[Suggestion] Get rid of "Default" guns, let players pick their own.

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    As the topic states. If all of the guns for each class among each empire are meant to be various sidegrades, why not let the player choose which one they want when they create their character? Some people absolutely despise the default gun for some setups, and feel like they're forced to either pay money or grind a ton of certifications just to unlock a weapon they can actually feel comfortable with.
  2. Azimaith

    Mainly because there's no way to actually test the guns before you start. Can you imagine some poor new player coming into the game with no weapons and being told "Pick which guns you will be using for the rest of the game with no point of reference or meaningful data!"
  3. Trucky

    If they are smart they probably will go to google and search information about it. Also there is information in the description of the weapons isnt it?
  4. FateJH

    Also, that would screw with the cost system, where one weapon may be priced higher because it has a wider-range of customization available and, if you pick that one, everything else is cheap by comparison.

    With notable exceptions, the default weapons are fine. More than enough bullets to kill anything that moves.
  5. ed_anger

    then no one would spend any money on the game and it would fold. great idea.
  6. xNPCx

    I personally have no problem with the default guns and I don't think they are underpowered or inferior in anyway. It all comes down to understanding the effective range of what weapon you are using and what attachments will improve them for your play style. I can agree that 1000 certs is rather pricey for a sidegrade weapon but I have been just as happy if not more with the 100-250 versions.
  7. Azimaith

    Bob the Bank Teller and Greg the School Teacher are unlikely to go out and spend half an hour researching what weapons to pick much less trying to understand what the hell the gamefile data means. They'll log on, get confused, then pick stuff that looks good in the description and use that.

    Unfortunately the weapon descriptions are totally meaningless.

    What does 6 bars of rate of fire mean? It must be faster than 4 bars (unless it isn't) but how fast is that? What about a full box of damage, wow this Rebel Pistol has all its damage boxes filled, but the sniper rifle only has 2? What! The shrike launcher doesn't even have full boxes! I'm going to just blow up everyone with the rebel pistol!" Five minutes later in game, cue one disappointed player.
  8. Trucky

    Arent they dissapointed already by their weapons? i quite understand what are you saying but how about the are gave the option to get the default weapons? or maybe after certain time of playing they get a random wep drop in tf2 style.
  9. Crywalker

    Not sure how that's better than being stuck with a terrible gun you had no choice but to use until you got enough certs for another one.

    VS' worst is definitely infiltrator, the starter is AWFUL, and the only decent guns for it are 1000 certs. You can buy a bolt action for cheap to replace the terrible starter, but really you want the nyx or artemis.

    They do need better gun stats in game though.
  10. Littleman

    Why can't SOE just drop 1000 cert points on every new character and introduce free cert resets until a certain BR/time limit? That should help the newbs out with more than just picking out a gun of their choice when starting out.

    I'd prefer if every new character had two or three guns unlocked for each class, mind you, among a few other changes, but that's me wanting a player base to violently interact with for the next few years, not a business seeking profits ASAP. I'd especially would want SOE to remove the stock guns and just make their triple-burst variant the default. Seriously, 100 certs to get a burst fire mode and reset ALL of one's attachment unlock progress that they made on their last gun? Something is pretty lame about that unlock mechanic.
  11. Azimaith

    Not necessarily. The point of beginning weapons is to be relatively balanced. Sure, there are some stinkers, but for the most part they function well enough.

    Most new players get killed because of a skill gap rather than a weapon capability gap. I'm not one for saying learn to play, but I'll give you an example.

    Esamir on Genudine tends to be a gathering place for Newbies because all those BR1's who get hot dropped into the meat grinder tend to show up at its low intensity conflicts. Since I was getting incredibly bored on Indar I was at Esamir when I started to find this out. There were packs or BR1-10's running around having a good old time ghost capping northern weigh station. I figured I'd go stop the continent flip and joined a bunch of fellow NC (often BR1-10's too.) Almost everyone was a heavy (I assume they'd run into a tank and figured it was the best class for everything) and I was playing a medic at the time. It was constant kill streaks for me and its not because I'm an exceptional shooter. I'm not. But at BR50 (almost entirely through the ground game) you get used to the games style of shooting and just get...better.

    Eventually those guys I shot up will get better too and all those bad weapons they thought they had will get better. The difference in weapons, at least in my opinion, isn't so major as to be a problem most of the time, its not being used to the game play, which will develop over time. Till then no gun will give them an advantage.

    As for weapon diversity, first, they need the VR training center, second, they should have a rotation of guns each week for players to use. A thousand certs, especially for low level players, seems totally impossible to get at, and the inability to test them out without first finding out where the hell the trial button is (because its not in the preview menu that most people would expect it to be in.)

    I understand SOE is a company and it wants a profit, but if a Freemium games scheme seems too... "greedy" it backfires for the company. And SOE's seems about as greedy as you can get. Unlocks for one character, no account wide unlocks, no common unlocks for shared items, high prices, almost no difference in gun appearance, 30 minute trials with a 30 day cooldown and a 8 hour cooldown for all other trials.

    The optimal way for this to work is for players to be happy to give SOE money for guns because they believe they care about more than just their money and that the game is indeed free to play, the current system gives me the impression of SOE being some gnarly fingered and mustached cretin wringing his hands and whispering "yes, give me all your moneys, yessssss, precious delicious monies...." Not exactly someone I want to do business with.