[Suggestion] Gear Brain Dump - Stuff I though might be fun.

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  1. Sporb

    OK, so i like PS2, even if it does frustrate the balls off me sometimes. Ive been thinking it might be nice to have some more gear to play with.

    Obviously this is just super rough ideas on what stuff might be fun have to have access to. To that end, it might not be everyone's cup o tea.

    Anyhoo, here are some of ideas (Some have probably already been suggested by people far more handsome then myself in other threads)


    Infantry Ideas on Infantry so you can Infantry more better good.

    Light Assault Misinformation Module
    Type: Throwable 'Nade
    Class: LA
    Description: A Small hand grenade that creates moving false blips on enemy minimaps. If used on interactibles, causes Generators, SCUs and Terminal icons to blink, as though they were being hacked.
    Notes: Handy for freaking the enemy out while they chase ghosts, as you wreck their stuff from behind the scenes.

    Light Assault Vehicular Disruption Pack
    Type: Throwable Item
    Class: LA
    Description: A Small C4-esque pack that, when placed on a currently active enemy vehicle, would cause it to go out of control i.e: Maximum throttle forward in a random direction for a short period. Most importantly, the driver would have no control over the vehicle.
    Notes: Instead of blowing that annoying enemy tank to chunks, why not ruin his perfect positioning by forcing him to turbo off a cliff (or into his teammates).

    Light Assault Decoy Mine
    Type: Deployable Mine
    Class: LA
    Description: A Small placable mine that generates a holographic LA soldier with standard loadout, in a crouch position, aiming down sights. Would allow the LA to confuse enemies, misdirect enemy forces and setup traps
    Notes: Would be destroyable like a detector deployable, and would not move, nor would it look convincing up close (maybe it would shimmer?). They could simply chuck in one of the dummies from VR with a few changes.

    EMP Pack
    Type: Throwable Item
    Class: LA
    Description: Works like a C4 brick, except instead of doing damage, it completely disables vehicles (Movement, Guns, Abilities and everything) for a period of time. Does ZERO damage and will only harm Mechanized units like Tanks, Sundies, Maxes and base turrets.
    Notes: I would be inclined to allow people inside vehicles to stay there unlike hacking a turret, but it would be a tactical risk to do so.

    Engineer Deployable Tank Traps
    Type: Deployable
    Class: Engineer
    Description: Allows the Engi to place several crossbeam metallic structures (In the same way as you do mines) to prevent vehicles from getting into places you don't want them to. They could be used to stall vehicles zergs long enough to mine the entire base (including the bathrooms) to help defend, conversely, you could also use them to trap that one damned irritating Magrider from escaping every time it's paint gets scuffed.
    Notes: These would be destroyable with a few tank rounds, an ACE tool or just good old fashioned explosions.

    Engineer Deployable Cover Shield
    Type: Deployable (Replaces Turret)
    Class: Engineer
    Description: I'm amazed this inst a thing already, seems obvious to me. Allows the engineer to deploy an Arced shield to stop incoming fire, whilst also preventing outgoing. Would be highly resistive to small arms, but not tank rounds and rockets. Would work in the same fashion as the MANA gear, including the ability for vehicles (friendly or otherwise) to squish it if its in the way.
    Notes: Would be handy to use in order to set up a tiny firebase for pressing forward, instead of blindly stumbling into the enemy fire like lemmings.

    Infiltrator Shimmer Mine
    Type: Deployable mine (replaces Detector dartgun)
    Class: Infiltrator
    Description: A fun little gadget that operates when someone moves into proximity. It's purpose is to play your infiltrator faction sound and create a shimmer effect that mimics an infiltrator moving around, so as to confuse the enemy.
    Notes: Would be fun to use against that one guy who follows you through the entire base trying to get you back for shooting him in the face while he was on a terminal.

    Black Spot Generator
    Type: Deployable Item
    Class: Infiltrator
    Description:When placed, quite literally creates a black spot on the minimap that hides ALL stuff underneath it. This would include terrain, markers for spawns and terms as well as soldiers both spotted and otherwise. Enemy players and stuff would still display on your First person HUD.
    Notes: This would be fun for misdirecting enemy forces to a base, only for them to find it empty while you're off capping the one next door. Also handy for denying useful information such as the state of SCUs, gens and equipment terms as well as the size of you're force. Or simply for masking exactly which tree you're sniping them from with the firework launcher.

    EMP Launcher
    Type: NS Rocket Launcher
    Class: HA
    Description: Fires a Rocket that completely disables enemy vehicle movement, hud and such upon contact for a short period (You would still be able to defend your Tank with its armaments, but you'd be a sitting duck). This rocket would do Zero damage to anything including vehicles, but could forseeably be used to trap ground vehicles as well as cause ESF, Libs and such to loose control and crash if they try to face tank you. To counter this, fire sup might remove the effect and the rocket would be relatively slow.
    Notes: Now with a Minty fresh aftertaste.

    HA Arc Shield
    Type: Shield slot
    Class: HA
    Description: Forgoes the extra staying power during combat for a shield that extends in an arc in front of the HA (Would not be able to shoot just like the Max Aegis). This would allow the HA to cover an advancing force instead of just letting his entire team get murdered in the eternal pursuit of that illusive Flash kill.
    Notes: The shield would soak a lot of damage from small arms, just not splash from splosives. Would extend past the HA to offer minor cover to those behind him. Allies would not be able to shoot through it.

    HA High Velocity Munitions Shield
    Type: Shield slot
    Class: HA
    Description: Offers complete protection from High powered rifles for a short duration while sacrificing the ability to return fire. This would include LMGs, Carbines and Sniper rifles but would exclude SMGs, Sidearms and the good old knifey stabby.
    Notes: I would have it so that there is no movement penalty using this thing, but there might not be a way to turn it off until it has expired completely, kinda like the Vanguard shield (Except for the ability to shoot through it).

    Dart Gun
    Type: Sidearm
    Class: LA / Infiltrator
    Description: Has access to multiple ammo types that can do the following:
    Psychosis Dart (Ala Perfect dark) - Upon making contact with a target, inverts its IFF, causing the target to show as hostile to its allies. Allies would not be penalised for Friendly fire on the affected target, so no weapon locking for blasting the dude who's been had. The soldier who fired the dart would get XP if damage to the unit came from soldiers from the same faction. An engineers ACE tool / medic tool would be able to destroy the dart, and a caution icon would be displayed on the targets HUD warning them that they have been marked.
    Vehicle Tag Dart - Insta spots the target for all friendlies for a set period of time, reducing lockon timers and highlighting the target on the map. An engineers ACE tool would be able to destroy the dart upon repairing, and a caution icon would be displayed on the targets HUD warning them that they have been marked.
    Misdirection Dart - When fired onto ANY service, this dart would loop short bursts of gunfire sound from your faction, as well as creating an enemy blip on the minimap.
    Notes: The counter Intel dart would be tough to get working, and would probably lead to massive amounts of rage and hilarity from all sides. That said, who doesn't like drama and reading fantastic rage yells in local?

    Dunno if any of these are even remotely good ideas, but there's always that 'What if i had a thing to do stuff' thought that you get when playing.
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  2. gary the sewer hobo

    I want this so much.
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  3. Thornefear

    I like all your ideas. They offer nice tactical possibilities.
  4. QuantumSerpent

  5. Haquim

    GIVE IT TO ME!!!

    Although to be fair, if the HAs get an EMP launcher that disables movement, Tanks need a buff. Disabling a tank so it cannot retreat to cover and half a dozen other HAs can blast away at it easily is a pretty strong ability (although it won't net kills)
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    The problem with any new content, especially content that you suggest can prove disasterous if used in the massive quanitites that are common in a PS2 battle.

    The resource system is broken as it is.

    The chaos in any given battle considering the huge amount of troops that are funneled into ridiculously small bases and maps because of the Lattice is already overwhelming.

    Take your suggestions and imagine them being used 50 or 100 fold.

    It's hilarious to think about though, but wow...