Generators in front of force fields?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Suicide Trooper, May 1, 2014.

  1. Suicide Trooper

    Seriously, SOE? We all know you have a long history of tarded design and balance decisions, but placing Generators right in front of force fields?
    Does any designer who made this change played the game for at least 1 hour or placed it because it will look nice?
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  2. DJPenguin

    Unless I'm mistaken isn't that the same AMP station design that allows attackers to spawn inside the base itself? Even with hard to reach gens the attackers still have the advantage either way.
  3. NoctD

    I'd shoot anyone if they designed a base like Lithcorp Fortress for me... seriously, why are the gens OUTSIDE?
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  4. Jeslis

    There is a reason I don't go to any of the *new design* amp stations or some of the Amerish bases. Terrible ideas.
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  5. Akeita

    Because logics, we need to add ladders, otherwise no one can climb Lithcorp Fortress or AMP station :rolleyes:
  6. SpcFarlen

    Nanites need to breath and have fresh air around them, preferably high volumes of nitrogen. They convert the nitrogen into energy, similar to the fermentation process plants go through when not in sunlight. The waste product is heat and toxic gases. For large shields, such as those on AMP stations many top nanite researchers, formerly employed at Vanu Archives, found it harmful soldiers with their location in buildings. They [soldiers] would tend to all stand around the outside walls of the building and go into a stuper. Not moving or doing anything for large amounts of time.

    The brass was not impressed... and ordered generators to be moved to the outside air to improve efficiency and improve troop movement.

    ^^^^^ The reason ^^^^^
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  7. G.O.A.T

    It's a game.

    There's a ton of things that don't make sense.
  8. Suicide Trooper

    Game is plagued by spawncamping already and SOE placed gens in front of forcefields to make spawncamping even worse. That's a great design and gameplay idea.
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  9. Cirevam

    Remind me if I'm wrong, but you don't even have to enter the main building on the new amp stations to capture them, so don't bother with the horizontal and vertical shield gens. The shields barely affect anything anymore. I guess you could sneak up and overload them for an easy 250 xp. You might distract one enemy, too.
  10. Suicide Trooper

    It still degrades to even more spawncamping than before.
  11. iRhuel

    Bases that are actually designed to be defensible. What a novel ******* concept.
  12. Goden

    Not about making sense.

    It's about having bases that are fun to defend and not a snooze-fest to attack.
  13. Kunavi

    When you base your game play on crutches that's what happens. We need more meaningfull objectives and incentives, definitely more variety and better placement too but before that we need reasons, motives. Fun things to do that actually mean something and require some thinking. Not just carrots to go out and kill each other like Gens placed here and there, with the alternative being Spawn Camping. The Spawn Rooms are actually terribly designed so there's that too.
  14. KnightCole

    Towers I think are the only defensible bases. I love me a nice Tower farm...I avoid attacking them to...its really suicide..
  15. IamDH

    Is that on the other 2 rumored continents? I haven't left indar since Nov 20 2012

    @OP: Im not really sure about how i feel about this. On one hand, i despise playing peek-a-boo from the gens and on the other hand there are multiple other paths you can go thru to reach the gens
  16. Tentakewls

    Cause defensible bases are not MLG. I've never seen those gens go down. It's faster to just cap the base anyway.
  17. Goden

    Towers only have 2 exits. One is the teleporter closet and the others are stair cases. Both of which are almost always camped by tanks and troops. You can jump off the balconies but you're gonna take damage from it and they can also be camped by the enemy.

    Then there are the upper exits which are usually placed with in line-of-fire of tanks for up to 500 meters away on some bases. It's absurd.
  18. Jeslis

    Wait, you think the new design amp stations are defensible? .. the 3 point cap system where the base is lost in 3 minutes.. is defensible? are you crazy?

    If you're referring to my comment re: some amerish bases... Im generally referring to the less defensible ones that I dislike.
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  19. Jeslis

    Touch any grav pad and you get 5 or so seconds of fall immunity... I generally take the grav pad from spawn to top of tower, then go jump off.. have plenty of time.
  20. Goden

    In reality, going out on any of the balconies is suicide because there is usually libs camping above the tower or tanks shelling the tower from a distance.

    So that leaves you with the lower exits which are camped by tanks and MAX's.

    It's just a poor base design.