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  1. Madiadk

    we want more vs an nc players !

    its not fair that you keep these servers in recommended

    an leave miller out >:l.

    we use to be the biggest population, but when recommended came along we

    almost have not got a single player since ! AND to put hurt on top you merged servers

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  2. Panssarikauha

    Miller is still far from empty, but admittedly we have taken a fall from our former glory. I wouldnt mind being recommended for Vanus and NC tho.
  3. SShocK

    i agree, give us TR more to shoot at !
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  4. shd

    See people, he has a completely valid concern that really needs some action from SOE. But since he is incapable of text formatting and writing in readable form no one is taking him seriously.

    So i guess the lesson for today is: it's all in the presentation. Also, Miller does need help.
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  5. Riku

    Signed, recommend Miller. Adding it to the cycle of recommended servers would be hardly ever gets the pop status on "High". I see recommended servers getting "High" pop status on afternoons during week days plus being very well pop balanced. I'm sure they'll be fine for two weeks without recommended status, if let's say the cycle step lasts 1 week each.
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  6. Sharpe

    Noooooo! Make it recommended for VS not NC! Leave my NC pop XP bonus as it is thanks! +150% XP I liek!
  7. Qel

    To hell with the xp bonus, I want a good community of NC (roughly in balance number wise with VS and TR) with healthy populated outfits so that everyone on this server can have good fights and have fun. Next to that I don't care about xp.

    Miller recommended for NC and VS now please.
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  8. c4r151

    Don't say /signed it gives them a reason to close the thread as being a petition.
  9. phreec

    Miller's probably the most hardcore EU server, those newbies would get obliterated... Do it SOE!
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  10. freeze


    I want free kills
  11. InfraRedPS

    Give health bonuses as well as XP like in PS1, you could have 120 health by playing the underpopulated faction on a continent. It didn't help massively but there were often times where you ended up at just under 20 HP left, therefore making the benefit worthwhile.
  12. Arch

    Miller is lacking in fresh blood to fill the space by players who are inactive. The server is not dead by a long shot, but we need help.
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  13. Riku

    Here's the thing. I started a char on Woodman, the current recommended server.
    Coming from Miller, I can't believe how easy it is on Woodman. The huge majority there is only good at dying and is, well, not the brightest. On Miller such people are rare, just as really good players are rare on Woodman.
    Now if they recommended Miller, that would mean they recommend the first class veteran/elitist server to newcomers. How long do you think they would stay? Add to that the current pop imbalance and all that stuff. It'd be bad...on Woodman, you see, newbies can shoot a lot, and there's always action, high pop server. They'll feel like they accomplish something and stick around.

    And this, imo, is the reason Miller never gets recommended or merged. Nevertheless, something needs to be done.
  14. Klyka

    Yes we all suck on Woodman, we are the worst and most horrible players in the game.
    Please save us oh mighty Miller, you glorious shining jewel of Planetside 2.
    Please let us bask in your skillful light for we are country bumpkins who do not know how to play like the civilized folk.

    Oh how I wish I had randomly clicked on Miller instead of Woodman when I started playing so I could be a first class elite player now.
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  15. Razeroth

    If our sub reddit is anything to go by our outfits have took platoons both to the TR and VS sides and been surprised how not hard Miller was. Riku above has palyed only for one day on Woodman. It is the most pop server atm and it is very easy to find spots to farm and get kdr of abve 25, my greatest streak so far was 50. That was only running people over. That however is not the picture at alert time and hasn't been the picture for the whole life of Woodman. (The noob zone is Esamir atm for whatever reason, but literally I am farming thousands of certs a day if I play for enough time.) IP are one of those good outfits - Klyka. I'm not saying Woodman is the LEETZOR server, but Miller isn't exactly anything special either, just the attitude.(Mattherson as well). If Woodman was merged with Miller millerites would be very surprised when the alerts popped up. (We ran a TR platoon on Miller and thought they were sloppy) We will keep on having great outfits and players in the server to come and we have quite healthy pops, one of the healthiest VS in the game.
  16. GhostAvatar

    From what I can remember from the current trend of new character creations, 37% NC, 33% VS and 30% TR. So just make it the recommended server outright, the extra that NC and VS would get over TR would eat up the population advantage and start to balance out at least 2 of the factions with the other not so far behind.
  17. Flukeman62

    i may get a k.d of above 1 :eek:
  18. Kinj

    I give up. I've tried not to let this bloody population issue bother me, but enough is enough. Pops were nicely even on Esamir tonight , some nice fights happening then bang, along come an alert. Within 2 minutes, TR had a 15% advantage over the next nearest faction and everywhere I go the numbers go from 2 or 3 vs 1 to 10 vs 1. Pathetic.

    No-one in my outfit wants to bother being steamrolled every single goddamn time. I don't even think the 4th factioners wait until the end to relog now. They see the alert and switch straight over to their a$$hole alts and soak up the free XP.

    Well balls to it. SOE don't seem to give two sh!ts about it, so from this point on I give even less.
  19. Riku

    I'm sorry if there was a misunderstanding. Woodman players are fine on Woodman, and Miller players on Miller. Newbies are fine on Woodman and can accomplish something, but on Miller they'll get roflstomped like there's no tomorrow. While that's best for learning, it's bad for the ratio of players who try the game and those who stick with it. Planetside 2 is hard enough for beginners as is, don't toss an army of organised aces against them.

    I respect your oppinion, however if you've never played on Miller before, your argument is invalid imo. If you have and know what's going on there I will give in.
    Also K/D really doesn't matter and I know that and that's not my foundation to tell whether it is "hard" or "easy". It's the challenge I feel.

    Also I can just tell what difference I feel. Here's some examples of what's possible for me on Woodman but not on Miller:
    - I can pull a burster in a huge battle, be sometimes even the only AA or one of two (whereas on Miller there'd be 5-7 AA sources on average) and get a vehicle kill or crit assist every minute from pilots flying in straight lines and enjoying the view

    - I can run around as half-certed infantry getting insane killstreaks (I suck as infantry compared to the average Miller player)

    - I can fly in an uncerted Scythe and farm in 75% of the 48v48 battles. You wanna know what happens if you get within 500m of those battles on Miller? Go ahead and try.

    - Above applies during prime time

    And here's a hint: I'm NOT an ace, I'm NOT saying I'm good. I'm saying the majority of the people on Woodman are not the brightest (no offense to the two Woodman posters, I am certain they can play rather well!), and I did meet 3 peeps who completely roflstomped me in fair fights. They have good people too, just not that many.

    It's why Miller will never get recommended, I am afraid. Go try for yourselves, a few days on Miller.
    They're like two entirely different worlds of organisation and average skill level.
    Being new or bad is not a sin, you should just enjoy the game. But that is done by having some kind of challenge and a fair chance to accomplish something, best chances provided with equally skilled enemies. However something will have to be done soon by SOE, before Miller dies.
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  20. Klyka

    "i'm not saying people suck but they do suck" yep sure smells like miller in here.
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