Gemini turret?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Corezer, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Corezer

    I'm thinking a heavy version of the AI turret that you actually sit in, can take some damage before being destroyed (maybe 3 halberd shots to kill) but provides no cover to the user sitting in it besides the chair itself and the guns themselves covering the lower body from the side (skeletonized design)

    The turret would deal AV damage, with a TTK slightly faster than a traditional AV turret (maybe half a second) but with the distinct disadvantage that it does said damage via a pair a machine guns so you would be taking significantly more risk to sit in it the whole time unlike AV turret which you can get off of and move between shots.

    There would also be a 15m range until the rounds come together, making it not as effective indoors as an AI turret along with its lack of use as cover.

    That being said, there would be distinct advantages to the design other turrets currently lack. It can better track fast moving vehicles with its rapid fire and higher velocity rather than the wire guide mechanic on the AV turret, it can turn up for better use against air, and it shreds infantry outside the 15m range unless you get sniped which isn't a more significant problem than any other turret. You also get 360 degree's to be able to shoot in

    for design, imagine a pair of rings on some sort of circular base, then put a chair between the rings and a machine gun on either side of the chair, the base rotates 360 degrees and the rings about 120-135.
  2. BrbImAFK

    Sooo... basically you're thinking of the Advanced Engineer turrets from Planetside 1?


    Since the idea's not exactly new, I'd wager that, if SOE/DBG ever had any intention of doing so, it would've been done already.

    All in all, I think they have bigger issues to worry about with turrets.

    First off, you're major sniper-bait. Actually using a turret is a virtual death-sentence.... I know, since I'm currently trying to complete my Engy directive, and a turret is the last thing I need.... They really need to do something about that.

    Secondly, I strongly believe that engies need a dedicated AA turret. Preferably something like a man-portable Walker rather than some sort of no-skill-deterrent-lock-on nonsense.
  3. Corezer

    pretty much, I was just too lazy to get a picture, and AA was the biggest reason (aims up/around) a turret like this would have better coverage. pretty sure the PS1 turrets were called Gemini turrets btw although I could be wrong, but that's why I named it that.

    I have other ideas, like advancing construction into bases so they are actually a part of the game and not just some side quest, like giving the engineer the ability to carry multiple objects in their backpacks so they can set up walls/mods around their spawn for fortifying attacks and creating battles without such a huge need for population and 6+ sunderers to make a fun fight like it is now (not that those things wouldn't be very advantageous/necessary, but right now they're an entry barrier and the fact is most squads wanting to do something other than hang with the zerg don't have the numbers/aren't coordinated enough to do anything else) the fact is that 1 squad with 2 sunderers is something you just ignore till the last 30 seconds then completely obliterate cause there isn't any real way for attackers to "dig in." This isn't fun for anyone, it's one faction having to go out of their way to stomp annoying kids, and another that sits on a ghost cap till they get a 15 second battle and die, the end.

    that seems like a loftier goal to push tho, so I'm only suggesting a turret that can hopefully put some skill into AA since it's pretty much, when it comes to fighting air, a "man-portable walker" while having enough versatility to warrant actually having on you when air comes.