Getting BS'd out of a vehicle

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  1. Goden

    I just spawned a Harasser and was waiting in the garage under a tower for my friend to hop in. He spawns, comes downstairs, hops in, and we depart. I turn the corner and start driving down the open roads of Esamir.

    Suddenly, and for literally no reason, the Harasser flips over and explodes. Not even 40 seconds old and It gets destroyed for, what I can see, no reason whatsoever. I drive in thirdperson - I was looking at the road. THERE WAS NOTHING THERE. I'm now out of vehicle resources and my Harasser is on cooldown.

    And that's just one case. I'm sure each one of you have at least 20 different cases where you have spawned a vehicle and it has just flipped over or exploded for no sodding reason. I've had Magriders instantly explode because I brushed by an ammo tower or a wall. I've had more Flash flip-overs than I can possibly count since beta. And I've lost more lightnings than I can count because I had the audacity to drive over a small bump at more than 15kp/h.

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  2. Dieter Perras

    The center of gravity on the vehicles needs to be lowered so that they don't flip over easily.
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  3. PlatoonLeaderG

    Yeah all vehicles are in a bad place,flash is the worst so far and hopefully it will get fixed.Harasser now have turbo always which can help to unflip it most cases.
  4. K2k4

    Racer chassis?

    I don't use it because of this. Surger chassis makes your vehicle more bottom-heavy.
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  5. gigastar

    I prefer to think of it as revenge for every time you drove into a friendly Lightning at full speed.

    Dont pretend you dont know what im talking about.
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  6. AlexR

    We need all the vehicles weight center to be moved in the middle of planets inner core! That would be awesome. When i pull my sundy, the entire base is getting 1m lower! Because every vehicle will be 400 million tonns and weight centered 7000 kilometres inside the planet! Magrider? Watch your mag wiping mountains and terraforming it! 680 000 000 tonns galaxy. Turn of engine, watch it hitting the base on light speed and instakill everyone. I want ps2 to be AWESOME!
  7. JudgeNu

    OP's problem has nothing to do with center of gravity.

    There is a bug of sorts and I have only heard of it and never actually had it happen or seen it happen.
    It sometimes occurs at the start of a bridge, so I have heard, it has something to do with the mapping I assume but idk.

    I have mysteriously blown up too, but it could have been a mine, they aren't easy to see.
  8. Rift23

    Flashes are worse about random flipping on anything besides perfectly flat ground. Apparently "All-Terrain-Vehicle" means, "Death Trap on wheels." And then there's when you try to actually maneuver under fire and end up doing donuts right in front of a tank.
  9. Goden

    The survival rate of flashes is insulting when you consider how much they cost.
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  10. sestun

    I know personally of two trees on Indar that eat tanks for breakfast. You don't even have to get that close. They have really long branches I guess and a really bad attitude.
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  11. TheStonehawk

    I just love that in the future, everything can't be flipped back over and explodes instantly.

    Planetside physics:

    Real life Physics:

    Need I say more?
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  12. Riddlley

    Halo solved it by letting you get out and right the damn things. Cause... Powered Armour? In our case, nanites?

    Aircraft still spawn upside down sometimes, or the auto pilot decides that flying upside down is how all the cool people do it.
  13. TheStonehawk

    Or how about hydralics? Or air jets that flip it over. Or having them not be made out of paper and covered in butter so they don't flip over at the slightest breath?

    I mean I swear a kid in china bounces his toy ball and all the way on Araxis my flash flips over and explodes.
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  14. Dieter Perras

    I guess the real one at fault is nanite systems and their shoddy products!
  15. Sixstring

    Don't drink and drive kids....atleast until nanites are an actual,factual thing after that who cares go nuts.

    *the views and opinions of Sixtring7 are not necessarily those of SOE. Consumption of achohol may result in a stupor which may cause it to seem like there are even more bugs than usual,calls for nerfs on whatever weapon just finished off your Harasser/flash that went belly up faster than a goldfish and drunk dialling Higby to ask for free SC. May also cause Nanite dysfunction and something stupid involving proximity chat.
  16. Goden

    Sounds about right.
  17. TriumphantJelly

    Welp, at least modern scientists get to prove the buttefrly effect. And, wait...*AACHOOO!* Right, I have sneezed. *Logs into planetside*
    And in 3... 2... 1... Amerish controlled! Esamir controlled! Indar controlled!
    ...Still got it...
  18. TheStonehawk

    On Araxis, we guarantee that all our vehicles will be laced with a chemical component that makes them explode if they are bumped into anything. We also put counterweights in the most awkward places to make your vehicles flip at the slightest provocation.

    Nanite Systems. Because we want you to die.