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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Reclaimer77, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Reclaimer77

    Assault Rifles.

  2. StaHoo33

    Well.. give it to heavy assault too why not, both are assault classes and name of a gun speak for itself... XD
  3. Reclaimer77

    Heavy Assaults already have a unique weapon that nobody else can use in LMG's. Plus they are OP.

    I don't mind sharing Assault Rifles with Medics, we already share Carbines with Engineers.

    Would LA's with Assault Rifles be imba? Hardly. It would be a cool addition to the class and less work for the Devs than our "revamp" (coming...never).
  4. Mellow Martian

    No. LA already has access to powerful carbines, shotguns and smgs. assault rifles would make a great addition to engineers though.
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  5. Reclaimer77

    Ummm Engineers already have access to powerful carbines, shotguns, and smg's...

    Your logic doesn't follow.
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  6. Demigan

    Engineers, with carbines, shotguns, SMG's, Battle Rifles, various turrets, various explosives (and the most of them), ammo packs and a repair tool? Those need Assault rifles more than the LA?

    What have you been drinking? I want me some of that as well!
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  7. SQPD

    We could give the LA a battle carbine. A semi auto high damage CQC weapon.
  8. Iridar51

    Slug shotgun.
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  9. SupaFlea

    a single decimator rocket mounted in our jetpack to fire like boba fett :D
  10. Corezer

    I think it would be a good thing. Right now we are sharing a weapon with a class that augments power through sustainability (endurance), which is very different from LA which augments a carbine's power more directly (offense) by flanking and getting the jump on people. Neither class is getting a weapon as good as it deserves because those balance checks conflict with each other much more than offense/defense relationship of LA and medic.

    good luck with that argument though, logic isn't very welcome 'round here.
  11. OwlMatt

    Light assaults have jets for closing distance and flanking opponents. Engineers have turrets. Medics have neither -- that's why they get ARs. Give other classes ARs and the only reason left to play medic is out of the goodness of your heart. We already don't have enough medics. If you'd like to argue that we need more or better long-range carbine options, I'm listening, but ARs are exclusive to medics for a very good reason IMO.
  12. Demigan

    Medics have in-combat self-heal, making them a medium assault. They also have a revive grenade and heal/revive applicator.
    Engineers have turrets, ammo packs, the most types of explosives and the most capacity and a wide range of weapons available.
    LA's have jetpacks... And that's it. Every weapon they have can be used by another class, and those classes have more tools and abilities as well. The smoke grenade was given to everyone with an under-barrel grenade launcher, costing no resources, getting 2 of them for free, refillable with ammo-packs and not replacing their grenade slot. The Jetpack is useful no doubt, but often enough it stops being useful, like every time you need to be light-assault and breach a room, then your mobility suddenly fails you and you were better off as any other class.

    By giving the LA AR's to play with you do not make the Medic obsolete. The Medic has less flanking abilities but much more direct-combat capabilities and great secondary tasks like keeping their teammates alive.
  13. OwlMatt

    I think you're misunderstanding me. I'm not suggesting the AR is the only thing keeping medics from being useless or obsolete: I'm suggesting ARs are the one thing giving medics a unique profile as a gunfighter.

    First of all, I think you're overestimating how consequential the AOE heal is as a direct combat tool. The AOE heal is certainly a useful support tool in the middle of a group, and having a self-heal that doesn't take up a C4 slot or require you to switch off your weapon is great, but I think it's pretty unrealistic to suggest medics are winning a lot of fights by using the AOE heal like an overshield. If a medic kills you with his assault rifle, chances are one of of three things happened: he shot first (the way most gunfights are won by any class), he engaged you at a range where his AR has the advantage, or he shot you while you were busy fighting someone else. If a medic doesn't do one of these three things, the AOE heal is almost never going to tip the scales. And that's not even mentioning the fact that it often doesn't make sense to run the AOE heal instead of the shield bubble.

    Every class has something about it that allows it to engage enemies at a unique range: the LA has the jet pack (which you, I think shortsightedly, blow off with a "that's it"), the heavy has launchers, the engie has turrets, the infil has cloaks and sniper rifles. The AR is the only thing that gives the medic a unique range.

    That unique range, by the way, is particularly well suited to the medic, since the medic is supposed to in the group but not leading the group. He fights from further away that the front-line fighters and the flankers but closer than the turrets, launchers, and snipers. You could make a pretty compelling case that this is also the engineer's range, but the engineer at least has the option of fighting from a turret's range sometimes.

    So no, giving LAs rifles wouldn't make the medic obsolete or useless, but it would take away the one thing that makes the medic a unique gunfighter. And the only payoff for that would be to give range advantage to a class that already has run of the battlefield like no other.
  14. Demigan

    Yes that's true. I would prefer the LA to get some more unique toys anyway.

    Now i think you are misunderstanding me. Medics have 500 health and 500 shield like everybody, but their ability to soak up 1 or 2 more bullets depending on the range because of their AOE heal is handy. I'm not saying 'oooooh this is a supda-dupa ability that rivals overshield and allows Medics to sweep the floor with any other non-Heavy class'. I'm saying it's a nice ability that adds a bit more survivability in direct combat.

    I use the LA most of the time. The Jetpack is a wonderful, powerful ability. What I mean with "that's it" is because there's no other abilities available. People can say "but the jetpack is powerful!" and think that that's a reason the LA doesn't need more tools. But other classes have more types of tools and more types of situations they can be good at, and the LA's capabilities are limited to outdoors, which is huge but a lot if not most of the important fighting happens indoors. Also people don't want the LA in squad play, I've only ever seen one video where they wanted LA's specifically and used them as a tactic, I've never seen it in my own gameplay unless I tried to convince my teammates as a squad/platoon leader. And I've never been able to convince them to do LA tactics even if any other ludicrous tactic worked out in that play session and people had all the reason to believe it should work.

    Ofcourse the medic needs that AR! He's got all the reason to have it, otherwise he is just a healbot running around to keep his friends alive. Whenever he's got the chance the Medic needs to deal some damage, or he'll not be fun to play in an MMOFPS which has most of his fun based on blowing stuff up.
    (must... resist... G2A comparison...)

    The Medic isn't exactly unique because of his AR. AR's stats are similar to Carbines but have better damage falloff so they are better to use from the back of a squad (or at least that's what I always heard, I still have to check it sometime).
    The Medic is unique because of his AOE heal ability and medgun. The AR was a good addition to make the Medic useful and fun to play. Changing the LA's Carbines to AR's would be a good boost to the LA's fighting capabilities, but as I said before I would prefer other options to make the LA an actual unique fighter both outdoors and indoors, but if we lack that I think adding the AR to the arsenal is a great step forwards.
  15. TomDRV

    Doesn't really suit the class. LA's are best at close-mid range. Carbines are far better suited. I don't think LA needs a new primary. It needs gadgets
  16. Corezer

    Jets are for controlling distance, closing or opening depends on playstyle, unfortunately one of those styles is neglected in the class. the other, close range, the class is wholey unsuited for, as jumpjets don't add enough mobility to actually escape anything once engaged, and we are less than an engineer indoors.

    If you think that giving LA access to AR's would suddenly make people leave CM in droves to come to the dark side, you're fooling yourself.
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  17. CovertYank

    Th reason why LA's have Carbines as their "designated primary" is because they're light and convenient for the air combat that the LA excels at. Would you want to lug around a Assault Rifle that would probably weigh you down and make it super hard to combat in mid air? Or something as light as a SMG with additional range and the potential damage of an Assault Rifle?
  18. Corezer

    that almost makes sense, until you realize the weight savings between AR and carbine is about a pound and a half. That can make a big difference over time to human muscle tissue, but if that's what makes the difference between liftoff or not to your jetpack, you have some serious design flaws.

    it's not super hard to combat in mid air right now? what game are you playing?

    Unfortunately, in this game, carbines aren't "as light as SMGs while being as damaging as an Assault Rifle." [sic] and are in fact quite the opposite. They are watered down (potential damage) ARs with no notable advantage, or watered down (mobility) SMGs with no notable advantages. There are very few exceptions to this, if any.

    ...mid air combat... friggin connery kids...
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