Get your free analyst helmet!

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  1. Ronin Oni

    [Enter] (or [Return] ) is your friend.

    Try it out sometime.
  2. EPIC389

    The new forumside weapon

    We already have insults

    We already have 'I know your mother's biology'

    Now we have the most OP weapon of all

    The unreadable wall-o-text

    My Eyes
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  3. TheFlamingLemon

  4. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    I'm on the test-server quite a bit. Never got the helmet, missed the announcement so didn't get it this time either. Reminds me of last time. Forum was spilling over with kids making posts like "I was on test and flew and esf for 10 minutes like it said - where is my helmet" Meanwhile I was on test - doing various vehicle tests for hours but I did not meet the "custom helmet requirements" so nothing for me. Makes me grumpy...