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  1. Phyr

    So basically, you're too lazy to defend your own tank, and somehow this is C4's fault? He's infantry, you're in a TANK. Your ability to kill him far exceeds his ability to kill you.
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  2. TheBlindFreak

    So what? The only advantage a light assault has when approaching a death-mobile is the element of surprise. If the tanker knows an infantry unit is trying to sneak up, the tanker can just shoot the infantry unit or drive off faster than the light assault can run.

    And there lies the problem with the "Oh he can just try to blow my tank up an infinite number of times without limitation". He can try as many times as he wants, sure (or until your tank is blown up by other means or you move somewhere where he can't track), but if he tries any more than once, then he becomes less effective because you know he's going to keep coming.

    If you're stupid enough to get blown up by a LA on his second (or more) attempt, then you deserve to have your tank blown up.
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  3. Stargazer86

    Handy tips for avoiding being C4'd

    1. Move.

    Problem solved! With a simple press of either the W or S key, you too can avoid being C4'd!
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  4. GrymMSK

    I think its ridiculous when people use this argument. If you as a LA are constantly going after the same tank over and over again you are a moron. You will die every time if the tank has any sense at all. The ONLY time C4 actually works is on the first and MAYBE the second time you would try it, and even if you do finally get it after you die thirty times, guess what? The tank driver probly has the resources to just spawn another tank. If the tank has any brain, a LA doing this is being farmed.

    I have gotten a decent amount of sundy kills with C4, but killing a tank with C4 is HARD unless he's just shelling a base w/o proxy and/or teammates around, in which case I don't feel sorry for him.
  5. raidzero

    You know what though, you can usually tell by coming here which subjects are important or debatable by the lengths of threads. Nothing seems to get more responses than C4 threads and Prowler threads which would suggest there may be a problem? JUst putting it out there.

    With C4 I can see the irritation a bit. It is basically a OHK in an MMO which is pretty insane. Please dont say it is skill based because it isn't, we all know it. It is not hard to creep out a tower, go around the outside come up behind a tank, fly and drop. I have done it, its ez mode. The excuse that "be aware of your surroundings" is moot as well as when you have 200+ people around you and ping, lag and response all come into play. It hasnt been changed much because people rely on it for their K/D padding... Run out into a packed tower and suicide but take 15 people with you, rinse and repeat. It has nothing to do with the objective, its all about personal stats.

    Having said that, people can play the way they want of course. Give anyone an OP way of killing things in a game and EVERYONE goes to it and EVERYONE will defend it on forums with their life to make sure its not removed.... This goes for all games.
  6. Casterbridge

    I'm confused you're more irritated about someone using C4 to sneak up behind a tank at a tower than the actual tank whose just parked outside the tower easily blasting away any enemy infantry it sees with it's own repeated use of OHK weapons?
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  7. Aegie

    This poster below beat me to it>
    Exactly, the people padding the KDR are generally the people inside the vehicles and not the infantry trying to take them down.
  8. DG-MOD-02

    This thread is non constructive. Closing it now.
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