Getting my explosives blown up and getting nothing in return

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mrasap, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. Mrasap

    Too many times have I endangered my life as an LA to drop C4 on the enemy only to get blown up by an HA rocket / UBGL of my own faction.

    I spend infantry resources and I get no reward whatsoever, even though my boomers did all the work. Of all the suggested changes on explosives, this should be addressed first.
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  2. SgtBreastroker

    Are you asking for a buff?
  3. LibertyRevolution

    How long we been complaining about this? At least since I got my fist C4 back in December..
    My 2 C4 does 90% the damage to that sunderer, yet the heavy that shoots a rocket at me gets the 600XP..
    I get 0XP, and another death by the NC..

    We are asking for assist XP for the 200 resources we put into killing that sunderer..

    At this point I am now only dropping 1 brick of C4 per sunderer.
    This way I stand a chance at blowing it before a heavy rocket hits it, so I get the assist XP.
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  4. Fenrisk

    I had this happen a few times. I wondered why my C4 never seemed to factor into my tank killing.
  5. ShadowReaper500

    Agreed but personally I would prefer a fix so that C4 acctually does damage 100% of the time and not just when it feels like it.
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  6. Mrasap

    I fear HAs from my own faction more than enemies guarding a sunderer.
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  7. Shasbot

    I get warm tingles everytime I trigger someone else's C4/Mines and get the kills for it. :)
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  8. Joe-H2O

    No, he's asking that XP be correctly attributed.

    This is a problem with mines and C4 right now, that if you put them down and someone else sets them off with a weapon (either friendly or enemy rocket fire, tank shell etc), then the explosive damage done is assigned to them and you get no XP for it. Add to that the annoyance that this often comes with being blown up with your own explosive because it gets set off before you can move away, only for the kill screen to show "98% damage with [other player's] C4 brick (that you just put down)"
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  9. CaligoIllioneus

    Also this lets griefers put explosives on the Sunderers of their own faction in order to blow them up. You can't even know who put the explosives because all the kill credit goes to the first enemy that shoots a rocket at the Sundy.

    As a sidenote, this is why you can have kills with other faction mines despite never playing the faction (for example, I'm TR, yet in the stats page it shows that I have killed people with Proximity Mines and Bouncing Betties). It usually happens because you throw a grenade and you detonate enemy mines that in turn kill people.
  10. GrantonStar

    Got to agree with the OP, lost count of the amount of 90%+ damages I have done with C4 to blow up [Insert as appropriate] to get nothing but friendly killed in return.

    Still, a team game eh? wont stop me doing it but would be nice if I was somewhat rewarded for it too.
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  11. Nyscha

    I placed AT mines earlier near a choke point.

    A friendly magrider stopped at them then got out on foot and proceeded to blow them both up and then place his mines there.

    God the public in this game is terrible, this game has the worst randoms.

    Then again f2p attracts the wrong crowd.
  12. Loegi

    When they implemented the air deterrence XP, I hoped it gave constant XP depending on how much damage you did. This would've solved this problem too.
    Instead we got a very limited and constricted XP for when we sometimes get over a certain amount of damage against certain enemies only.
  13. Mrasap

    Yes I do agree with the scaleable XP.

    But the issue I'm referring to is this: if anyone detonates my boomer (with a rocket for example), I get absolutely no XP for it. Not even a meager kill assist. Irrespective of the fact that if I weren't around the sunderer would still have 90% health left.
  14. Mrasap

    Just the other day I was loading up a Blockade armored sunderer and when I was around for my second round an enemy engineer blew me up by detonating my boomers from the first round.

    Very clever strategy I have to admit, I was flabbergasted. Though I wouldn't have minded it if I had received the credits for the 3 other enemy casualties dying in the process, nor would the engineer have missed the grief points.
  15. Leer

    Nice troll.
  16. PaladinZERO

    This is a double edged sword, as outlined below.

    I see an ENG has stopped his sudie and is putting down tank mines. I shoot one of the mines, it goes off and kills the eng, his sundie, and like 4 other guys. I get the kills, if I did not, the eng would have gotten 4 team kills. Awarding kills to the shooter of the explosive fixes TK issues.

    Kill credits are for who ever gets that last shot. I can do 99% of the damage to an infantryman and someone else gets the last 1%, they get the kill. It's like that for everything in the game, not just explosives.
  17. SgtBreastroker

    You have a very fascinating definition for a "troll".
  18. zib1911

    There is a downside to suicide tactics, stop whining or get better.
  19. Mrasap

    It seems you are oblivious to the true extent of the message that I bring.

    I do not care I die in the process. I care about getting no credit whatsoever for the key role I have played and the resources I have used. It's like a liberator pilot who does all the work, only he still gets a minor crew bonus.
  20. LabRatTy

    There are a lot of Exp changes that should be implemented - such as for bailing pilots, deconstructing vehicles, base defense, Sundy repair aura, and probably a lot more. And Exp changes are just one problem on a huge list of things that need to change, and have needed to, for several months.

    What I mean is, yeah, it'd be nice. But let's be honest, changes are coming in at an absolute snail's pace compared to other game companies. My money is on SOE "maximizing" profits by not putting people to work. Which is why my money doesn't go to this game.