Get these Jagaer twerps off of Waterston.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghoest, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. Ghoest

    I dont pay for a monthly subscription so I can wait in 20 minute queues.
  2. Ammathor

    Get these Waterson twerps off of Jaegar.
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  3. Grimpiggy

    Jaeger FTW
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  4. Raines

    You have it backwards... Get these Waterson Idiots off of the Jaeger Server. Send them back home. Its bad enough that they force a name change with the invasion, but server queues?!? Back to where you came from!
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  5. Cirevam

    Membership or not, the recent queues are really getting annoying. It makes me feel like the server merges weren't really needed. Luckily I don't like fighting on Indar that much so queues into the other continents are usually short.
  6. CletusMcGuilly

    Get these Jaegerson twerps out of my Water.
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  7. Thpthpthp

    If you wait in 20 min queues you clearly don't pay a monthly subscription, I've never had to wait more than 30 seconds as a subscriber.
  8. UrMom306

    I was on Jaegar, and I'm logged in, i'm actually on my nc character sitting in the warpgate doing you can't play, get over it
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  9. PhilDun

    No queue as VS. Stop playing ezmode overpopulated factions
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  10. InMedeasRage

    Mag riders-no bullet drop-lasher and now queue dodging because no one wants to keep playing VS!

    SO OP.
  11. Jat371

    Get your peanut butter outta mah chocolate.
  12. Robes

    qq about to few people to shoot, qq about to many.

    I'll just never understand the mind of a **** i guess.
  13. Astealoth

    i miss jaeger, the only server with consistent 3x/3x/3x population split and SOE killed it :(
  14. JP_Russell

    Oh, the merges were needed, alright. The servers were deathly underpopulated.

    I don't think it's just overpopulation, honestly. The servers are always showing as medium or lower, yet all continents have queues on them, even sometimes when your faction has the lowest population on that continent. That didn't even happen at launch when the populations were at high. I'm thinking either something's been borked or some kind of artificial limit is being imposed on certain factions depending on relative population.
  15. Ghoest

    I posted because I DO pay a monthly sub and last night I had a 20 minute queue to get out of VR training.

    If you are going to make up lies about me then you need to shut your mouth.
  16. Urban_Scorp

    As someone noted before, you could always join the Vanu Sovereignty.

    We only have queues on Indar, and only on occasion.
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  17. Slyguy65

    Oi this jaegar waterson crap is annoying.

    Here are the facts.

    JAEGAR was moved to WATERSON because it was the small one out of the bunch HENCE JAEGAR is WATERSONS guest.

    Now unless jaegar wants to pull a white man and say "Oh you lived here before us in greater number? Well lets change that"

    They should just deal with it. Waterson was kinda fine without um IMO ever since the server merge all the strategy in this game mostly just consists of "move zerg A to counter enemy zerg B" and vice versa...granted that is only if you actually get the zergs to pay attention to someone other than themselves and their cert farms...

    I still think they merged the wrong servers. Soltech had a vanu majority, waterson vanu could have really used that. All the vanu do on waterson is ghost cap. Or stay strictly on indar. Right now they kind of gave TR and NC even numbers except at certain times, apparently there are a ton of UK players on the NC side. Cause their numbers are strong on EST nights.


    Bottom line is there is no more jaegar, there is no more waterson, and for all the other merged servers. The name may be the same but its not the same server no moe.

    The quicker people learn that the better.
  18. Ash87

    Slyguy, you have finally managed to make a post that is disgusting on all levels.

    You hit not only the offensive buttons of the Jaegerson master race, but also managed to touch on old white guilt, and redirecting issues that are of your own making to blame it on the enemy of the hour.

    My hats off to you. Or it would be, if I hadn't left it at the house.

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  19. 01101010

    Johari for life.
  20. redpoint

    *Miller grabs popcorn and sits back*
    Get the show started guys!
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