[BUG] geting shot and cant move

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tumdaydar, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Tumdaydar

    I did not see this on the tracker for bugs in game. I have noticed sometimes when i get shot i cant move at all and thare is no one behind me and no wall or rock or what ever behind me. I am leting you know becosue its frustration to die when you could have moved but the game say you cant.
  2. Scrundle

    You know what, for the last few days I could have sworn i've been experiencing something like this too, not to the extent of "Can't move" but certainly a slowing effect. It sometimes feels like as soon as i'm getting hit my movement speed in any direction is reduced considerably, similar to how jumping in rapid succession slows you.
    To be honest I brushed it off as just being in my head and some sort of ******** inspired confirmation bias but has anyone else been experiencing this?
  3. icufos

    Yes, me too. Exact same effect.
  4. HelioUSP

    I'm assuming these frozen moments are always followed by death? It's when the server and other guy's computer have already determined you're dead but your computer hasn't caugt up yet. Last night was particuarly laggy (for me at least) with the stuck-in-place and insta-gibs being the norm rather than the exception.
  5. AlcyoneSerene

    Yes. Game says "wait i'm processing, I think you died 10 seconds ago" and proceeds to lock my aim, slow my movement, and behold, I drop dead. No Kidding:~%!#w#$%