Give all charge ups unlimited ammo and functionality of phase shift.

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  1. Codex561

    I feel not much need to elaborate.
    In short it will give that much more versatility to the weapons affected such as vortexes and lancers.
  2. RHINO_Mk.II

    OK if my Phoenix, Ravens, and Railjack also get infinite ammo.
  3. Maljas23


    Don't you think the Lancer has enough advantages already?
  4. zombielores

    Can't have vortex and lances people with infinite ammo sitting outside of 300 meters sniping vehicles. The problem with lances and vortex is that their useless by themselves but become godly OP when used in coordinate do squads, you can argue the fact that everything is OP in groups but lances and vortex gives no warning and is effective to render range, if you've even been on the receiving end of a Lancer or vortex, it's extremely annoying because if they're out of your render distance you won't see the where the laser came from and you must be out of their LoS because even an millimeter out of cover, they can hit you.

    The main problem with the lancer/vortex is that they're not as useful by themselves so people don't see them as a priority to cert.

    If you give me 9 Lancer 2 medics and 1 engine, I can stop a whole entire armor zero and in instagibbing anything short of a sundie or gal with barely any warning out to render range and the only way to counter this is to stay out of LoS.

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  5. Ztiller

    Vortex and Lancer doesn't need a buff. Vortex is a stupid concept, but not underpowered by any means. The Phaseshift is so horrible because they had to put so many restrictions on it to keep it from being OP. Give the Lancer and Vortex infinite ammo and you'll get them nerfed into the ground.

    No. It needs a buff because all Vanu weapons need a buff. Mostly because Vanu are UP.
  7. Codex561

    All Vanu weapons?
    I like the idea of buffing PPAs....

    But yes plenty of vanu weps are UP. Lasher is the first that comes to mind (refer to the first quote in my sig).
  8. Regpuppy

    I honestly think the Lancer, being the only other chargeup weapon I can think of, stands well enough as is.
  9. SeanFree

    That's rich coming from a VS on Emerald. Guess what, other factions have crappy UP stuff too. If VS were really as terrible as you say, why would DA, AC, NNG, ZAPS and more all play VS?
  10. LIKE A BOSS!

    Lel. Call out decent VS outfits ignoring the NC ones. If NC were so terrible why do BAX QRY FCRW and TiW all play NC? :rolleyes:
  11. novicez

    The thing is, the phaseshift needs an infinite pool of ammo because chances are, you'll probably run out of ammo trying to hit a strafing sniper across 100m.
  12. Shadowomega

    lol DA, AT, XoO, GOTR was Emerald VS in planetside one. So its alot of factional loyalty even after 10 years from the original release.

    Its also the reason I play VS.

    As for the Lancer/Vortex needing any buff only scopes for the Lancer (Nothing more then 4x), and faster charge time for the Vortex.

    The Beamer Storm/Spiker, what ever they intend to call it, in its current form I would say yes it should have infinite ammo and use the heat mechanic. However, if they had it switch mode between burst and semi auto/charge mode via b key (default mode switch key) and said charge mode would hit like the underboss then its fine as is. Oh and for the love of Vanu call it the Beamer Storm not the Spiker SOE, save that name for the remake of the PS 1 a charge up lasher pistol, that hits like the Commissioner.
  13. Badname707

    Hey look, another codex thread.
  14. M2_Bradley

    Orion,PPA,Serpent,VX6-7 are just a few of the UP weapons Vanu have. :p
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  15. zombielores

    Future Crew is NC? What since when, might want to check your source because future crew is VS on Connery last I heard (5 minutes ago)
    Also the leader boards right now it is 6 TR, 7 VS, and only 2 NC, quick conclusion could be that TR and VS have more stuff to farm people then NC excluding NS gear or NC players just don't farm as much as TR/VS do.
  16. Codex561

    Missed me? :rolleyes:
  17. Freedom Fries

    Welcome back to forumside, where the lancer is a bad weapon.
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  18. Revanmug

    That wouldn't help those weapons (outside of the Ravens) at all. Their awfulness isn't going to change even though they get more ammo.

    Lancer and Vortexes on the other hand are really good weapon which gain from such a buff...
  19. SeanFree

    Guess what, I didn't say NC was underpowered. I said every faction has weapons that are complete and utter crap. Also, FCRW is a Connery VS outfit so I have no clue what you're talking about there. I think you should compare DA and AC K/D ratios to BAX and TIW. It's a pretty surprising difference.
  20. Maljas23

    Fourmside always disappoints me.