Give Infiltrators More XP Incentive For Sniping?

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  1. Silkensmooth

    I find being sniped a very unenjoyable way to die as infantry. I wouldn't mind so much if it was harder to do, but its pretty easy to OHK people who have no idea where you are.

    Fun for the infil, not so much fun for everyone else.
  2. Eaderout

    It does suck to be killed by an INF but this is a war game and in war (real and games) their are snipers. I enjoy being a sniper but find that people don't counter as much but cry about it (I've had people PM hate and I tell them to hunt me down or do something about it)
  3. Codex561

    Really? I got one for getting shot with one :D
    Typical PS2...
  4. NahumLudd

    It is not easy to get a headshot unless the target is stationary. Hitting a moving target 200m away requires a considerable amount of skill...not to mention headshotting it. And if you hit the body you need a follow-up shot within a few seconds.

    The problem is that many people move around as if they weren't in a war zone. If you don't want to get killed by a sniper just run from cover to cover, and engage him in close distance. A sniper is quite weak in CQB. It is also not fun for me that when I surprise an enemy heavy from behind, I hit him with my pistol fifteen times and he still lives (If he raises his "I win" shield) and takes me down in milliseconds.

    By the way, you can also use your own infiltrators to countersnipe.
  5. Eaderout

    I tend to counter snipe before I start taking out targets.

    1) Other snipers and people who can kill you
    2) Medics & engineers, AT/AP mines
    3) Everyone else
    4) max's if I really have nothing else to do

    Hitting moving is a pain but until the VR room has moving targets to train on I will just have to try in the real world

    (The other day I was overwatching the Stronghold on Indar. ENG runs out, sets out 3 mines, I shoot them about 150-200m out, then as he runs back I some how shoot him in the face....that last part was some luck)
  6. variablez

    thiis a vid I made at the weekend, with a battle with short range sniping, as a counter to the argument that sniping is not effective.
    note my main class is medic, I don't spend too much time playing sniper.
    I have to agree that extreme range sniping doesn't really achieve much to help the team and shouldn't be rewarded.
  7. Chioxin

    I'm not for rewarding sniping any more than it already is. I mean, I get XP for head shots, the kill, and every 10 kills I get a ribbon. That's good enough for me. Not to mention the points for my recon darts.

    This argument always bothers me. I'm still a deterrent. Guy tries to repair a gun, I snipe him. He comes back, I snipe him again... and again... and again until he gives up or brings 10 buddies to do it. That or they waste a man to get a sniper to find me. That's a pretty good distraction right there.

    A medic comes to revive that guy? I snipe the medic. Now 2 people are pinned down.

    Your argument? So you run into a room and kill a guy but in the process get killed. A medic running from the base comes in and revives everyone. Your effort to kill that guy is now meaningless just as well as mine for the snipe. You clear a room of 5 guys only for them to spawn again in 10 seconds and come clean your clocks out... Again... Your time spent killing them is meaningless by your standards.

    I totally agree the spawn times and spawn availability makes fighting seem useless, but it's not just for infiltrators.

    Seriously though, I'm not saying we should have HUNDREDS of snipers hiding in the hills popping up like prairy dogs taking pot shots at people. That truly IS useless... But having a small team of snipers taking out other infiltrators and other useful targets is of value. I always grumble a bit when it's just "ALL SNIPING INFILTRATORS ARE USELESS," because that's just not true.
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