[Suggestion] Give LA battle rifle's

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by TomDRV, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Iridar51

    Doesn't really matter, it's hard to reliably hit while maintaining maximum RoF with BR anyway, it's recoil is too strong. That's why I want a projectile speed increase, this will make it easier to hit, thus reducing TTK. And the damage itself should be fixed by tweaking MIN/MAX ranges, not the bullet damage. For a weapon, I assume, chambered with 7.62 x 51, it's ******** to have damage drop off ranges of a pistol.
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  2. WV17

    I did mention slug shotguns.... but... i like my AF-18 and wouldnt mind having it on my LA tbh
  3. Kyouki

    I would rather have the semi auto scout rifle over a battlerifle.
  4. teks

    Yes you do.
  5. Leivve

    How so? what's to understand, LA can get to high places and great "sniper" perches very easily, so he wants a weapon to complement this fact. Carbines are only useful for 30-60 meters depending on the carbine.
  6. teks

    wasn't this alone worth saying? You can't make a suggestion and assume everyone automatically knows why you want it. You simply must back you suggestion with a legitimate persuasive argument.
  7. Erendil

    I've never really had much of an issue with their recoil. I dunno, I guess Battle Rifles just suit my playstyle rather well. :cool: TBH I kinda like the fact that it's a hard weapon to use since it gives it a higher skill ceiling than most weapons and it rewards player skill.

    But its DPS is ~150-300 hp/sec lower and its TTK .1-.2sec slower than any of the long range carbines, which makes no sense for a weapon that's harder to use than any of them.

    30-60m?? Have you never tried out the T5 AMC or any of the VS/NC 167-damage carbines? Next time you get a chance, hop into VR and play with the T5 a bit. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how much more accurate it is than the Jag or Trac-5 that you've been using. :cool:

    Srsly, with one of the long range carbines (T5, Puslar C, AC-X11, Razor) you can readily kill people out to 120-140m, more than that if your target is standing still and/or not paying attention. So LAs already have access to a weapon that is good for those sniper perches. :)
  8. nubery

    Sure, why not. They suck anyway. Have fun.
  9. sodopro

    Razor GD-23, Compensator, Foregrip, HV Ammo.

  10. Iridar51

    Bumping min/max damage range values will reduce TTK, while still leaving it hard to use. And slow bullet velocity BR has now just doesn't make any sense.

    Also, would be nice to have this kind of a gun:
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  11. Regpuppy

    Pretty much my thoughts when I saw this topic. If you could put a scope on the Commissioner, you'd probably have a better time than with the current BR's. Not sarcasm, I'm serious. The only advantages this thing seems to have are minor and involve more ammo and slightly more range. Well, there is the rof you're not able to use on the BR's, but recoil makes that irrelevant.
  12. Zerran

    The recoil is a little bit much, but also part of increasing the weapon's skill floor I think, so I don't mind that as much. However, the CoF bloom is massive, and does nothing but reduce the skill ceiling... which is ridiculous on a weapon that should be all about high skill floor/high skill ceiling. The BRs seem to suffer from a contradiction of identity. Their bullet velocity being so mediocre, and the CoF bloom greatly reduce the skill ceiling, while the awful theoretical DPS and high recoil increase the skill floor... so they end up mostly just not very effective. High skill floor, relatively low skill ceiling is not the best way to make a weapon.

    About the commissioner. I use it as a LA for taking out long range targets, and infil for CQC. Terrible mid-range weapon, but great for extreme ranges. It really is just a better BR except for the mandatory iron sight. Very small clip and long reload time, but that just increases the skill floor, which is needed for how beastly it is when used properly.
  13. MajiinBuu

    I'd love to fly around bursting my Flare.
    But for long range I already have the slug Thanatos ;)
  14. Zorro

    I think assault rifles would be better, but I would use a battle rifle.
  15. CptFirelord

    Then give me an HMG, and make my chaingun AN ACTUAL CHAINGUN..
  16. Leivve

    Did what you said and put the T5 through it's paces, wasn't impressed by it. It does have a longer effective range then the Jaguar defiantly, but 80 meters is it's limit, 100 like you said is out of range, the Jaguar would be more effective just because it can put more bullets down range.

    The Jaguar could reach out to 50 reliably and preform acceptably at 70 when bursting, even when using a adv. laser sight instead of a forward grip.
    The T5 was good at 60 meters and as I said could reach out to 80-90 meters reliably if bursting, though I had to put a commemorator and adv. forward grip just to be able to burst that far, and 100+ meters you can't land anything past the first shot for both weapons.

    Maybe the T5 was viable back during the reign of the Lynx, but the Jaguar is king now, and it's versatility at range while still maintaining a stupidly high DPS at close range means that it's all around better. It doesn't have the strengths of the Lynx or the T5, but it doesn't suffer from the weaknesses they have for having their extreme specializations.

    I would only want the T5 if I had the Lynx and was aiming for extreme specialization for the battle ahead, otherwise it would be better to stick to the Jaguar since it has more flexibility and takes a little of both worlds but not enough to get any of the bad.
  17. Erendil

    I agree that the Jaguar is the more flexible option. Most infantry combat takes place within 75m and the Jag can cover just about all of that quite well. And it's better than the T5 for much of that range as well.

    That said, the T5 is fairly easy to use when you first pick it up, but I don't think it's a weapons you can master without putting a bit of time into it. If you're running into issues tagging targets @100m in VR without using single shots then it's possible something might be holding you back from using it to its full potential, since with a 4x scope, compensator and adv foregrip I can land medium bursts (4-6 shots) into targets @140m and have all shots land without too much difficulty. Of course that's against a stationary target in VR, so YMMV against live opponents of course. :cool:

    It's quite possible the weapon is just not for you. For example I have problems hitting targets past 100m w/ the TMG-50 despite me having no issues doing so with other similar weapons (Ursa, Flare, SAW, EM6).
  18. K2k4

    Are you referring to the 'up to 6x scope, 15 round clip' rifles that are pretty much semi auto sniper rifles with 150% the normal clip size that infiltrators can't have?

    Because if you are, I propose LA should get these, but so should infiltrators.

    Then you'll have 2 sniper classes, the Infil- which can hide between shots and use bolt actions and shoot from longer distances; and the light assault, which you'll find in trees across auraxis.
  19. Regpuppy

    A Bar? It's classed as an LMG and we already got those. :p
  20. Leivve

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