Getting slightly old...Faction hopping

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  1. Saokeh

    Can you verify no one does it? The numbers are shifted dramatically all the time in less than an hours time. Your claim is as baseless as you're trying to make my to be. And to say 1% of players doing that? Maybe when the population was pretty solid people logging onto all 3 factions would even it out somewhat. But low pop? No...not even close to 1%
  2. Czarinov

    Can you verify it's an issue? Look, I see there is a problem with people logging off when they lose. When they do this there is a % increase for the faction that stays. Where is the evidence the ones logging off are joining opposing factions?!
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  3. Regpuppy

    I don't need to, the devs have done so with their own metrics in the past. Now you are the one trying to refute this, so the burden of proof is on you here. Otherwise, there's no reason to believe that player behavior has changed so dramatically since then. Especially since there's even less incentive to faction hop since the last time those metrics were done, due to how xp from alerts is calculated.
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  4. pnkdth

    It isn't just alerts. It is fights in general. Everything in PS2 rewards the individual. You have your stats and KDR. It is all about you. There is absolutely ZERO incentive to join a losing fight or low population. I mean, even low population bonuses focus on nothing but the individual.

    To compound the issue, almost everything is about getting kills, which again is about dem juicy certs. This is why you see people acting like cowards, farming, never pushing to a point despite many chances to cap that point. Nope, they're conditioned to care about their stats from BR1, and they rather see you take the first couple of bullets so they can look like they made it all happen.

    Nothing in PS2 fosters faction or team loyalty. It is all about appearences. Rewards, consequences, and meta game, are about as deep as puddle.

    Inb4 some idiot starts talking about teamwork and team rewards = communism.
  5. TheFamilyGhost

    I can't stand it when people do things that I don't like, but I don't have the guts to be a policeman in real life.

    I think I'll try to control the way people play video games.
  6. Saokeh

    Evidence is not that hard to come by. I've pugged platooned with 2 random outfits that cross jump to another faction because "certain outfits" are making pushes. The devs made reports on faction jumps during prime time hours when all factions have a little better balance in numbers...and both you and Regpuppy are obviously ignoring what I'm saying. It's lower population times this rings true and is an issue. Prime time jumpers exist yes, but its more of an issue overall when it happens non weekends and outside of peak hours.
  7. MotionBlured

    Your evidence is baseless and not worthy of the name.
  8. Czarinov

    I believe you that you've seen those outfits, but I can't take this as evidence.
  9. Regpuppy

    If you're talking about off-hours, then it's even more likely that rapid and dramatic population shifts could just be from people logging on and off. Hell, I often log off if my choices are get in front of the single enemy squad rofl-stomping or ghost capping. Depending on the time of day, me logging off can be 5-50% of my factions total population on the continent or even global.

    So I don't see your point, other than it being dreadfully boring to play during a servers off-time. But that's entirely because this game wasn't designed for such low populations and not so much about faction jumping. Which sucks, but short of forcing Euros, asians, Aussies, and Americans on the same server. I don't see what can really be done about it. Policing a handful of guys that may or may not faction jump during off hours won't stop off-hours play from sucking.
  10. Jbrain

    The biggest problem with faction hoping is lazy people who never want to have to fight as an underdog.. they always switch to the winning zerg side.. multiply that by 20 people and it begins to make it so the underdog with a chance to win becoming simply over run.. Now I am crazy and like the hard fights.. Its not fun if its easy.. but some people get a hard on for the kd ratio so they join the wining faction to brag about how awesome they are. I think a 30 minute timer on switching would be a great thing.. maybe force people to actually try once in a while instead of always wanting to play with the advantage.
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  11. SpartanZero

    I'd also like to suggest that factions on servers get locked out from logging in (member or non) if the population advantage reaches a ridiculous peak (say 10%+) , like last night, Vanu had a 14-15% world pop advantage over both TR and NC respectively. Neither TR or NC could make ANY progress (if any it was minimal) as the Vanu simply redeployside/population zerg crushed any hex that was contested.

    I enjoy underdog fights, I truly do, pushes one to move more, think/react faster push your limits. But when suddenly a slightly even large fight suddenly goes 3-1 odds against you doesn't matter how many firing lanes you have, how many maxes you got. Everything in their path gets melted. This is also to note, multiple strong outfit lead groups leading the numerically superior charge.

    There needs to be a hard cap to a world pop advantage, as well login timer between switching factions. The faction hopping, redeployside is notably getting ridiculous. Perhaps TR/NC on Connery should just switch factions to VS like all the other cryhards an we can have a real boring time, instead of some actual fun?