Get highest mine guard level? Get blown up by C4!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Daedrick, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Daedrick

    Sunderer have mine guard? Swtich to C4 and instantly kill it under 10 seconds.

    The whole C4, mine guard and defense certificate of the sunderer is a completly broken mechanic.
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  2. Dolphin Teeth

    The problem is the C4.
  3. xMihr

    It takes three C4 to take down a sunderer and if the TTK is 10s then the balance problem isn't in the effectiveness of C4 or mine guard being only a guard against mines, it is in the sunderer owner for having sloth like reactions.
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  4. bodmans

    ^ this. also minegaurd is for MINES
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  5. Nephera

    2 c4 detonated with a rocket awww yeeeeeaah

    Edit: but really if you dont care about the xp and just want that sunderer dead just plant the c4 on the vehicle and dont detonate it. Eventually something else will hit it and one of 4 things will happen

    1) the c4 will detonate from something that doesnt hurt the sunderer which will put the sundy in the red and kill a bunch of things around it. However since you havent been near the sunderer for a while the engineer may have gotten complacent and wandered away.

    2) Whatever hits it will instantly kill the sunderer from the combined damage of whater hit it+ the c4

    3) whatever hits it will put it in the red leaving it a very easy target for a follow up shot.

    4) an enemy will accidentally set off the c4 causing teamkills.
  6. Dethsturm

    I think the big problem is the lack in being able to disarm mines/C4 without setting off the explosion.
    I think the fact that we can't disarm the C4/Mines and NOT cause an explosion is the problem. As of right now, once the C4 is attached, it can't come off without exploding and doing damage.
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  7. FigM

    Sunderers already have it too easy. They have the toughest armor of all ground vehicles and they are protected by a constant stream of infantry zerg, that spawns every 10 seconds.

    Anyone who makes it with C4 or mines and lives long enough to deploy them deserves a medal, and a Sundy kill
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  8. Gavyne

    Why is it that people who deploy and spawn at sunderes always take them for granted. You have to protect the all too important spawn spot if you want to keep spawning there. Can't just deploy it, run off, and expect some passive cert to protect your sunderer from explosives.

    With that said, I 100% agree there should be a way to disarm mines and C4. Give light assaults that ability, it'll give them utilities that the class needs. Right now engineers have it all too good, with access to almost everything and engs get certs rolling in via repairs & ammo packs too easily. Give LA's the ability to disarm C4 & mines, allow them to walk up to one, face it, and press E to disarm it just like how you would set the charge on a generator.

    While we're at it, please allow us to pickup our own C4 & mines. Due to the animation lag with planting C4 you can miss plant. I'd love to just face my own C4, press E, and pick it back up. Doesn't sound like it'll be too hard to implement, and I don't see any balance issues with it.
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  9. Kurreah

    Well, that was a bit of luck that the few times you run into a mineguard sunderer happens to be the times that you are carrying C4 around then wasn't it?

    Or were all these mineguard sunderers parked next to one of your resupply terminals?
  10. MasterChiefette

    This....I think they should have medals in game for people that manage to blow up a Sundy with a mine or C4. It isn't easy running past all the spawners to get to the Sundy to began with - most of the time you die before you get close enough. It takes practice and perseverance to get good at taking out Sundies.
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  11. Haterade

    Yup, pretty much. It's either cert to survive mines (which aren't used as mines, but instead as super C4) or die to literally everything else. If they fixed mines so they worked as, well, mines (i.e. passive area-denial tools) things wouldn't be so out of whack.
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  12. Haterade

    Why do people act like this takes skill? It really doesn't.

    Step 1: Locate Sunderer.
    Step 2: Figure out the best path to the Sunderer
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit

    It's actually often best to run through the biggest clump of people. They're just spawning in so they're discombobulated and lack situational awareness, and they're useful meatshields for anyone who actually is firing you.

    Best way to take out a Sunderer? Find the Sunderer and drop a beacon within 100-150 meters of it. Spawn on beacon. Drop pod next to the Sunderer in the biggest clump of enemies you can find. Drop mines. Trololol.

    Mines don't work? Just drop again, this time with C4.
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  13. NoctD

    The problem is people abandoning their sunderers to go do something else. Next time stick by your vehicle. ;)
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  14. Tasogie

    So let me siee if I understand this. You cant stop a "SOLO" engi, or LA from getting to your Sunderer that you naturally have heavily defended with 2 gunners NVG scopes on weapons, engi helping defend it, an mines laid around the area.... but you want to disable enemy mines an C4.....

    Sounds like you want everything an be immune to damage too :)
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  15. Darzok

    I laugh at people who think its balanced in any way.

    It is NOT hard at all to come in bum rush and toss C4 at a sunny once that block is on its a sure kill as there is no way to remove it with out risking team killing every one around it and you leave it then once they come back the second block will be placed then the 3rd the next charge.

    IF it could be removed then i would agree to a point its balanced but having it stay more or less forever with NO way to remove it apart form blowing it up and doing a nice load of team damage its inbalanced.
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  16. AnnPerkins

    takes a good 30 seconds or so of burning for 2 c4 to kill your sundy.

    If you're driving the bangbus I recommend getting a couple ranks of mineguard, playing engineer and sitting in the guns.
  17. Tasogie

    Couldn't agree more, this is the entire root of the problem, it has nothing to do with C4 or mines or acts of ******* god, its simply that they refuse point blank to defend a sunderer with 2 gunners onboard, install NVG on the sundys weapons, have 1-2 engies/inf with scan probes, an mines laid round the area....

    Instead what they do is, run people down, run other vehicles off road, an rush to get into the lead then setup a sundy next to a base wall, or in middle of a road, or even under a cliff-face<-- (LA love these), then they rush off to deathmatch it.
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  18. Tasogie

    if a LA dies by some act of god (since none will be there to stop him), then when you finally decide to pay attention you drive off, shoot the C4, come back an repair.
  19. NoctD

    Ha - go ahead and try that vs. a properly defended Sundy with Bulldog/Kobalt. You'll be cut down way before you get to toss that C4.

    I laugh at people who simply refuse to defend sunderers and cry when it gets blown up. The last time I left a mine guard sundy, it got taken out by a HA firing missiles at it... was too far away to run back and redeploy would have taken too long as well. No choice but to deconstruct.
  20. dough

    Nope.. The problem is folks stupidly leave the sundy not defended, or if there are folks there, they are milling around not paying attention.. I literally have lost count of how many times I've TRIED to kill some enemy approaching a sundy but couldn't because I'd grief the idiots on my own faction who aren't paying attention, just standing there, oblivious to the enemy. And folks with C4 know this, so they intentionally use those idiots as meat-shields on their approach.

    The problem isn't a game mechanic, its a player base that mostly isn't situationally aware. I've seen many who are.. so its not an overall complaint.. but enough are oblivious to make it an issue regarding sundys (as well as other similar situations).

    I've also lost count of the times I've seen folks enter rooms and lay C4 and suicide themselves for crazy kills. Some folks expect to detect enemies because they come at you shooting.. which is why that works in large crowds.

    I've personally run into large crowds of enemies that don't notice my presence until I commit some obvious act of aggression (shooting, knifing, etc.). For me to get that close without any response is not a comment on my stealth.. that is for sure.. I'm not that good.

    Q: How many times have you seen folks defending some area only to run off when no one shows up to fight after 30 seconds (oh oh!! the action must be somewhere else!!)?? You know.. areas like generators, sundys, etc... There is no cure for stupidity.. but it certainly should NOT be rewarded by changing game mechanics.
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