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  1. Saokeh

    Please put a login timer on faction jumpers. It's getting old to watch a population jump from even-ish to landslide within 30 mins - 1 hour because there are possible "Zergfits" taking more territories to pubs. (Most often VS) The overall low population of the game can't handle lopsided numbers like this, overall making it less fun for pubs or smaller outfits. I understand people wanting to swap to a different character out of boredom, but this one sided hop to the faction that's controlling a little more is the problem with this game. More than vehicle and weapon balancing.

    Every player that sticks to one faction.
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  2. Tbone

    Well said.
  3. Klypto

    Faction hopping is a non-issue.

    Source: my friends list, the devs, and the population charts from the api.
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  4. Crazytrain

    nope nope noooooooooooooope.

    While I personally never switch factions to join a steamrolling side (boring), I still get to play any of my characters whenever I want without delay.

    - Nope.
  5. Taemien

    Like others have said, its not needed, less than 1% switch factions during fights. Most of the shift is from peeps logging off.

    And even if it were a problem, faction lock wouldn't stop it:


    There's two accounts, logged in, ready to play.. at the same time if needed. Can even do truly 4th faction stuff such as spawning at a pesky sundy and C4ing it without the enemy realizing it (I don't condone this).

    Only way to stop it is make it subscription only to play. Which I would support.. but not for any reasons in this thread.
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  6. Czarinov

    It's been proven false. Faction hopping is not a thing.
  7. breeje

    i always jump factions when there is an zerg rolling
    the only thing is i don't join the zerg, i go fight the zerg
    if they put in an login timer this will not be possible for me ether

    from time to time when i feel like it i roll with the zerg, most of the time it's when i am almost done with playing
    and yes the xp come fast from capturing the almost empty bases, but where is the fun in that?
    that's the reason why the login timer is an bad idea
    i don't want to get stuck in the rolling zerg whit nothing to do except for shooting that lone stupid tank and the same three people running out of the spawn room
  8. Saokeh

    I watched VS go from 28% pop, then jump to 38%+ overall after 2 zergfits started ghost and back capping in about an hours time. Not saying that's an issue. But when you see a huge number advantage on an unorganized mostly pug faction and then the minute multiple platoons of a zergfit start rolling, people jump ship and join the over pop. You might say it's proven false, but with low population counts it's way more noticeable I promise you.
  9. Saokeh

    I don't know any other way you could limit those select people who faction hop to go with the Zerg. Possibly the lesser skilled want to get xp and cap bases, I'm not totally sure. But it happens more and more the lower the overall server population is.
  10. FateJH

    They're not hopping. Data points indicate that people either leave continents rather than fight on them or skip out entirely, by logging out.

    Remember, you're looking at percentages. TR logging out would look like an increase in NC and VS numbers, even though all that's happening is the massive population fall for the TR is being represented. Without the slightly lagging data from the API, the only way you could confirm that one faction was gaining population while another faction was losing population is that two of the factions exchange percentages but the third faction holds relatively steady, e.g., 33 / 33 / 33 becomes 45 / 22 / 33. Even in this situation, it requires a really insecure player, or one who is keenly up-to-date with alternate account names of a huge collection of people, to know whether people were switching factions to fight for the other side rather than merely abandoning a fight altogether.

    My wager is that the psychological aspect of the missing faction-switching mechanics plus real propulation problems on the ground is more motivation than actual knowledge that faction-hopping occurs. How much of your concern is fuelled by groups of verified offenders, that is "this faction-A account is actually that faction-B guy I just saw?"

    Edit: a third part of monitoring population shifts is knowing how big the bucket is. 33 / 33 / 33 doesn't necessarily mean the continent is filled; but, if you can know that the continent is actually filled, then any increase in any of the groups must necessarily be due to people from one or more of the other groups leaving.
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  11. prodo123

    The devs have confirmed over and over that 4th factioning is a non-issue, and that only 1% of players engage in this activity. This guy is one of the 1%:
    It's not like AOD's going to say "Okay, now everyone hop on NC and zerg the crap out of the TR!" You cannot blame population fluctuations on 4th factioning alone. There are 1-3 other continents that other players can be on, and those players could decide to find better fights on the continent you're on.

    I believe there are APIs that track each unique players on a continent, but I lost the link to the site that displays it. Can someone post it somewhere if it exists?
  12. Saokeh

    I understand that people can log out if they are losing. But you're making my point passively. If people tend to log out and the numbers get skewed by lets say...8-10% from one faction to another. It always tends to be the faction that is pushing a Zergfit through. And consciously the people who are losing due to these zergs or pushes, even 15% of those who log off jump to winning side due to lack of skill or just want alert experience or to not be warp gated. It exists and it sucks that people don't acknowledge it does. I'd rather those people being able to log off completely rather than pad the zergs numbers even more.

  13. ronjahn

    People look at population? I log on nowadays kill a whole bunch of people and log. Numbers...pft
  14. FBVanu

    I play all three factions.. and you can not lock me out of it. Otherwise even your class or weapon should be locked for 20 minutes..?

    If one side suddenly has a pop increase, that just means you will have that many more targets to shoot at.... enjoy!
  15. MotionBlured

    Funny thing about percentages, the more people that log out/switch continents, the higher the other 2 populations become relative to each other. Maths.
  16. Saokeh

    I don't mind people going to another faction. That's not the point. It's the instant switch that zergs can get within a base/alert scenario. And it happens sadly. PS2 isn't pushing the launch numbers it had anymore so people could freely swap and wouldn't really matter. As I stated, it's the lower pop hours or non-weekends this is very noticeable. More targets isn't always a bad thing, but it is when a zergfit pulls tons of air and vehicles to 3 to 1 your spawn point. Even though that's minimal compared to spam alert winning or outfits avoiding alerts and zergfit continents not under alert while still maintaining actual population to contend or dominate in both.

    There's no real solution without impacting player choice. But it seems to be one of the biggest downfalls of the game right now non prime time where overall population negates it slightly.
  17. Saokeh

    And same could be accounted for a % switching. Which would be a lot more likely in a huge increase in such a short period than people just logging out. Maths.
  18. Littleman

    I faction hop when the side I'm on isn't involved in any good fights. Stomping or getting stomped isn't any fun in the least.
  19. Regpuppy

    Where are you getting these percentages from, other than your own guesses? Can you verify this claim that "15%" are doing this? Because, unless this has changed greatly, the last quoted number by the devs is a total of 1% of players doing this during an alert. Which wouldn't be enough to affect anything seriously.
  20. Leftconsin

    Yesterday I had a friendly sundy almost get team killed by an outfit who fourth factioned. They were pretty terrible at sabotage. Like, three guys too. And honestly that was the first time I had seen attempted sabotage by faction jumpers this year.