Give Enginners and LA a weaker shield, instead of nerfing HA. Shields take a lot Skill and add depth

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  1. Camycamera

    i think that it would take more skill with using your shield. i mean, it means you'll have to activate it before you get into a fight, instead of when you are in the middle of one.

    it is pretty much an "i win" button, unless the HA doesn't shoot the one shooting them, or they get flanked, or they are hit with superior fire power.
  2. Tbone

    Leave it man they will not understand how it works.Everything what they don't understand ,they are afraid of it.Human nature.
    I really hope that when this nerf the "instant win HA button" stuff is over they will nerf the "instant Vanguard i win button" too.Just to be fair.
  3. CMDante

    Gotta say I am looking forward to the HA shield balance more than anything else coming in the near future. They've had that win button and been completely unchecked for far too long. This will make Heavies use their heads instead of just their F key to succeed. So excited.
  4. Elrobochanco

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  5. Phyr

    From our perspective, you two are the ones afraid of change.
  6. JudgeNu

  7. Tonberry76

    the second schield of HA is rely no use when there is stil aim hack and tons of snipers
    you get head shot anyways

    i even die by a few shots when the enemy use only his hand gun
    with my schield up

    alot of players aim ad the head so the schield is no good ad all
    it only wil be good if the schield make you inume to head shots for a few seconds
  8. Fenrisk

    Please stop making threads they get worse and worse each time. At this point I think your just trolling. Shields for everyone? really?

    What a joke.
  9. Posse

    At equal aiming skills from both sides that just doesn't happen, and someone who can actually aim won't give the HA time to activate the shield in the first place.
  10. Hoki

    I tried out the new nanite mesh generator on PTS, its horrible!

    Jesus there is a full 2 second ramp-up time, time to stop using heavy assault.
  11. Modern Ancestor

    This is fun.:) FFFFFFFF look i haz uber skills and i acquired them faster than ever. Try this out everyone its fun.
  12. Posse

    WTF? Everyday I'm more convinced that the devs don't play their own game and have zero idea of how to do balance changes.
  13. Wobberjockey


    seriously. that is excessive

    i was expecting a 1/2-3/4m second delay at MOST.
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  14. deggy

    I was expecting a true "ramp-up" mechanic. Like, the Shield starts out at 100 HP, but over 1/4 or so of a second it increases to full health.Punishes panic-Shielding without really messing with the right uses for it.
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  15. Radioactive Bomba

    Best suggestion yet. But two seconds delay sounds... Like a very heavy nerf to me, atleast for HA's in CQC, but it'll be a disadvantage for noobs/newbs who can't drop a heavy in two seconds, so after two seconds of fighting, they'll activate their shields, and drop the poor bastard, who instead has to fight a heavy with a full shield up.
  16. Tbone

    This is not about afraid of change its about what is changing and why.Change A ,cause people have problem with it.B has the same problem but that's fine for the same people.Change ,cause some people can't understand it, that if you activate it you are slower and have it for a short time 2-3 seconds.Yes it gives you HP(700) but cause the fast TTK it will give you 1-2 sec max.If you are telling me that you can decide what to do and how to do under that 1-2 secs and that is not skill well, don't know what to say.
  17. Hoki

    Lol I r joking nobody knows yet
  18. Posse

    Don't scare me like that :p
  19. VeryCoolMiller

    Medic -> ress people
    Eng -> repair maxes
    LA -> flies
    MAX -> kill a lot of infantries
    Infiltrator -> is invisible
    HA -> shield

    Imho... i don't see the problem with ha shield. If you are losing a fight to an HA you are not using the point of force of your class.
  20. Wobberjockey

    remember poe's law man

    there is no nerf that you can describe on forumside that is so extreme that it will not be mistaken for what SOE is planning in the next patch