Getting flamed for playing Infiltrator, especially sniper

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by 7evenGhost, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. DFDelta

    I got called "camping *******" once by a guy I killed 4 or 5 times.
    With the autoscout rifle. Inside just as many different buildings of an AMP station.

    I think a lot of people don't know what the words they use actually mean. :eek:
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  2. Dualice

    I get more stuff like that from the SMG/EMP combo. 'Specially from heavies. The way I see it, we're all just using our class-specific tools the way they were intended, and that goes for sniping too. Like Cute Beaver says, if you're getting tells like that it probably means you're doing something right.
  3. OldMaster80

    To auraxium a battle rifle with x2 scope, laser sight and no high velocity ammo, feels like trying to catch flies with chinese sticks. You manage, then you can do anything.

    Well SMG + Infiltrator is basically the easy mode of Planetside 2 :D
  4. K2k4

    I don't get enough hate tells. Constructive criticism is most important coming from the noob I just fragged 5x in a row.

    Trust us in that you are doing well if your enemy has to whine at you because you are owning them so hard.
  5. SpruceMoose

    I get teamkilled for it
    "go play a real class *****"

    ever since the PPA nerf it hasn't happened as much
  6. Dieter Perras

    Because getting killed by a sniper is so sudden and unexpected that it pisses people (including me) off especially when it is one of those "tricky head shots" because especially if that player isn't having a great play session it makes them go "WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO TO STOP THAT!"

    I'm not condoning it I'm just saying that if your play style includes killing players instantly who have little to know warning of it coming then expect some flaming.
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  7. Souleater

    @ Dieter: How is that any different from being blown away by infantry with shotguns, tanks from range or aircraft? I get killed a lot more often from those sources than a single sniper round. On the occasions I am killed by sniper fire it is usually only part of the damage that killed me.

    Part of the issue for allied players can be that snipers will sit in one place not apparently doing much other than racking up personal kills.

    A dedicated guardian angel killing enemy flankers, counter-sniping or picking off enemy support is a different matter. But then that is true of any other class, I find.
  8. Dieter Perras

    mostly because with tanks and aircraft they're very big and loud and most of the time you know they're there. They also are nowhere close to as accurate. It's also interesting to note that besides that those too are things people flame people for doing.

    I'm so very jealous of you as I always seem to run into the BR100 carrier snipers who can head shot me as I fall through the air which will never ever be not frustrating.

    I don't actually have a problem with snipers and frequently run one myself I'm just stressing that the shear nature of how the class and the weapon works makes it un-engaging for the people being shot at. Another issue with this is that the game is made up of massive open areas so you are almost always in sniper territory which makes it feel like more of a game of "hope the sniper doesn't choose to shoot you".

    They are well within their right to be frustrated but there really isn't a solution for it short of gutting it and that would just remove more depth from the game.
  9. dezusa

    Im usually not a victim of getting sniped. If i were, its usually me auto-running into a sniper or just standing like an idiot / while chatting / checking the map. Otherwise, it should be easy enough to avoid snipers and hate on them instead of myself.
    (and some rare cases of getting 360 backflip noscope'd)

    I hate smg / stalkers more than snipers tho :confused:
  10. Souleater

    Which can equally be applied to tanks and air craft.

    I try to snipe in a useful way although my sniping ability is distinctly lacking. I think perhaps I see sniping as more difficult than, say, gunning down a poor bloody infantryman as he tries to move between buildings from the safety of a vehicle. (Not that I am any cop as a pilot.)

    I feel the threat of sniping was much higher back when the game started.
  11. McToast

    I don't get flamed very often, but it does happen on a regular basis. Usually for killing people with BASRs or from the air. Always makes me smile, and I share that with them ":)". If they can't stop flaming I usually try to be nice to them, counter their hate with friendliness. It's hilarious how many people get even more enraged if you're simply nice to them (I don't even troll them, though I'm often tempted - makes me feel like the emperor from Star Wars).

    €: Let the hate flow through you
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  12. Dieter Perras

    again people complain about getting gibbed by tanks and aircraft too. As well as the fact that tanks and aircraft tend to be far more obnoxious and noticeable. Whereas most of the time with snipers all you get is *bing* death screen.
  13. LibertyRevolution

    Snipers are like the games built in AFK detection.
    If you stand still, you will die. If you are moving, 90% of the snipers will miss you...

    It is rare that a sniper gets me while running, so when they do I normally send them a "good shot" tell.
    When I'm looking at my map, and some scrub blows my head off, then they get the hate tell for being useless sniper. ;)
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  14. Dualice

    Nice try.
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  15. TCryan44

    Speaking of sniping check out my new 100 headshot montage!
  16. FieldMarshall

    I went on a 86 streak today (56 of them headshots) with 82% accuracy, and i didnt even get one tell. :(
    How good do you have to be before the hate tells come :eek:
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  17. Plastikfrosch

    i dindnt do to much kills today but i got a "F*** off" and a "go to hell". its still something.:D
  18. CuteBeaver

    Sometimes its just how bad the other player has to be... Or how good they think they are...and then poof they die. I find people are more likely to rage CQC because near instant death makes them grumpy. Whenever their "expectations" don't match reality is typically when I get the most hate. Try killing enemies who are on long streaks, or with little to no warning. Do it more then once and people tend to freak out.

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  19. Plague Rat

    It's not so much a question of how good you are as a player but more a question of whether or not you just happen to find and step on the landmine, albeit one that's had all it's fire and shrapnel replaced by a cartoon 'BANG!' flag and the Price is Right, "You screwed up" tuba track.

    But if you'll forgive some long-winded rumination on the subject: (i.e. feel free to ignore everything below this point)

    The saturation of whiners and crybabies does seem to have thinned out a bit from what we once all endured. The worst offenders are likely long gone voluntarily or otherwise, (consequences for harassment are something that can happen here), finally mellowed out a bit, or on a vacation since the latest Call of Duty came out. (As a sidebar: I'm not putting down the series or those that enjoy it, but it's just a fact of numbers that with a more mainstream audience there's a larger pool of lower skill and more casual targets for the egotistical yet mediocre to prey upon.)

    To really thrive in Planetside 2, I've found, you have to be okay with dying. "Blowing up is good for you" has become something of a mantra to me. Some days the zerg just isn't in your favor, and for the most part I think that's left us with a fairly good amount of level headed players compared to other FPS communities. Most folks here either don't get mad like a pro and take it as a learning experience, let out a quiet stream of obscenities through gritted teeth to vent and then play on like a respectable gamer, take indirect jabs at the enemy collective through /yell banter, or dump their angst here on the forums or on reddit.

    Now I don't meant to imply all flamers are the dregs of a particular community. Sometimes you'll just catch someone having a bad day and you'll be the one thing that pushes their frustration to a boil, and I'd like to think this is the usual case, as this is forgivable. But with that said, no gaming community will ever be free from the types of players that only have fun when they're winning, think the game revolves around them and we're all playing it for their amusement, or that they're the hottest thing since Mt. Vesuvius and the only way they could possibly lose is the result of 'cheap tactics' (despite using them themselves, exceptionalism at it's best), exploits, or hacking. They may not be as thick as they've been in the past, but we've definitely still got them.

    For now, you've been lucky enough to avoid stepping any any of these landmines hidden out among the shooting gallery, but ultimately with time even the furthest possibility becomes inevitability. One day, you're going to find one, and if you're capable of a 86 streak, you're probably not just going to step on it, you're going to jab the hell out of it with a pointy stick.

    You'll be solely responsible for the latest death streak of just the right person, or you'll snatch victory from their over-shielded LMG wielding hands in straight up combat with nothing but you side-arm. And believe me, when you do this to the right person, when you've pushed their frustrations to the point where the just need to contact you-- I suppose the intent is to get some kind of closure, but that's kind of like tea-bagging a bear trap during icy conditions-- you will ABSOLUTELY hear about it.

    And when it does happen, just tell them to tweet about it and see if they can find someone who cares, or take a page from my book and just send them a friendly wink. ^_o
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  20. miraculousmouse

    That's low risk/high reward.