Archer, which the game desperately needs, but it's inaccessible. These new armor piercing shells could be a soft counter to these broken messes that never should have been in the game.
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  2. Campagne

    I really dislike the piercing mechanic in general. It's also about the only thing at all unique or special about the Bishop.

    Unless you mean "armour-piercing shells" as in shots which deal a different damage type to cause more damage to MAXes, which I think would be fine.
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  3. adamts01

    That's the idea. I should have been more clear. The Archer's damage model would be too much, but the Walker might be just about right. Actual damage could be 75% of what slugs deal, or something like that. They could possibly even double recoil so auto shotguns wouldn't be insane against Maxes or Harassers.

    I really wish they'd just let the Shortbow be purchasable, because that might be all that's needed to put things where they need to be.
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  4. Liewec123

    Could this not have gone in the other max QQ thread?
  5. Kristan

    I think armor piercing ammo for most of primaries would be good. We had those in PS1 and everyone could have able to swap ammo types on the fly, especially VS. It made sense back then, infantry had armor instead of shields. But it was less effective in killing infantry, yet caused additional damage to MAXes and vehicles.

    So it might work as Gorgons do right now. If you switch to AP ammo your damage drops, but you gain more damage against MAXes and armor. Would be better shooting at ESFs or Harassers that roam inside the bases.
  6. Jbeasty

    I think making weapons for alert wins with such an absurdly low drop rate is just asinine. In countless hours played in this game I have seen the showdown TWICE. Never the other one.

    I love using the archer, then I saw the new one release....FOR AN ALERT WIN, I had to stop caring right then and there. Just stupid.

    I didn't mind those secondaries being a .000001% chance on alert wins, but nothing needed to be added to that pool.
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  7. Asic

    Sabot shells (like in bishop)? Shotguns? On MAX? Bring it on. OP guaranteed.
  8. Demigan

    If you read it you would have noticed:
    It's not on MAX's
    It's designed against MAX's
    It does not pierce the target, it only reduces/defeats the MAX's natural small-arms protection so the Sabot slug deals more damage.
  9. WinterAero

    Lol. Maxes are free certs at this stage, virtually effortless to solo them and you want to take them out even further? Sheesh I can't imagine how **** at infantry combat you must be lel. Killed two in one ambush/c4 drop yesterday and you know thats sad. Consider the nanite cost and amount those guys spent on both arms/cosmetics.

    Meh. Who cares in the world of selfish me me me I suppose. Probably the first time I've felt like using the 'get gud' rhetoric. On cobalt if you happen to be TR or Vanu and playing against Hydra, Facs or even the MEDK outfit, you might as well not even bother with a suit. It will last you about as long as it takes to be spotted.

    Some of you 'infantry or nothing' players, need to get your head around what a team game with combined arms even is. Maxes are DESIGNED to kill infantry that are complacent or don't bother to play with any real focus. Whats next? 'That anti-tank loadout killed my tank while I was afk pounding the crown with prowler siege' yeah no ****.

    Between the hackers and nonsense like this, no wonder the game is on the way out. I don't use maxes anymore, because with the lack of players not only is there no point or need but they have been rendered obsolete already. QQ more and as with the flash, stop ruining other peoples playstyles to suit your own. Are there even any Max mains left anymore? Used to be a few. I expect now, much like tanking, there is next to none.
  10. Twin Suns

    "Big, bad, Leeroy Max...baddest Max in the whole dammm server...badder than ol' King Kong and meaner than a junk yard dog." - some Unknown Max singing at the Bastion.
  11. Armcross

    MAX as concept is not broken. There are already lots of counter for them.
  12. Inogine

    Considering I see maxes die in seconds in quite a few scenarios... Eh? Shotguns work wonders as is already actually. At least, I send'em into cover fast when I've blasted them with a semi-auto shotty.
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