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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JohnWindRunner, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. JohnWindRunner

    Hey who ever is on the Dev team hackers are running rampaint, i reported 5 by now still see them running around and still have their BS you can count me out of your game
  2. Yuki10

    its a part of the game. if you can't handle hacks, poor performance or broken mechanics - you really shouldn't be in PS2. Here it's a matter of life, get used or leave.
  3. JohnWindRunner

    or you know people not complete *** ***** and ruin a game cause they get off to that ****.... i have been playing since closed beta.... its getting a lot worse and i like the game it has it really fun moments and i dont want to see it ruined by little ***** that think its fun to do that ****
  4. qquqq

    I had some one with a t9 carv one hit me in a tower spawn-room today, reported it. sounded like a shotgun, 1hit, he was killing lots of people,was invisible,
    looked up his profile brand new with infinity k/d 100 kills all based on carv no kills attributed to the weapon,

    I have seen several people who were invincible, and its too hard to prove wallers/aimbots well enough to report it in a game of this scope.

    Its too bad there is not a way to get player reviews of footage to sift out soft hacks like in some other games.
  5. JohnWindRunner

    aim bot i find is easy to spot.. there is a ding sound when you get a headshot or get hit in the head, and with some weapons it really easy to count the shots due to the low rate of fire (Vs mostly cause you can see the little plasma balls) so only seeing 2-3 and every one is a ding.... a no that either REALLY lucky or somthing fishy is goin on.. i get luck shots but not from the say guy 100% of the time like today i had that happen
  6. qquqq

    I was told thats only for hard aim bots, most people use soft aibots now, which means it nudges your aim closer, it doesn't exclusively headshot,
    and even still, some players are just very high aim, so its hard to tell. when you only face the player once or twice,
  7. Magma52

    OP hasn't gone about this that well, true, but there does seem to be a sudden wave of hackers on new accounts. It's plausible he saw a hacker. They're probably H1Z1 players testing hacks on a game that don't want to play anyway.

    Recording and reporting is definitely the best thing to do.
  8. KodiakX

    Probably because they fired a ton of their GMs and support staff.

    Wouldn't be surprised if that extended to PS2 and they got rid of them here as well.
  9. Mianera

    I wish they'd get rid of the moderators as well. That would actually be a layoff that I wouldn't mind at all.
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  10. FateJH

    Based on our combined accounts, this appears to just be one kind of hack. It's also oddly similar to the PlanetSide Classic hack where a random number of players die from phantom damage from a player whose only requirement is being on the same continent.
  11. Yuki10

    i can support that. Seems like a waste of money right now.
  12. Goldmonk

    I never really see any hackers. Maybe it's because they come out early in the morning or maybe I'm just lucky.
  13. Crowne

    Hearing stuff like this makes me think twice about letting PS2 be my game of choice on a Friday night... but for the most part I'm still having fun when I play.

    I'm guessing that's because I'm mostly during primetime hours these days, so hackers aren't as effective and are just a smaller blip in the crowd than off-hours.

    Hope they haven't ruined this game for you permanently JohnWind!
    On the bright side, it's only a matter of time until these kids grow up, run for office, and have better things to ruin than a video game :eek: ;)
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  14. JohnWindRunner