[Ger/Eng] Lone Wolf searching for Packs to run with.

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by Xellon, May 30, 2016.

  1. Xellon

    Hey there Cobaltians!

    As the Title suggests, I'm a lone Wolf seeking Company - I've been roaming Auraxis pretty much since Launch, with some breaks here and there. At the beginning, there were four of us, but as you may know, this War is not for everyone, and so I was the only one left, seldomly accompanied by my old brothers-in-arms, but mostly alone.

    I've gunned my Way all up to Br.96 mostly being Medic, but I'm pretty familiar with every aspect of the Game - Be it Tanking or Flying, Driver or Gunner, Support of all Kinds or brutish Frontline brawling. The only Things I've never touched are MAX- and Galaxy Piloting.

    Since I've still got Friends and a Reallife (;)) I'm playing PS2 pretty inconsistently, but mostly in the Evening and Weekends. Also, that's the reason why I'm not looking to actively join an Outift - I just think that I can't play PS2 actively enough be a fixed part of an otherwise really active Outfit.

    So what I'm searching for are a bunch of People I can run with whenever me and them happen to be online at the same time. It doesn't have to be some mayor Outfit, just a handfull of friendly Folks are enough. Hell, even if you are a lone Wolf yourself, I'd happily add you to my Friendlist.

    I'm absolutely willing to Coordinate - My mother's tongue is German, but I'm fluent in English, and will happily join Teamspeak Servers of both English and German speaking Planetmans.

    So if you are willing to embrace the company of a somewhat competend, slightly salty, jack-of-all-trades-kinda Veteran, feel free to leave me a Reply or Privat Message or whatever you like.

    ~Xellon out!
  2. lorddxb2


    lone wolf here add me lorddxb and you can join NC WOLFS NC outfit .

    looking to hear from you .
  3. blackboemmel

    Send me a friend invite (name "Knarzlette") and join our TS: "ts.troop.gr"