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  1. TheFlamingLemon

    "On Saturday, April 9th at 1:00PM PDT, there will be a public play test to help identify and work out any final kinks in the Construction System. This is also aload test, so bring your friends. Lots of them.
    The playtest will run from 1:00-3:00PM. To reward you for your efforts, we’ll have Analyst helmets to give away.
    See you Saturday!

    Time to get hyped
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  2. Pikachu

    Do we get one with proper faction coloring this time?
  3. Ronin Oni

    I think the yellow was intentional to make it like a construction helmet, being from PTS and all

    It is a tad unfar giving TR & VS a chameleon helment to hide amongst NC, but given how much NC TK, you're prolly safer running full faction colors anyways :p

    I actually only use the helmet on my NC, in part because yellow, but I also have alternative helmets for TR & VS already anyways.
  4. Moridin6

    greedy mfkres..

    jk ;)

    "It is a tad unfar giving TR & VS a chameleon helment to hide amongst NC, but given how much NC TK, you're prolly safer running full faction colors anyways"

    ohh good point
  5. Moridin6

    uh.. test server or .. ?
  6. thebigbortishbort

    They do testing on the test server , yes.
  7. Trudriban

    This is why I run giraffe camo. No matter what faction is staring me down, no one has it in them to shoot an innocent giraffe
  8. thed1rt

    Eh I would do it but i only wanna play Planetside on PS4. Too bad on way to claim helmet on Playstation
  9. Moridin6

    they could make that clear in their post, they prob did on redit * spits on redit*
    dont think im gna download the test server stuff for one **** helmet
  10. thebigbortishbort

    its kind of assumed its on the test server as they never test things on the main server before implementing it, hence the test. Though i mainly got the test server to , ye know test new things out of excitement and the helmet was a nice bonus , can't win em all.
  11. Liewec123

    i only use it on VS :D (entirely because of the yellow!)
    throw in pumpkin patch camo and the swedish flag and tadaa, you're NC :p
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  12. TheFlamingLemon

    Update: time to hop off the hype train, I guess. Burness said it was cancelled, due to a bug in construction purchase, in a Reddit comment just under an hour ago.
  13. IroncladBomber

    I am still Irritated that I never got this on PS4. Since my Beta Key arrived the day of the Launch. Though I doubt this would transfer over from PC. Such is Life.
  14. LodeTria

  15. JobiWan

    Annoying that I spent hours patching and set aside time to play, only to be told it's not happening.
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  16. Moridin6

    yeah i did this as a 1 time install, 10G for something im not gonna use.. annd then . no helmet?
  17. Slip

    yay! how about you fix all the freaking bugs in the game we've been struggling to play for the past 4 years!? But nooooo we need stuff no one wants that will be nothing but a joke because tankbusters will destroy anything and everything you try to do with that crap before you can blink. PS2 is bleeding players not because of a lack of content, we are sick and tired of everything being broken all the time and this obsession with making one single faction stupid amounts of OP over everyone else. VS will say that lame, ignorant "TR and NC suck, so you nerf us" B.F.S.! They have nerfed the TR into the dirt time and time again over silly personal vendettas and the obvious fact TR make do with whatever crap they are given. But the VS need splash damage LMGs and higher accuracy weapons with crazy ttk. That's why people leave. Not everyone wants to be easymode. Yet not everyone wants to get roll stomped constantly either, all while fighting bugs that make gameplay unbearable. Then you punish those of us that speak up about it like silly vindictive children. This game failing rests on DBG. It's simple really. The game worked at one point. Not every bambie and his 4 year old brother could pull fully certed magriders and vanguard and libs etc. with nothing to stop them. We had spawn timers. You had to earn the right to a vehicle. Farms and Zergs still happened, but not as bad as being completely spawnroom locked. You could fight your way out maybe. Not any more. 50 MBTs and planes waiting for you to step a toe out of the spawn room. People left in droves when that happened. All my friends, and I had a lot, that played bailed because the game got stupid and being continuously broken didn't help. All the problems people complain about were created. Does anyone seem to care or want to address these things? Nope. You get ran down on reddit, you get banned here, you have people attack your stats, as if all of us give a sh*t about K/D and being MLGs in the first place. Lesser, self absorbed knuckle draggers do that crap. I PLAY THE GAME. Not stroke my own, vain, shallow, ego.
    No we need ANT and construction and nanite mining and more crap and glut that will be broken and make things far worse than they already are, more people will bail. People will lose their jobs, and in some cases, rightfully so. it sucks for those people that are stuck in the middle, and it sucks for us that love the game for what it could have been.
  18. Moridin6


    what about my helmet?
  19. Haquim

    Well SOMEBODY didn't watch a lot of vids about the construction system.

    Granted, its been a month or so since I looked it up, but back then bases could have impenetrable shields making an airstrike literally impossible, and the automated AA turrets you could build would swat anybody stupid enough to come close simply out of the sky.
    I really doubt libs will be much of a threat for an active base even now, unless they are part of a much larger force.
  20. Ronin Oni

    That increases your chance to get shot tho
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