[Suggestion] Give NC Reaver a weapon like M14 Banshee/Light PPA

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  1. Magma52

    TR and VS both have ESF nose weapons suitable for farming (ugly description but it is what it is) infantry: Mosquito M14 Banshee and Scythe Light PPA, both of which do splash damage from a medium/long range.

    NC have the M30 Mustang. It does splash damage, but it's a shotgun; you have to be much closer to your target. For obvious reasons it is therefore essentially impossible to match the kills obtained by the TR and VS in the same amount of time.

    Instead of nerfing VS and TR, I would instead feel better about the situation if I knew my NC allies in their Reavers were able to do the same thing back. The Mustang requires a suicide mission where you fly right up to the target.
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  2. TMFE

    The Air Hammer is already an amazing AI weapon, not to mention it's a pretty decent all rounder (vs Air and Harassers/Tanks if you are suicidal)

    The AH TTK against burster maxes alone makes it more viable than a Banshee which I find needs several strafing runs. One run = 1 dead burster max for me with the AH. As for the PPA, the splash is a little generous but it balances the main drawback of the weapon, terrible projectile speed.

    I'm not sure what you want the Air Hammer to be? Isn't it good that it's actually empire specific and has a different feel?
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  3. FieldMarshall

    I like the AH. Trades range for the ability to be decent against air targets aswell with ex mags
  4. KnightCole

    Let the NC weapon be a version of that 14mm chain gun thing on the Valk. Moderate RoF, slight explosive power...
  5. Lamat

    I like the Airhammer, high risk / high reward.
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  6. T0x1s

    The AH is amazing. I like the Banshee more tho but AH is amazing "all arounder" because it is really good at aircrafts and dat ttk on maxes :D
  7. Sixstring

    I just wish the Air Hammer was like a fully-automatic shotgun instead of semi-auto,usually I get distracted trying to time my clicks and I either get ambushed or lose track of the infantry trying to conserve my magazine. Plus I feel like the airhammer makes me a bigger target than the other two you need to get closer and be more precise both of which are dangerous in an ESF.
  8. Latrodectus

    Not sure where you're coming from with this, I very, very rarely have trouble one-clipping a MAX with my Banshee.
  9. TheBlindFreak

    I disagree. I auraxi'd it before the last nerf and I have used it extensively since then.

    We do not need a new weapon or a replacement or anything to compete with the banshee or PPA. We only need the damage falloff nerf reverted. Damage resistance typing for Liberators can stay.

    Right now, it can shred infantry just as quickly as the banshee. The only problem is that you have to be REALLY close. Even before the damage falloff nerf, you had to be close. The only effective way to use it on infantry is through quick strafing runs or up close pirouetting.

    But, again, we do not need a weapon change. The 3 AI weapons are fairly balanced between two categories: AI ability and AA ability.

    The AH swings in at decent AA, but limited AI.
    The Banshee comes in at decent AI and somewhat decent AA.
    The PPA is great for AI, but very limited for AA.

    The last nerf gimped both our AI and AA ability. It really only needed a nerf against libs, because I will admit it downed them comparatively quickly. But instead of just the resistance typing change, we got a double nerf with the damage falloff.
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  10. TMFE

    I am yet to fully cert out my Banshee clip size, but I always find that I need a reload at the moment. I'm sure it's possible to 1 clip them, but I certainly struggle to keep all my shots on target at speed. The shotgun style of the AH is a little more forgiving aim wise.

    With the Air Hammer, it's normally 5 or 6 shots to drop a Max depending on my accuracy.
  11. RHINO_Mk.II

    I would describe it more as Extreme risk/Moderate reward.
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  12. Axehilt

    The air hammer is definitely a great weapon, but as the OP implies it's no replacement for Banshee/PPA. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing NC get a similar weapon where you can be 80-100m in the air and point at some infantry and reliably score kills on them. The only weird part is the whining it would generate from the other factions. (But I also wouldn't be opposed to VS and TR receiving a shorter-ranged AI cannon with moderate AA capabilities, like the air hammer, if we wanted to maintain that balance.)
  13. Daemeon

    How about we just revert the Air Hammer back to the point where it actually does a god job again?
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  14. Magma52

    This was and still is essentially my outlook. No matter how you look at it, when using the Mustang AH you cannot get the same amount of kills as a Banshee/Light PPA in the same amount of time. Scythes and Mossies can duck and weave behind a rock (disabling locks) and just pepper the infantry trying to shoot them down. The Reaver has no choice but to get close, fire once or twice and quickly dart away in the wrong direction, usually taking one or two full locks/burster fire in the process.

    Of course, you can play it more carefully with the AH and only go for one kill at a time, but again, if you were using Banshee/PPA you would get more kills in the same amount of time.
  15. y3ivan

    doubt that AH has better TTK vs burster MAX, I m very certain the Reaver will be blown to bits by the time it within effiective range of 100m. (to be reasonable a range of 50m-75m for reliable pellet spread)

    Banshee is still the best AI nose gun, in my opinion. It could deal with burster MAX comfortably at 200m and has shorter TTK than any other AI nosegun.

    Although i do not agree that AH needs to be changed, its unique as it is.
  16. Ronin Oni

    It used to have explosive damage on the pellets didn't it?
  17. Daikar

    If you don't like what your faction weapons can do maybe you should just change factions.
  18. Lamat

    I still does. The cannister doesn't.
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  19. iller

  20. Ronin Oni

    oh, well it's so bad now I thought they removed it.