[Suggestion] Give NC Heavy Assaults the GD-22s as starter LMG

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  1. ElGordo95

    The last days as I made test toons on different empires the free gun dialog window wasn't there, so I'm pretty sure it was removed entirely. Quite a shame to an extent.

    Nah that would be one of the worst ways to implement a change like that. As I mentioned earlier they should give new players from the start of the game (so lvl. 1-15) the GD-22s and let the level 15-20 players have a choice between the Gauss-Saw or the GD-22s [All higher level players could keep their guns respectively].
    Atleast that's my idea of a possible implementation.
    I would be seriously mad if they'd screw up the directives and take my Godsaw away :D, but I don't think this will happen if we get enough attention from the Devs here ;)
  2. customer548

    So, all factions Infis would keep their default sniper rifle from lvl1 to 15. Then BR 15-20 players would have the choice between their default sniper rifle and a smg ?
    We would also extend that stuff to all the classes and vehicules. But it would deeply change the game and the balance.
    I mean, why helping NCs HAs only ?
  3. ElGordo95

    So you're basically taking that what I said out of context, regarding a somewhat serious issue with the NC Heavy Assault class having a for new players mostly too difficult to handle Gauss-Saw instead of an allround weapon like the GD-22s; whilst the TR and VS have good LMGs (Orion, T9-Carv) for beginners to get accustomed with their faction traits.

    I mean like your question seems more as if you haven't read the previous posts ... And YES we are focusing only on the NC heavy assault class due to before said reasons and not the entire game.
  4. Nalothisal

    A counter suggestion is setting the NC6 Gauss Saw to a 1000 cert weapon and set the GD-22S as the default. When the change takes place those who bought the GD-22s before the change would be given 1000 free certs as compensation and they get to keep both weapons. No stats change at all.
  5. customer548

    Is your assumption based on a fact ?
    NCs loosing alerts through servers ? Devs' stats showed NCs are dumb enough to TK each other way more than the other Factions. (No offense, i'm a NC too). I made dumb maths one day, and it appeared that my NC char. had 5 or 8% more deathes due to TK than my VS and Tr chars.
    New players unable to handle their default HA weapon ? Learn trigger discipline, burst, like NC old players did.
    Nc weaponery being "bad" ? Look at the other weapons, they have serious stats.
    HA being hard to learn ? Again, this game is not a single class game. It's all about being curious.
    Starting like an Infi with a sniper rifle is pain. If NC HAs have a choice with a second free weapon at BR 20, why Infis wouldn't have this choice with a free Smg ? What about the other factions too ? What about the deep changes and long work Devs would have to do in order to achieve this project ?
  6. Eternaloptimist

    Or just give everyone the new default weapon, if there is to be one. Or the cert cost of the new default if they already have it (I certed into the GD22S as soon as I could after getting armour and shields up to decent level).

    I've got the EM6 as well, which I think would make a more logical default as it is a bit more in line with the NC high damage/slower RoF ethos and has a bigger mag with a slower reload time than the GD22S.
  7. ElGordo95

    Yeah giving new players of a certain class and faction a more difficult time and saying "git gud" is a great introduction to a game. EXACTLY.

    No one said NC weaponry is bad. You're the first one in this whole thread who claims that.

    No one said the Heavy Assault class is hard to learn, here you're also the first one who claims that.
    Also no one said that the HA is the 100% class to go for new players, it is a possible option. Curiousity is always good.

    We're discussing a potential weakness of the NC HA's Gauss-Saw WEAPON NOT THE CLASS by being too specialised and difficult for new players, compared to the other faction starter/introductory LMGs and offer a possible solution with the more versatile GD-22s.

    It is not about a "free weapon" it is about the choice between them.
    BTW: Do you really think that I will continuosly take you serious, if you really state that starting a SNIPER CLASS with a SNIPER RIFLE is too difficult ? Are you kidding?


    As I already said please read the previous posts, and don't throw questions and assumptions around that already have been answered beforehand.
  8. ElGordo95

    Of course there are always some other possible options. ;) I myself opted for the GD-22s, because I think it's handling and gameplay-wise a good introduction to NC weaponry all around and could possibly be less frustrating for new players.
  9. badname123

    After i auraxiamed the gd22-s i was happy to NEVER touch it again.

    NC players are just bad and dumb. very dumb.
    With bad a dumb players vs bad and dumb players each with the ES starter saw. The guass saw will lose most of the time. damage means nothing if you cant hit anything. i can drop 3 people in a row easy with an orion however i do not play vanu.

    NC = steep learning curve. most players tho.... dum and bad 4ever
  10. ElGordo95

    Sorry but this is the most unproductive, biased, lexical error-filled and non-helpful troll/answer I've read in a long time.

    Please keep answers and suggestions polite and productive, thanks.
  11. DragenoidHighLord

    Besides the steriotypes NC is good,the majority is people tryint to "learn" this isn't about the players mental build,thats another subject.Because the gun is hard to use SAW is not what newplayers expect from an LMG so they are mind f**ed.I personally never wanted to "waste" certs on an LMG because i never found anything better then the defaults so thats what newer players think too,since its a starter gun they don't expect to learn much to use it and that should be the case but NC was cursed by DBG to be very strong and powerfull but with utterly hard to use and challenging weaponry for the milita to use.TR get a popcorn killer,which is a good LMG,VS get one of the best LMGs in the game and what do NC get?!
    To a BR 100 the SAW is-Okay lets commit a war crime
    Newbie BR 1-30 -What in the name of Auraxium is this?!Is it working with me or against me?
  12. LaughingDead

    I'm kinda on the fence about this. The Saw is a good weapon to master sure, but honestly I think the recoil just needs to be toned down. I mean look at the VS, the onion is practically an anchor as a starting weapon and the carv is basically a starter EM1, both good weapons, where is the saw in this? It's just kinda it's own thing that can be balanced separately right?
  13. ElGordo95

    Personally I think the handling of the Gauss-Saw is fine for a somewhat experienced player who knows his fair share of recoil compensation and trigger-discipline, but not for most of the completely new and unexperienced players.
    So I for my part would not like the Saw changed handling-wise.

    And concerning the EM1 and T9-Carv: The EM1 should be nearly the exact counterpart to the T16-Rhino except muzzlevelocity (something around 10m/s or so) and reload speed (Minimal difference here as well. If I recall correctly the EM1 was better here).
  14. customer548

    I'm supposed to be unable read, but you're continuously dodging arguments. So...
    And by the way, Infi can't be defined as being "a sniper class" only.
    Sorry to say it, but i'm the one having troubles with taking you seriously.
    But anyway, Have fun on PS2.
  15. DakkaDakka

    Surprised something along these lines hasnt happened already.
    I play exclusively TR but have no problem with NC getting more noob friendly LMG as starter, pretty sure its widely recognised that the Gauss Saw isn't the best noob weapon.
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  16. Scr1nRusher

    This is perfect 100/100 I can't stop laughing.
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  17. badname123

    you might not like what i said but i stand by it. i dont like the gd22-s

    my friend bought it with certs and regretted it instantly. i feel sorry for him since he has a real life and no pay to win boosts. "goddamnit i wasted so many certs on that".

    i remember easy kills with the guass saw. now it feels a bit off some how. can any one shed some light?
  18. Pfundi

    Why did only one person mention the EM6? The GD-22S isnt the same way the other NC weapons are. It lacks in Rate of fire (and magazine).
    Whilst were at it, the VS starting LMG should be the Pulsar LSW. The Orion is wrong as well.
  19. ElGordo95

    1. Putting the focus of a discussion on a certain somewhat important aspect (HERE: NC HA and Gauss-Saw being not beginner friendly) is not dodging arguments, it's eliminating unnecessary many factors to make an easy to follow and focussed discussion possible.

    2. Infiltrators start with a sniper rifle (whilst IMHO every factions infiltrator should start with a bolt-action rifle and not that semi-auto atrocity) as first weapon and typical recon devices for spotting enemies from afar and by staying unrecognised themself, therefore helping the team. Suicide claymore throwing and SMG run and gun playstyle is not their main attribute.
    This leads to the Infiltrator primarily being a sniper class.
    But also it is NOT this threads topic and thus should be discussed elsewhere.

    That means if you don't have any valid points or arguments for or against my thesis and write statements that leave me as the thread starter unclear if you have even read any of the posts regarding this particular discussion, then please resign from posting stuff here. Thank you.

    It is perfectly alright to tell us your or your friends opinion of the GD-22s. But that shouldn't end up by calling all NC players completely stupid (Because let's face it: Every server and faction has better and worse players).
    So it was not your complaint about the GD-22s that annoyed me, it's been your insults against the NC player base that threw me off there. ;)

    No one said that the GD-22s is the 100% only solution. I for my part and a couple other fine folks here agreed with the GD-22s since it's one of the more beginner friendly LMGs out there which still remains some of the classic NC weapon traits (g. ex. slower RoF, higher bulletdamage).

    Also nothing against you mate, but please keep this discussion on the NC Heavy Assault starter LMG, therefore finding for the Gauss-Saw debate a possible solution and don't jam the other factions beginner LMGs in. Just to keep things comprehensible and ordinary. :)
  20. Metrack12

    I would love to have the GD-22S as default but what if I already auraxium both weapon?..I like the SAW but I'm not wiling to auraxium two weapons twice lol