[Suggestion] Give Basilisks a 2x headshot damage multiplier

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Shady Engineer, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. The Shady Engineer

    Pretty much what the title says.

    Furies got their versatility taken away and put into a very narrow AV niche. Basilisks are now our supposed choice for a "mediocre anti everything" weapon. Problem is, they're not very good against infantry. So why not reward skilled play and let headshots do double damage?

    Why they don't already is honestly beyond me. They shoot non-explosive bullet projectiles and make the distinct headshot *dink* upon impact.
  2. Pelojian

    if you want more specialty choose a specialty weapon like the kobalt for AI, they nerfed furies because they were so effective at both AI and AV.
  3. Klabauter8

    Would upset new players too much. Same reason why thermals got nerfed. Noobs whining that they can't 1on1 vehicles as infantry.

    Wouldn't fit to Infantryside. Source: Werl told me so.
  4. The Shady Engineer

    Bassies can do well against air, Walkers are so much better though.
    Bassies can do well against armor, Furies are so much better though.
    Bassies can do meh against infantry, Kobalts are so much better though.

    Giving them a headshot damage multiplier will not dethrone Kobalts from being the industrial farming machines they are. If anything, it will promote more skillful vehicle-infantry interactions which is what the devs seem to be going for.
  5. Daigons

    The M20 Basilisks already has a +49.7% damage boost against targets within 10m. It pretty much chews up Infantry that is foolish enough to approach a Sundy with 2 manned Basilisks.
  6. BrbImAFK

    IF you can land hits with them.... hitting a speeding Harasser or a far off Lightning is WAY easier with Basi's than Furies!

    Maybe not, but it's not exactly needed either. The devs already spend enough time fiddling around with stuff that's basically OK instead of giving us better things. We don't need to encourage them further!

    Yeah, that's if you can HIT anything within 10m after the stupid declination nerfs.............
  7. Pikachu

    Any suggestion for shortening the TTK in this game have little chance of getting through.
  8. Pelojian

    you are picking a generalist over a specialist, it's not great at anything but ok at shooting anything.

    basi doesn't need buffs or nerfs, it's fine as-is.